Guess who’s at the helm of the style game? None other than Emma Grede, the powerhouse CEO of Good American! Teaming up with Khloe Kardashian back in 2016, they birthed this size-inclusive fashion brand. Hold onto your hats because this summer, they’re set to rock Los Angeles with the grand opening of their very first store!

Emma Grede Is The CEO of Good American

In 2016, Emma Grede and Khloé Kardashian joined forces to create Good American, a fashion brand that’s all about being inclusive. Their goal was to make women feel confident no matter their size. They started by selling jeans in sizes from 00 to 24, aiming to change how people see plus-size fashion.

Guess what? On day one, they made $1 million in sales! It showed how much people wanted a brand like this. Since then, they’ve gone beyond just jeans. They now offer workout gear, dresses, and even clothes for moms-to-be.

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Emma Grede at an event show.
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The coolest part? Good Americans fight to have all their sizes in every store. They want everyone to feel included, and they’re not just doing it because it’s trendy. They believe inclusivity is where fashion is headed.

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Who Is Emma Grede’ Married To?

The gorgeous Grede, a thriving entrepreneur, tied the knot with her lovely husband Jens Grede, a Swedish businessman, after their professional connection bloomed into romance. They exchanged vows on July 28, 2008, and have maintained a strong bond ever since.

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Emma Grede with her spouse and kids.
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Moreover, the celebrity pair’s life together blossomed with the arrival of their first kid, a son named Grey, .Later, they welcomed their daughter, Lola,. Reports suggest they have four kids, including Lake and Rafferty.

Behind Skims: Emma Grede’s Journey with Kim Kardashian in Fashion

The TV personality Emma and her beau Jens created Skims, the cool underwear and loungewear brand by Kim Kardashian. It’s super popular and worth a whopping $3.8 billion!

You’ve probably seen the media sensation Kim talking about it on social media. Jens runs the show as Skims’ CEO, while Emma is in charge of making sure the clothes are awesome.

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In addition, Skims started in 2019 with clothes that make your body look great, coming in lots of sizes and skin tones. They now sell undies, swimsuits, comfy clothes, and sportswear too, making around $750 million in sales by 2023. One cool thing? Skims now have clothes for everyone, from super small to extra big sizes.

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Emma Grede with Kris Jenner.
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Besides Skims, the entrepreneur also teamed up with Kris Jenner to start Safely, a cleaning stuff company, in 2021. She’s not as involved in running Safely, though. She hired someone else to handle that part.

How Rich Emma Grede Is?

The 41-year-old Grede is a really smart businesswoman from Britain who has made a ton of money. Like, we’re talking about a whooping net worth of $320million!

How did she do it? Well, she’s in charge at Good American, a cool fashion brand, and she’s also a big deal at The Kardashians star Kim’s Skims, making the clothes and stuff. Oh, and she started this eco-friendly cleaning brand called Safely too.

Meanwhile, the businesswoman’s not just hanging around these companies; she’s got a big piece of the pie. Her part in Skims? That’s worth a crazy $256 million! She also owns a good chunk of Good American (23%) and Safely (22%). Her smart choices in these businesses are what made her super-rich.

Emma Grede Rose To Fame From Shark Tank

The mixed racial origin of Emma’s smarts and focus on including everyone caught the eye of “Shark Tank” producers. She became the first Black woman on the show to invest in others’ businesses. During her time there, she loved supporting people who usually don’t get a chance and businesses that welcome everyone.

In one cool moment, she put $150,000 into Ooakshell, a company making handmade headbands run by Mika Bertholdo, who’s the first in her family to be American.

Real Estate

In 2020, the talented Emma and her husband invested in a $24 million Bel Air estate, a lavish property sprawled across 68 acres with 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, becoming their family abode.

Further, the duo expanded their real estate ventures in 2022, purchasing a Malibu home formerly owned by Ellen DeGeneres for $45 million.

Emma Grede’s Early Life

Emma, the star of Shark Tank, was raised by her single mother Jenny-Lee Findlay along with her three sisters after being born in East London, England, in 1982. Hard effort was emphasized in her growing up, and her mother’s strong work ethic served as an example.

Likewise, the lady’s ambition, and determination were shaped early on by caring for her sisters, and this helped her achieve success in the business world.

In addition, the beautiful woman identifies as both Caribbean and White; her father is absent and her mother is white, with ties to Trinidad and Jamaica.

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