Waylynn Lucas is the two Los Angelos Times four-star reviews winning American chef. The co-founder of the famed Los Angelos doughnut and coffee shop “Fonut” was born on 15 March 1982, in Los Angelos, California, United States of America. She is born under the Zodiac sign Pisces.

She is also famous for being the judge on a Good Network Reality show cake wars and cupcake wars. Sweetwater Tides (2004), Cake Wars (2015), and Hell’s Kitchen have all starred Waylynn Lucas (2005).

She is also known to be an animal lover. She loves to be a cowgirl and loves riding horses.

Lucas Early And Academic Life

Lucas is a very private person. She does not want to reveal her information to the public and wants to keep her personal life private. So, there is very little information available about her parents, and childhood. It is known that she was born in a food-loving family in Los Angeles and her ethnicity is white.

She also has not disclosed her educational details and academic grades.

Lucas Has Blue Eyes

Lucas has blue eyes which are considered to be rare. She has blonde hair and a beautiful smile that makes her appearance angelic. As a chef, she looks out for a balanced diet and maintains her body.

However, her body measurement is not disclosed by her. There is no information regarding her height and weight.

This American chef seems to have an interest in tattoos. She has a number of tattoos on her body. Her arm, leg, and hand all have tattoos.

Walked On The Aisle With Her Long-Bestfriend

Waylynn Lucas walked on the aisle in October 2015. She married her long-best friend peter. The couple had a private ceremony with only their immediate family, relatives, and friends, with no media present. On her first anniversary, she shared a photo of herself wearing a bridal gown. She expressed gratitude to her friends and family for the most memorable experience.

Waylynn Lucas with her husband
Waylynn Lucas and her husband Peter
Source: Legendpeeps

However, it seems that she is divorced now as she has taken down pictures of her marriage from her Instagram account. They parted their ways for unknown reasons.

Dated Top Chef’s Season Six Winner Michael Voltaggio

Prior to her marriage, she had dated a famous chef Michael Voltaggio whom she met at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills in 2011. Michael is the winner of the sixth season of Top chef. They separated due to unknown reasons and misunderstandings.

She has quoted ” I would never date a chef again because I used to date Michael Voltaggio and his ego and temper were too much for me”

Current Relationships

American chef has not revealed who she is dating currently. It is unclear about her current relationship status. As she does not like her personal life and space to be invaded most of the information about relationships is a mystery.

However, it seems that she has been engaged twice up until now but the names of her fiances have not been known yet. There was a rumor that she married her true love on 11 October 2015, but they appear to have split after all photos were removed from social media.

Does She Have Children?

lucas adopted son
American chef Waylyn Lucas and her adopted son
Source: the Instagram account of Waylynn Lucas

Yes, judge of good network reality shows cake war and cupcake wars have a child. She has recently adopted a baby boy and has become a single mother. She used her Instagram account to welcome her adoptive newborn boy with a nice caption. On August 16, 2021, she posted images of a baby she adopted via RG Adoption Consulting Agency.


Chef and baker Lucas was an entrepreneur since her early days. She started her own restaurant in Costa Rica. After she got success in her first business she moved to California. She was featured in the movie ‘Sweetwater tides’.

She worked as the pastry chef at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills and the patisserie at José Andrés’ The Bazaar. There she experimented and learned about the dishes traditional to modern. She also received her first four-star review at Bazaar. Waylynn later received her other four-star review while she was the pastry chef at the renowned Michelin-starred restaurant of Joachim Splichal. She became the only pastry chef with two four-star reviews.

She also appeared on television in the show as a judge on the Food Network series Cake Wars. In 2013, she starred in Bravo’s Eat. Drink. Love., a show that followed the lives of five successful businesswomen in Los Angeles as they worked and made their way in the largely male-dominated food sector.

Currently, she owns the famous baker in Los Angelos city the “Fonut” together with Nancy Truman. She is also trying to scale her business in other domains of the food world. She is teaching children to bake and also consulting local restaurants to develop and expand their dessert menus.

Net Worth

Waylynn Lucas is estimated to have a net worth of $500 thousand. she has accumulated this huge sum of wealth through her professional career as a chef. She earns an attractive salary as a chef. She also owns the famed Los Angelos doughnut and coffee shop “Fonut” together with Nancy Truman, popular for her appearance in Men in Black 3 (2012), The Italian Job (2003), and Pointbreak (2015).

The average salary of a chef in Los Angelos is $22 thousand. With all this fortune she is living a lavish and comfortable life.

Pet Lover

Four-star review-winning chef, Lucas is a pet lover. She constantly keeps posting about her pets and other animals. She has kept dogs and horses. She loves her pet family. She seems lively and happy when she is around her pet.

petlover 1
Waylynn Lucas with her pet
Source: the Instagram account of Waylynn Lucas

She has three dogs one of which is a breed of French Bulldog and two horses. she has posted her photo with hens, cows, and sheep. She has almost 30 animals on her ranch.

Is Lucas Active On Social Media?

Waylynn Lucas is quite active on social media platforms. She loves to share how she spends her day with her loved ones. She has an account on Instagram and Twitter. She goes by the username of @waylynnlucas. She has whopping followers of more than 24k on Instagram.

Similarly, she tweets with the username @waylynnlucas. She has about 4k followers on Twitter. However, she is not that active on Twitter. Her last tweet was in 2019.

Waylynn Lucas Goddaughter Of Music Legend Waylon Jennings

Waylon Arnold Jennings was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist who lived from June 15, 1937, to February 13, 2002. In-country music, he started the Outlaw Movement. According to park city magazine, the renowned chef Lucas is a goddaughter of Jennings. She loves being a country girl.

Chef Lucas Loves To Ride Horse

horse lover
Waylynn Lucas with her horse
Source: the Instagram account of Waylynn Lucas

Lucas describes herself as a cowgirl. She loves the life of a cowgirl. Whenever she gets free time she is seen riding her horse on her park city ranch. Her love for her horse is from the day she has consciousness. She shares about her love for her horse and keeps posting about them on her Instagram account.

Controversies And Rumors

Not only does he bake bakeries sweet her heart is also sweet and kind. She does not want to shine in media due to personal reasons. She tries to keep her personal life very private. Moreover, she does not like trash-talking and dramas. So she is not a part of any rumors and controversies.

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