Kristi Betts is an American Woman who is popularly known as the wife of popular WWE superstar Chad Gable.

Chad Gable also known as Shorty G in WWE is a professional wrestler who performs in the WWE weekly shows SmackDown. He has been married to Betts for more than a decade now and is happily living their life currently.

Early Life And Education

Betts is an American woman who was born in the year 1986 although her exact date of birth is unknown as she is a private person who doesn’t much like interaction with the media. The information regarding her parents and her siblings is also a mystery as Betts has never shared them with anyone. It is however believed that she grew up with her siblings in an upper-middle-class family.

In terms of her formal education too not much has been talked about or shared by her or any other person related to her. She is private and doesn’t like to disclose any private information of hers but from her family background and all, she seems to be well an educated person.

Kristi And Chad’s Relationship Timeline

Kristi and Chad both are private lovers who like to keep details regarding their personal life hidden or only to themself and don’t share those details with others. However, we do know a few details regarding them that have been made public.

It is believed that the couple were dating for some time early on before exchanging the vows. After some years of dating, Chad proposed to Betts to marry him, and on the date of June 19, 2011, they got married in a private function with selective few guests.

Kristi Betts with her husband and daughters.
Kristi Betts with her husband and daughters. Source: [email protected]

They have now been married for more than a decade and are happily living their life with two daughters of theirs. Information regarding their first child including her name is unknown to the public through their second child who was born on the date of 24th January 2018 is named Meadow Ann.

About Betts’s Husband Chad Gable

Chad Gable is an American professional wrestler who was born in the year 1986 on the date of 8th March and whose zodiac sign is Pisces. He was born in Saint Michael, Minnesota, and is a North Michigan university graduate.

Gable started his pro wrestling career in November 2013 after completing his study. He went to sign with WWE and started training in their official performance center located in Orlando, Florida. He made his in-ring debut in the following year when he came to the WWE NXT house show in Cocoa Beach, Florida. After that, he starts getting more and more time on Tv and was pushed as one of the stars in the tag-team division along with Jason Jorden they became a tag-team partner who won their debut fight and the official name for this team was American Alpha. They won the Nxt tag team championship belt and in the WWE 2016 draft, they were picked by the WWE brand’s SmackDown. On Smackdown they started together and defeated some of the tag teams in the roaster but a year after their draft Gable decided to go solo to compete against the best.

Chad gable wearing a black suit and shirt with his wife Kristi Betts wearing a black dress for a function.
Kristi Betts with her husband Chad Gable. Source: @Ecelebsbio.

After fighting for some in Smackdown for two years he switched to go to WWE Monday Night Raw in the 2018 WWE superstar shake-Up. He currently has again moved to Smackdown after staying a year in Raw and is currently regularly performing there.

Net Worth

Kristi Betts has been a private person whose career along with her source of income is hard to be known as the information is kept under the rug. So her networth hasn’t been calculated so far at the time of writing this article.

Her husband however is an icon in WWE and has been earning a decent amount of money for himself. According to various reliable online sources, it is believed that his estimated net worth is $1.5 million and his base contract salary is around 300k with WWE.

Physical Appearance

Kristi is a Chubby beautiful woman who has a relatively small height although her exact height is unknown. She has a chubby body and probably weighs more unfortunately though this information isn’t available for the public to see.

Kristi Betts clicking a selfie.
Kristi Betts clicking a selfie. Source: @Hollywood Zam.

She is a woman with beautiful brown hair. Her body measurement however hasn’t been shared in online media so far at the time of writing this article. She has got charismatic and beautiful blue eyes.


She lives a comfortable and happy life. She lives with her children and husband in Florida and spends, most of her time with them.

They are also seen traveling together to various different places for spending some quality time with each other.

Social Media Presence

Betts is a private person who doesn’t like interactions that much. She likes to live her life privately in a much more relaxed way without intervention or hassling from others like fans or trolls. That may be the reason why she isn’t active on any of the popular social media platforms.

Her husband however is active on Instagram and Twitter. He goes by the username @wwegable on Instagram and has a verified account. As of June 2022, he has 358k followers and posts content mostly related to his WWE career. He is also active on Twitter with the username @WWEGable and has a verified profile with 293.7k followers as of June 2022.

Rumors about Kristi Betts

Kristi Betts is a private person who isn’t in the limelight for most of her life and likes to remain hidden from public eyes, that’s why it is hard to know in and out of her life. So there is no rumor about her currently circulating in the media.

Her husband is a household name in the WWE and b=news about him is made every other day. There was a rumor that has been circulating since late 2021 that the wrestler is trying to leave WWE. Whether he will leave or not hasn’t been confirmed by anyone so far at the time of writing this article.


Betts has been far from a controversial person who likes to feed on controversies. As a private person, she likes to stay away from these unnecessary hassles and focus on herself and her career. So there have been no controversies regarding her in the media.

Her husband too hasn’t been part of any kind of controversies or has his name surrounded by any controversies. As both husband and wife like to enjoy their work and life without unnecessary burden.

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