Isabella Kathryn Coben is an American actress who is popular for featuring in the series Modern Family and Young Sheldon. However, she got into the limelight for being the daughter of the Pandora Clock‘s actress Jane Leeves.

If you love the show Young Sheldon and Modern Family, you might have been impressed by the act of Isabella and wanted to know her more. So, here are some of the facts and features you might not know about her.

Isabella’s Early Life And Family

Coben was born to famous Hollywood actress Jane Leeves and producer Marshal Coben on the 9th of January 2001 in Los Angeles, USA. Her mother was a famous Hollywood actress who is still active in the industry and her father is an executive at CBS Paramount Television and is also a producer.

Isabell Coben with her mother and brother
Isabella Kathryn Coben with her mother and brother.
Source: Amomama

Moreover, the media personality has a brother named Finn William Leeves Coben who is two years younger than her. Her godmother is Peri Gilpin.

Her early life was quite comfortable and with no trouble being a celebrity child, she had all her wishes and desires fulfilled by her parents. From her early childhood, she had an interest in acting and a star life.

Isabella Kathryn Coben’s Net Worth and Real Estate

Isabella Kathryn Coben hasn’t revealed her net worth in the media. She has not done many movies or shows in her career, so far but it’s fair to say that she may have earned a good amount of money from the limited roles she has portrayed.

Did You Know? Vali Chandrasekaran is the Co-writer of the show Modern Family.

However, we do know the net worth of her star mother Jane Leeves, and her father Marshall Coben. Her father currently has a net worth of $3 million and her star mother, Leeves is probably the richest among her entire family with a staggering worth of $16 million from her glorious acting career.

In addition, Leeve’s former house which is around the Los Angeles studio area was enlisted for sale for $2.5 Million. Likewise, the mansion located in Malibu, California in which she is residing is worth $2.7 Million. The Malibu mansion was bought by a couple in 2004.

Rich and Comfortable Lifestyle

Isabella is a woman who has been living a comfortable and luxurious life since her birth, her parent’s millionaires which had made her life quite easy and comfortable. She has always lived a comfortable life with her family and probably enjoys life to its fullest.

Coben spends most of her time with her family and close friends. She goes on vacations frequently and also enjoys going to nearby beaches and parks mostly with her boyfriend Daniel Copley. She is also a dog lover who likes to take her dog with her while going out, especially for a walk near the park.

What Is Young Sheldon’s Nell Cavanaugh Relationship Status?

Nell Cavanaugh from young Sheldon likes to keep secrets when it comes to knowledge about her relationship and all.

Isabella in a black top and white shorts with her rumored boyfriend Daniel  Corply in a black vest and shorts.
Isabella Kathryn Coben with her partner on a beach. Source: instagram@bizzycoben.

However, on her Instagram, she has posted some cozy and suspicious pictures with Daniel Corpely, who she seems to be dating currently. They have shared pictures of themselves on each other social media handles and also have been spotted together numerous times.

What’s Jane Leeves’s Daughter’s Career Like So Far?

Coben started her career by having a glimpse of a role in the popular sitcom Modern Family in the year 2009 when she portrayed the character of Kimelyloveandstuff. She only had a small role during that time as she was only 8 years old. She made her debut with fellow stars Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Taylor.

Isabella Kathryn Coben wearing a pink jacket along with other modern family cast members.
Isabella Kathryn Coben with cast members of Modern Family, source: instagram@

Moreover, the pretty lady has played another role in the popular sitcom Young Sheldon where she portrayed the character of Nell Cavanaugh who was standing against the Character of Sheldon for the president of the High School. She had an excellent performance during that series where she nailed on and was appreciated by fans and critics.

Isabella Kathryn Coben’s Mother Jane Leeves is a Successful Actress

Isabella Kathryn Coben’s mother Jane Leeves is a British actress who is famous for the various role she portrayed during her career. She was born in East Grinstead, Essex, England on April the 18th 1961 to an engineer Colin Leeves and a nurse Ruth Leeves

Likewise, Jane at a young age learned Ballet and became a Ballet performer before starting her acting career. She learned to become a pro Ballet dancer from the Bush Davies School of Dance. But due to her ankle injury, she had to quit her Ballet dancing. She was also a model before beginning her acting career, she worked for various British modeling agencies.

Jane Leeves in a Black dress with her husband Marshal Conben in a Grey suit.
Jane Leeves with her husband Marshal Coben. source: instagram@bizzycoben.

Her acting career began when she debuted in the TV film Nice to See You in 1981. She, later on, went on to do various movies including movies like Miracle on 34th Street, James and the Giant, and others. She also played in various sitcoms and TV shows like Misconception, Twenty Good Years, Throb, Seinfeld, and others.

In recent years, the stunning actress has appeared in the recurring role in The Resident. Likewise, the media sensation will be starring in Untitled Hannah Simone/ABC Project in the character of Caroline.

Further, the Hollywood star has been a married woman since 1996 when she tied the knot with CBS paramount executive Marshal Coben. She has currently two children with her husband Isabella Coben and Finn Williams Coben.

Does Isabella Kathryn Coben Have A Social Media handle?

Jane Leeve’s daughter Isabella Kathryn Coben belongs to the Gen-g generation which likes to be connected and share their life with others through social media. She is currently active on Instagram.

Coben uses an account with more than 5k followers and has only posted a few times. Her username is @bizzycoben. She is currently growing her reach and as she does more shows and movies her fan following is bound to increase.

Isabella Coben wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans on the sands.
Isabella Coben posing for the camera. source: Instagram @bizzycoben

Is Isabella An Animal Lover?

Isabella personally may or may not own a dog which is not clear at the moment but she sure does love dogs and cats the most among other animals.

Isabella’s boyfriend Daniel Corpely has a dog and she frequently seems to enjoy playing and going out with the dog. Her mother also owns a dog, so her love for dogs might have come from her young days. Her mother has a lavender dog which she has posted on her social media too.

Likewise, her boyfriend has a chihuahua dog with whom they both have clicked pictures.

Isabella Kathryn Coben with chihuahua dog.
Isabella Kathryn Coben with chihuahua dog. Source: Instagram@

Physical Appearance

Isabella Kathryn Coben is a fair-skinned woman with a slim body type. She has maintained her figure exceptionally well and has been a bold personality woman.

Isabella wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans at the beach.
Isabella Kathryn Coben at a beach. source: Instagram@

She is of good height being 5 feet and 7 inches, and she has a decent height. Her body weight is around 55 kg and which is quite good for her height. She has black hair and beautiful black eyes.

Some Interesting Things About Isabella Kathryn Coben

  • Among her, close friends and family Isabella is famously known as Bizzy.
  • She loves reading novels and fiction during her spare time.
  • Jane Leeves’s daughter doesn’t eat meat-based food as she is a vegetarian.
  • She is currently in a living relationship with her boyfriend Daniel Corpley.

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