Who is Vivianne Rose Decker?

Vivianne Rose Decker is the daughter of singer and songwriter Jassie James Decker and former Footballer, Eric Decker. Vivianne was born on March 18, 2014, in the United States of America.

Decker is also known for her father and mother frame where she frequently got viral with her photo with her mother. She has been holding citizenship of American nationality since her birth. According to the Astrological sign, her birth sign is Pisces.

Vivianne Rose Decker’s Physical Appearance

An elder child on Jassie and Eric look cute and beautiful. She was able to maintain her body size by doing yoga with her mother from a small age.

A photo of Vivianne Rose Decker where she is sitting.
A portrait photo of Vivianne Rose Decker. Source: Pinterest

Vivianne Rose was born with a weight of 8 lbs with a full head of hair. Her measured height at birth is 20 inches. She has got long brown hair with dark brown eyes color with her cute smile.

Does Vivianne Have A Sibling?

Vivianne Rose Decker was raised with her sibling in the united states of America. She is close to her sibling and got love and care from her sibling. She has got two brothers, Eric Thomas II and Forrest Bradley. Eric was born in March 2015, and Forrest was born in 2018.

A  photo of Vivianne Rose Decker's siblings Eric Thomas II and Forrest Bradley.
A photo of Vivianne Rose Decker’s siblings Eric Thomas II and Forrest Bradley. Source: Instagram

Vivianne is the eldest of her siblings. Eric has been healthy since his childhood while Forest was hospitalized with his problem Asthma. The family lives in a beautiful house in Nashville, Tennessee where She has a special bonding with her two little cute brothers. Also, her mother keeps sharing photos and videos on her social media sites.

Vivianne Rose Decker’s Family Background

Vivianne was raised with her father’s love and support. She was born with her mother Jessie James Decker and her father Eric Decker. She has been able to receive a quality life from her parents. Her mother Jessica and her father Eric. James is a singer and songwriter and her father is a former footballer.

Vivianne Rose Decker's with his family mother Jessie James Decker, father Eric Decker, and sibling
Vivianne Rose Decker’s with his family mother Jessie James Decker, mother-father Eric Decker, and sibling Source: Instagram

Jessica was born on April 12, 1988, in Vicenza, Italy, and Eric was born on March 15, 1987, in Cold Spring, Minnesota united states. He has also known NFL wide receiver. With their togetherness, they have been able to welcome their first child on 2014, March 18. They have been able to give good quality of life there which is why their children are living a luxurious life.

Vivianne Rose Decker’s Parents Married Life

Vivianne Was born with her mother Jessie James Decker and her father Eric Decker. The world’s best couple meet each other first time in 2011 through a mutual friend. After many years of conversation, they decide to get married and they tied the knot in June 2013. At that time Eris was a member of the Denver Broncos. After some years together they welcomed their first child in 2014 who is Vivianne Rose Decker.

Vivianne Rose Decker's parents Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker where were carrying a glass of wine.
Vivianne Rose Decker’s parents Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker. Source: Instagram

After some years of gap, they again welcome their second child in 2015 who is Eric Decker II. They have a total of three children and live a happy life. In 2018 they welcomed their third child who has been going to Ashtham’s attack since her birth Forrest Decker.

With their busy schedule, they have been able to provide a quality life to their children and keep posting photos and videos on social media platforms. Even though they are enjoying their married life and living happily with their three children.

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Vivianne Rose Decker’s Net Worth Collection

Vivianne Rose Decker hasn’t been able to gather her net worth till now when she is known for her parent’s fame. She might be able to earn a good amount of money in the upcoming days with her good professional career.

Rose Decker is living a luxurious life with her parent’s fortune. Her mother holds a massive net worth of $10 million. And the same goes for her father, Eric. he is also a multi-millionaire. Also, Mindy Cohn is a millionaire.

Vivianne Rose Decker’s Career Highlights

Rose Decker is the daughter of singer and songwriter Jessie and former football player Eric. Her parent is quite active in their career. currently, she hasn’t decided on any career till now because she is too small now to decide on her career industry.

But with her supportive parents and care, Decker shouldn’t face any difficulties and problems in the upcoming day choosing her career field. She might also follow footsteps of her parents

Is Vivianne Rose Decker On Social Media?

Vivianne Rose Decker is quite small to use social media sites. But with her good behavior toward her family and on public sites, She has got a good number of fans and followers in her real life. Whereas she is not active on public social sites and hasn’t created any profile.

As she is known by her father and mother. They are quite active on social media sites where her mother Jessica has created profile heads on different sites. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She has been holding more than 4.1M fans on her Instagram with her profile head Jessie James Decker, 552.3k fans on Twitter with @JessieJDecker, and more than 1.4M followers on Facebook with Jessie James Decker. Even Vivianne’s father is also quite active on social media and has been holding more than 1.1M fans on Instagram with Eric Decker 87, more than 300k on Twitter with @EricDecker87, and more than 295k fans on Facebook with his username Eric Decker.

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