Tony Parsons’s Early Life

Tony Parsons was born on November 6, 1953, in Romford, Essex. He lived five years of his life in a rented house and shift to a council house in Billericay, Essex.

Tony Parsons is an English author, journalist and broadcaster.
Tony Parsons was born on November 6, 1953.
Photo Source: The Times

Television personality Parsons was raised by his late father, Victor William Robert Parsons, and his mother, Emma Parsons. Both of his parents passed away due to cancer. Parsons’ father died of cancer in 1987, whereas his mother lost her life in 1999.

Talking more about his father, Parsons’ father was a former Royal Naval Commando. He won a Distinguished Service Medal during World War 2.

Tony Parsons’s Net Worth and Career Highlights

Before learning anything about one’s net worth, it’s better to know a little about his professional life. So, talking about Tony Parsons, is a British journalist, broadcaster, and author professionally.

Tony worked as a music journalist before becoming a writer. He worked for New Musical Express as a music journalist. Similarly, he had written a column for the Sun since 2013. Besides flourishing as a broadcaster, Parsons also thrived as an author. Until today, he has written a lot of novels. 

Interview of Tony Parsons.

Tony as an author has written so many books. Thus, most portion of his earnings is generated from selling books, which he wrote. , he also accumulated his green through his journalism profession.

According to Celebs Age Wiki, Tony, an English journalist, and author amass a hefty net worth of $5 million. He has made such an amount of wealth from his primary career as a journalist and author. And with his hard-earned fortune, he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

Tony Parsons’s Famous Books

Man and The Boy

Parsons wrote a Man and Boy book in 1999. This book was very popular among the people, and it was even awarded the 2001 British book of the year

Tony parson had written a book named Man and Boy
Tony Parsons’s Book Man and Boy Photo Source: Goodreads

Another work of Parson as an author that got lots of attention was The Murder Bag. This book was published on May 8, 2014. It is a mystery, crime fiction book.

Tony Parson wrote a book named The Murder Book.
Tony Parson’s The Murder Bag.
Photo Source: Goodreads

Besides the two books mentioned above, Parsons, another novel named The Slaughter Man, was also popular with the mass. It was released on May 21, 2015. Like the previous one, this book also belongs to the fiction, and mystery genre.

Tony Parsons’ Marriage: Wife and Kids

Tony Parsons has been married twice. He first tied the knot with fellow NME journalist Julie Burchill. He and his ex-wife collaborated on the book The Boy Looked at Johnny, published in 1979. 

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The duo walked down the aisle back in 1981. However, things began to go the other way for the married couple after some time. Soon their marriage was tested, and periodic clashes were reported by the media outlets between Burchill and Parsons.

Tony Parsons spending his time with his family.
Tony Parsons’s wife, Yuriko, and daughter Jasmine.
Photo Source: The Mirror

Following their clashes, news of Parsons and his first spouse, Burchill, separated. They went on different paths in 1984. After this, the veteran journalist became a single parent caring for his son Bobby Kennedy Parsons. Julie later admitted that it was selfish and reckless of her to leave the kid but she did right by leaving the marriage.

After facing an unsuccessful marriage, Tony stayed unmarried for almost a decade. After then, he gave another shot at marriage. He shared his vows with his second wife, Yuriko Parsons, in 1992. They expanded their family with a baby girl named Jasmine Parsons. Now, Tony is happily spending his time with his better half and his kids in victoria.

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