Where Was Marty Meierotto Born? How Old is He?

Marty Meierotto was brought into this world back on July 10, 1966. He was born in the state of Wisconsin, located in the United States. As of 2022, he is 56 years old.

Meierotto was raised by his parents, Thomas T. Meierotto and Karen Meierotto. Similarly, his father, Thomas, worked as a fur trapper. Marty’s actions were motivated by his father’s accomplishments, and he followed in his footsteps.

Marty Meierotto was born in July 1966.
Marty Meierotto was born on July 10, 1966.
Image Source: Marty Meierotto’s Instagram @martymeierotto

Marty has a lot of love for both of his parents. Even though he continues to be extremely busy with his work, whenever he has some spare time, he travels back home to be with his parents and the rest of his family. The Meierotto family was composed of three sons.

Thus, Marty. Jeff and Steve Meierotto are his two brothers. There has been no disclosure regarding Jeff and Steve’s respective lines of work. Despite this, they maintain a strong relationship with their brother Marty and frequently accompany him on his travels.

Marty’s dad took him on several trips into the wilderness of Wisconsin, where he taught him all the skills necessary to run a thriving fur trading business.

Who is Marty Meierotto’s Wife?

Marty Meierotto is a family man, and he has a wife. He finally proposed to his long-term girlfriend Dominique Meierotto, and they married. However, he has not yet mentioned the wedding date. Marty and his wife, Dominique, have a strong romantic connection and are thriving in their married life together.

Marty Meierotto with his wife and daughter.
Marty Meierotto with his wife and daughter.
Image Source: fieldandstream

Meierotto is a parent to a little girl. Her name is Noah Jane Meierotto. Noah is a very loving and affectionate young lady who adores her mother and father. However, her date of birth has not yet been disclosed to the general public. She is currently in Alaska with her parents.

Is Marty Meierotto’s Net Worth Affected By His Plane Crash?

When Marty Meierotto first moved to Alaska, he had a challenging financial situation. To put food on the table, he toiled away as a smokejumper, a cleaner, and in other capacities. As a result of this, his total net worth is $600,000. Similar to Television Personality Willy McQuillan and Travis Barker‘s net worth.

Marty Meierotto has a net worth of $600000.
Marty Meierotto has a net worth of $600000.
Image Source: fieldandstream

Despite this, Marty has successfully purchased his aircraft, a Piper PA-18A-150. Meierotto came perilously close to losing control of his plane during his trips to his cabin in Northern Alaska. Despite this, Marty was a seasoned pilot and retained control of the aircraft throughout the entire flight. In the episode of Mountain Men titled Closet Call, where this event took place,

Marty Meierotto as Fur Trapper

Marty Meierotto was eventually in a position to give up his other jobs and devote himself entirely to the business of fur trapping. He added three more cabins to his trapping line and strategically placed them in the areas that would be most beneficial to his work.

From November through March, he is busy working as a fur collector. His primary focus is on lynx fur, which is widely regarded as having some of the highest quality furs in the wild. The whiter the fur is, the greater the value of the animal, even though it typically has a combination of black and brown spots on a white background.

Marty Meierotto is a popular Fur Trapper.
Marty Meierotto is a popular Fur Trapper.
Image Source: Marty Meierotto’s Instagram @martymeierotto

Even though a significant amount of manual labor is involved in trapping and collecting lynx fur, it only fetches about $70 on the market. This indicates that for Marty to provide for himself and his family, he must create many trappings.

In the Television Show Featuring Marty Meierotto

A role for Marty Meierotto has been secured in a show that will air on History TV. He had a role in the show Mountain Men, in which he played out a variety of survival scenarios and demonstrated various fur-trapping techniques.

The show first aired in the year 2012 and quickly garnered positive feedback from a variety of audiences.

What is Marty Meierotto Doing Now?

Currently, Marty Meierotto resides in Two Rivers, Alaska. He moved there with his family to go fur trapping for a short period. The fact that he and his family grew accustomed to the area and discovered that they loved their life there caused him to alter his original plan.

Additionally, Meierotto highlighted his locations in his shows. Because Alaska is such a cold region, life was likely tricky for Marty’s family when they first settled there.

Marty Meierotto on Social Sites

Meierotto maintains a presence on Instagram. He has over 1500 followers, and his account has 17 posts. Meierotto is a person who thrives on excitement and delights in being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

He regularly uploads pictures to his Instagram account that is both entertaining and informative. As well as Marty Meierotto is also available on Facebook also.

Marty Meierotto’s Body Measeumernts

Marty Meierotto has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches, equivalent to 172.72 centimeters, and is the zodiac sign of cancer. Meierotto embodies the rugged good looks of a mountain man in every detail of his physical appearance.

He has a full head of long hair and a thick beard, both of which are more white at this point than brown, and he exemplifies everything that one would anticipate from a fur trapper. Because of the harsh physical labor involved in fur trapping, he has brown eyes and a trim physique, both of which are necessary qualifications.

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