This is the time of women empowerment, and the charming Veronica Ogbe is on the right track. She is building a career as a journalist, where she reports about the latest happenings around the world for WDTV. She has covered numerous stories for the network at a juvenile age, which makes her a great prospect in the industry. With her charismatic outlook and personality, the diva already has a fan-following and compliments it with massive fortune. While people frequently see her on the screen, they barely know about her personal life. So, today we bring you close to the personal life and net worth of the gorgeous reporter.

Veronica Ogbe’s Staggering Net Worth

When it comes to finances, Veronica Ogbe doesn’t have much to worry about since she has a settled job at the WDTV channel. As a reporter in the network, the diva amasses a staggering net worth of $500,000 as of 2020. Specifically, the contribution to her net worth comes from her salary that looms around $55,684, the average annual pay of a television reporter.

Veronica Ogbe in a pink dress poses a picture.
Veronica Ogbe owns a net worth of $500,000. Source: Veronica Ogbe

Thanks to such colossal net worth, Veronica Ogbe lives a lavishing life. Furthermore, she loves trying new cuisines and beverages and travels around new places in her free time. Not just that, she is also conscious of her health and hits the gym regularly.

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Since she has a whole career going forward, there is a high chance that she will earn the tag of a ‘millionaire’ pretty soon.

Veronica Ogbe’s Journalism Career

The source of Veronica Ogbe’s net worth is undoubtedly her career as a journalist. Currently, she is a reporter at the WDTV network, where she covers all the latest stories happening mostly in the United States. Recently, the diva has been active on reporting the riots happening around the nation as a result of the racist behavior from a policeman that caused the death of George Floyd.

Veronica Ogbe in a black jacket poses for a picture.
Veronica Ogbe is a reporter, multimedia journalist and a sports reporter. Source: Twitter

The position as a reporter at WDTV didn’t come easy for Veronica Ogbe. Interestingly, she previously worked as the video editor cum videographer for ‘The Red & Black,’ the third nationally ranked student’s newspaper. Moreover, she was also the President of the 2018-19 UGA NABJ.

Veronica Ogbe’s Private Early and Personal Life

While Veronica Ogbe gives the information about everything happening worldwide, she barely disclosed anything about her personal life. It is a secret to the current date that whether the diva is single, dating someone or already married. Likewise, she also didn’t reveal anything much about her early life and background.

Veronica Ogbe poses for a selfie.
Veronica Ogbe is a reporter at WDTV. Source: Twitter

Regarding her childhood, Ogbe was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up in different parts of the state. Over time, she lived in Oklahoma, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Regarding her academics, she completed her graduation in journalism from the University of Georgia. She did a double minor in communications and women studies. During her time at the UGA, she contributed much to the Athens, Georgia Community, and Grady College of Journalism.

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