Blanka Lipińska Relationship Status

Blanka Lipińska’s current relationship status is unknown. She was previously married to Aleksander Milwiw-Baron. Aleksander is a composer from Poland. They’d been dating since February 2020. However, the two soon became estranged.

Blanka posing for a picture.
Blanka Lipińska seems to single as of now.
Photo Source: Instagram

There isn’t a lot of information available about this relationship. Blanka had posted numerous photos of herself with Aleksander on her Instagram account. However, as of now, she has deleted all of the photos. It is still unknown whether the two were a couple. As of now, the writer appears to be single.

Blanka Lipińska Net Worth and Major Works

Blanka Lipińska is a cosmetologist and author from Poland. She is best known as the author of 365 Days, Untitled 365 Days Sequel, and Untitled 365 Days Sequel. The now 36-year-old rose to prominence after writing an erotic novel trilogy.

The author has so far published three books in her erotic trilogy. They are as follows: 365 days in 2018, Ten days in 2018, and Kolejne 365 days in 2019. Her first novel, 365 dni, was adapted into a 2020 film titled 365 days. She co-wrote the screenplay and also appeared in it as a cameo. The film spent ten days at the top of the Netflix chart, the second-longest in the chart’s history.

Blanka posing for the cameras.
Blanka Lipińska at an event.
Photo Source: Instagram

Blanka’s novel trilogy was first published in Polish. After becoming extremely popular, the first book was translated into English and released in January 2021. That Day, the second book will be released in 2022. Her trilogy has been translated into thirty languages and has sold over two million copies worldwide. She was inspired to write the books by Fifty Shades of Grey and her then-boyfriend, who was uninterested in intimacy.

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Lipińska worked as a therapist-hypnotist before becoming an author. Wprost magazine named her one of Poland’s highest-paid writers in 2019. The same magazine named her one of Poland’s most influential women in 2020. ForbesWomen magazine recognized her as one of the top female brands. As for her net wealth, the author has not disclosed it yet. However, as per the sources, it is estimated to be $900,000.

Blanka Lipińska Personal Life

Blanka Lipińska was born on July 22, 1985. She was born and raised in Puławy, Poland’s southeastern region. Her parents, Malgorzata and Grzegorz Lipińska, gave birth to her. The now-36-year-old hasn’t revealed anything else about her immediate family.

Blanka and her mom posing for a picture.
Blanka Lipińska with her mother.
Photo Source: Instagram

Lipińska completed her high school education at a local high school. She then earned a Bachelor’s degree in cosmetology. She, on the other hand, preferred to work as an author.

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