Akiko Matsuura is a well-known singer and drummer, and she was once in a relationship with “Stranger Things” star Charlie Heaton. Originally from Osaka, Japan, she followed her passion for music to London, where she embarked on her music career.

Akiko Matsuura’s Wiki/ Bio

Matsuura was born on November 2, 1980, and grew up in Osaka, Japan, and from a very young age, she was fascinated by drumming. At just six years old, she saw a TV show about a girl drummer in a boys’ rock band, and that inspired her to pursue drumming herself.

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Akiko Matsuura is a drummer and singer.
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As the media star got older, she studied art, but her passion for music never faded. She went on to fulfill her dream of being a rock musician by joining several bands, such as Comanechi, PRE, Sperm Javelin, and The Big Pink.

Akiko Matsuura Was In Love Relationship With Charlie Heaton

The 42-year-old Akiko and Charlie Heaton‘s love story started at a party hosted by a friend they both knew. The gorgeous lady was already a famous singer, drummer, and frontwoman for bands like Pre, Comanechi, and The Big Pink. On the other hand, Heaton was a talented musician and actor from Bridlington, UK.

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Charlie Heaton with Natalie Dyer.
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Moreover, the love birds instantly clicked, and Stranger Things star Charlie joined Matsuura’s band, Comanechi, as the drummer. Before long, they fell in love, and Akiko got pregnant. However, their relationship couldn’t last for long.

About The Former Duo’s Age Gap

The big-name Charlie and Matsuura’s relationship has drawn considerable attention from fans of the popular Netflix show “Stranger Things.”

Likewise, the ex-lover’s love story began when The New Mutants actor was only 16 years old, while Akiko was 32 at the time, leading to discussions and speculation about the significant age gap between them. Some fans have raised questions about the appropriateness of their relationship given the age difference, which has kept the topic in the spotlight of public curiosity.

To add more, Japanese ethnic origin Akiko came into the spotlight when it was rumored that she lied about her age however there is no official proof related to the matter. The age gap between the former pair may be the reason for their split.

Who Is Charlie Heaton?

The charming Heaton is a popular English actor and musician, best known for his role as Jonathan Byers in the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. He was born on 6th February 1994 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and grew up with his father, Crispy Heaton, mother, and older sister, Levi Heaton, on a council estate in Bridlington, a small coastal town in Yorkshire.

At the age of 16, Charlie moved to London, where he pursued his passion for music and played in various bands. One of his significant roles was as the drummer for the noise-rock band Comanechi, during which the band released an album and toured extensively for about a year and a half. Later, he joined the London-based psychedelic band, Half Loon.

Currently 29 years old, Charlie is in a relationship with his co-star from Stranger Things, Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler in the series.

Aside from his successful TV role, the household name has appeared in several films, including As You Are, Marrowbone, The New Mutants, No Future, and The Souvenir Part II. He continues to captivate audiences with his acting talent and remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

A Look At Akiko Matsuura’s Impressive Net Worth

Well, the beautiful personality of Matsuura is a well-known singer, drummer, and ex-girlfriend of “Stranger Things” star Heaton. Her estimated net worth is $300,000, which she earned from her successful career in music, being part of three bands in the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, the talented Charlie has a staggering net worth of $4 million, primarily accumulated from his flourishing acting career. He is currently part of the fourth season of the popular show “Stranger Things,” where he is set to earn $250,000 per episode, contributing to his impressive net worth.

Mother Of A Kid

The sizzling Akiko is the mother of Archie Heaton, who is the son of British actor and musician Charlie, who was born on 19, 2014. Archie lives with his mom in London, while Charlie spends time in both the US, where his work is and London to visit his son. They separated after Archie was born, but they are said to be friendly co-parents.

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Akiko Matsuura is the mother of Charlie Heatpon’s son Archie Heaton.
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Despite the fact that the ex-love mates are no longer with each other, both remained amicable during their son’s upbringing. Even after separation, they are good friends, and the celebrity kid, Archie may follow his parents’ footprint in the coming days.

Musical Career

Akiko is a talented Japanese drummer and singer who has gained fame in the U.K. music scene. She is known for being the frontwoman of the art rock band PRE and has collaborated with various bands like Comanechi, The Big Pink, and Sperm Javelin. Her music covers a wide range of styles, from punk rock to experimental and avant-garde.

In her early days, the stunning lady was part of the band Pre, which was formed in 2005. They released singles like “Dudefuk” and an album called “Epic Fits.”

Later, the 42 years old, Matsuura joined The Big Pink, an electronic music duo, and together, they released their first song, “Too Young to Love.”In 2009, Akiko formed Comanechi with guitarist Simon Petrovitch. The band released several singles and their first album, “Crime of Love.”

Apart from her main bands, Akiko also has a side project called Sperm Javelin, which has its own unique blend of punk rock and experimental sounds. Throughout her career, Matsuura’s music has been praised for its originality and energy, making her a significant figure in the U.K. music scene.

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