Blanka Lipiska rose to prominence as one of Poland’s most popular celebrities. She is a frequent social media contributor, and her Instagram relationship is full of updates from her daily life. Her fans widely discussed her relationship with Aleksander Milwiw-Baron, and she maintained friendly relations with him even after their divorce.

Baron and Blanka Lipiska dissolved what had been rumored for a few days. The author of the erotic saga “365 days” only confirmed the rumors on Tuesday. Continue reading to learn more about Blanka Lipiska’s relationship.

Blanka Lipińska Is Bisexual

Blanka Lipiska has previously admitted to having a bisexual episode, but only her most recent confession received widespread attention on the internet. In 2019, she gave a lengthy interview titled “Vivie!”

Blanka Lipińska's most recent confession received widespread attention on the internet.
Blanka Lipińska is a bisexual.
Source: Instagram

The artist went on to discuss her bisexuality, noting that many women kiss their lips to greet them and that “it does not offend anyone when women are sitting in a bar and hugging one another,” because “it’s natural.”

Blanka Lipińska’s Previous Relationship

Blanka Lipinska had a tumultuous emotional life. She was previously engaged to Maciej Buzaa before marrying the Baron. In an interview with “Vivie!” a few years ago, she discussed the beginnings of a relationship with a partner. She revealed that they met friends while on vacation at the Polish kite surfing base, but there was no indication that they would become a couple at first.

Blanka Lipińska had a tumultuous emotional life.
Blanka Lipińska was married to Aleksander Milwiw-Baron.
Source: Instagram

As mentioned earlier, the author of 365 Days mentioned several life partners who had the greatest impact on their lives in the interview. She talked about her first love, a paratrooper named Piotr. Lipinska’s life was significantly influenced by one of the celebrity’s former partners. Blanka revealed that when she was 20, she was dating a “sadist” who threatened her. She relocated to Warsaw after their toxic relationship ended. A few years later, Blanka Lipinska began a relationship with a man who had a significant impact on the celebrity’s writing career.

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Lipinska was recently linked to Baron. They initially refused to comment on reports that they were dating, but they changed their minds after the paparazzi published photos of them together. Unfortunately, love faded quickly, and Blanka Lipiska has since removed all her photos with Baron from her Instagram profile.

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