After becoming the target of pregnancy speculations, Zendaya is speaking out. A couple of TikTok videos have become popular recently, claiming that the Euphoria actress is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Tom Holland. To acknowledge the hoax, they incorporate a growing “Krissed” meme, which features a picture of Kris Jenner.

The beautiful actress posted a message on her Instagram Story on June 15. “Now you see why I don’t use Twitter,” she wrote. “Weekly, I just make stuff up for no reason.” “Anyway, back to filming…Challengers,” the actress said, alluding to the upcoming romantic drama film she’s been working on alongside Josh O’Connor from The Crown and Mike Faist from West Side Story.

Over the past few days, a couple of TikTok videos went viral that were falsely look like the Euphoria actress is expecting a baby with boyfriend Tom Holland.
Zendaya stated on her Instagram Story.
Photo Source: Instagram

WAIT SINCE WHEN WAS ZENDAYA PREGNANT,” says one hoax video posted by TikTok user @robairesbussy, which contains a photoshopped image of Zendaya with a baby belly strolling with Holland and the words “WAIT SINCE WHEN WAS ZENDAYA PREGNANT.” The caption specifies that the video is a “#joke.”

Another TikTok video, created by user Ryan Roberts, shows the poster feigning to gasp at an image of a sonogram of a 20-week-old pregnancy placed on a snapshot of a genuine Instagram post-Zendaya published on January 30 that had a Euphoria advertisement.

The caption had been added by her “I’m in love with you. [love emoji] I’m halfway there.” The TikTok user altered the video to make it appear like she had tagged Tom, Zendaya’s Spider-Man co-star. The TikTok video also included a text box with the words, “There’s no way.

One prank video, shared by TikTok user @robairesbussy, includes a photoshopped pic of Zendaya with a baby bump, walking with Holland.
Zendaya and Tom were in a show.
Photo Source: Popsugar

A “dancing” Kris is seen at the end of the video, along with the caption “YOU JUST GOT KRISSED…SEND THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS TO #KRIS THEM!!” “I JUST SAW,” the artist answered when one user said that the video was getting popular on Twitter. In 2021, Zendaya reacted to Tom Holland After He confirmed their relationship with Instagram’s Birthday photo.

This isn’t funny, and whoever started it, I feel terrible for because what goes around comes around,” another user remarked. “It’s funny,” Ryan said. Some individuals informed Roberts that Zendaya was “angry with” him after sharing her Instagram Stories. “I’ve been noticed,” he said. In addition, Nicola Elizabeth Frost is the mother of Tom Holland.

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