Alexia Umansky’s Wiki-Bio

Alexia Umansky is a television personality born on June 18, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Also, her birth name is Alexia Simone Umansky, and she follows a Christian path. As of 2022, her age is 25, and she stands at an estimated height of 5ft 7inches.

Alexia Umansky is a television personality
Famous television star Alexia Umansky.
Image Source: Alexia’s Instagram@alexiaumansky

Alexia is of Russian and Greek Jewish origin from her mother’s side; similarly, she is of English, Irish, and Welsh descent from her father. She belongs of American nationality, and her zoadic sign is Gemini.

Similarly, Kyle Egan Richards and Mauricio Umansky are her parents’ names. Where her mom is an American actress, reality TV personality, and author, and her dad is a real state agent. She had a wonderful childhood with her sister Sophia Umansky, Portia Umansky, and her other half-sibling Farrah Aldjufrie.

Alexia Umansky’s Education Details: Milken Public School, Arizona University, And Emerson University

In terms of her qualification, Alexia Umansky has completed her education to a high level. Since she was a young child, she has always been an eager and serious student. Her academic pursuits were something that she cared much about.

Umansky completed her secondary education at Milken Public School, where she attended classes between 2008 and 2014. After that, she continued her education at Arizona University and Emerson University in Boston, all located in the United States.

Who is Alexia Umansky’s Boyfriend? Who is She Dating?

Alexia Umansky is a television star who has successfully avoided speaking publicly about her private and personal life details. Also, many of her admirers had questions about her romantic relationship status. So, let’s get to know more detailed information about her current love life.

Alexia Umansky is a television star who has successfully avoided speaking publicly about her private and personal life details.
Alexia Umansky with her partner Jake Zingerman Image Source: Jake’s Instagram@jakezingerman

The public has limited information regarding Alexia’s past romantic encounters. She does not want to talk about the men she has dated. However, as seems her Instagram pictures, she appears to be in a relationship with Jake Zingerman and having a good time together.

Similarly, she expresses a desire to give her full attention to her work shortly. In addition, Alexia has loving relationships with both her family and her friends and with her siblings. We’ll keep you updated if she speaks more about her love life.

Alexia Umansky: Parents Relationship History

The connection between Alexia Umansky’s parents, Kyle Egan Richards and Mauricio Umansky, was a strong relationship. The year 1994 was the first time the pair met one another; three years later, on January 20, 1996, the couple decided to get married after getting to know each other very well.

The connection between Alexia’s parents, Kyle Egan Richards and Mauricio Umansky, was a strong relationship.
Alexia Umansky’s mother, Kyle Egan Richards, and father, Mauricio Umansky Image Source: Alexia’s Instagram@alexiaumansky

Kyle was four months along in her pregnancy when they tied the knot, and they were expecting their first child. On June 18, 1996, the couple welcomed their first child into the world.

In their lovely marriage, the husband and wife have been blessed with three children. In 1996, Alexia Umansky was born; in 2000, Sophia Umansky was born. When Kyle gave birth to her third child, Portia Umansky, the family grew from four to five. Kyle and her spouse have had a wonderful life together since their wedding. Furthermore, there is no word of a divorce or a breakup.

Alexia Umansky’s Surgery After Dog Attack

Alexia Umansky’s aunt Kim Umansky‘s dog, named Kingsley, attacked her. She had to drop out of college for treatment. Later, Kim accused Alexia of being responsible for the dog bite.

According to various sources, the recovery has taken a turn for the worst. For Alexia to heal from the injuries, she went to Los Angeles to stay with her family at their home.

As a result of the terrible dog bite, which could have easily resulted in her loss, she may even be required to withdraw from an entire year of college. After some time, she underwent major surgery as well as physical therapy. Currently, she stays at her parents’ house in Bel Air, located in Beverly Hills.

Net Worth Of Television Actress Alexia Umansky

Alexia Umansky amassed a substantial fortune from her work as a model and actress in various shows and modeling agencies. She holds an estimated net worth of $800,000 as of 2022.

Alexia Umansky is among the most wealthy reality stars who have managed to earn a sum of fortune throughout her career.
Alexia Umansky has an estimated net worth of $800,000. Image Source: Alexia’s Instagram@alexiaumansky

In addition, Alexia’s mother, Kyle Egan Richards, has an estimated net worth of $55 million from her numerous roles as an American actress, television personality, and philanthropist. Also, she is the author of Life Is Not a Reality Show and appeared on The New Celebrity Apprentice in 2017.

On the other hand, Mauricio Umansky, Alexia’s father, has a total net worth of $100 million as 2022. As a Mexican real estate agent, he has made a fortune, and he founded The Agency in September 2011.

Also, Richards and Mauricio are recognized as one of the First Families at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, which indicates that they have provided a donation of at least $100 thousand to the facility.

Career Highlight

Alexia Umansky rose to fame after her mother appeared in the reality television show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The show is responsible for much of Alexia’s notoriety. Also, she featured on the show alongside her family members.

After moving to Beverly Hills with Mauricio, her famous mother, Kyle, became prominent. In October 2010, her mom became a cast member in the show’s first season after signing a contract with Bravo. Also, know the career detail of social media influencer Ella Bandz.

Social Media

Alexia Umansky is quite active on her various social media platforms. She may be reached via various social media handles, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Due to her regular posting on social media, she has a large following.

She has over 218k fans followers on Instagram under the user name @alexiaumansky and posts 502 times. Also, she joined Twitter in March 2010 and has more than 14k followers under the name @alexiaumansky. Also, she has a Facebook account with the user name of Alexia Umansky.

She posts pictures of her family and her daily life on social media. You can follow her on social media to stay updated on the latest news and developments. Besides that, Abigail Michelle Blosil is also a celebrity daughter.

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