Born on July 14, 1949, as Thomas Daniel Mottola, Tommy Mottola, became one of the finest American music producers, executives, and authors. He was raised by a middle-class Italian-American family in The Bronx. His outstanding works over the years earned him a lavish living and a massive fan following. Let’s know more about him on this page.

Tommy Mottola’s Net Worth

Tommy Mottola holds a hefty net worth of $450 million. Indeed, he is a multi-millionaire personality.

Tommy Mattola in the middle of the speech
Tommy Mattola in the middle of the speech.
Source: Money Inc

All credit for Mottola’s impressive financial status goes to his years of dedication to his career. We already know he came to the spotlight as a music producer, executive, and author, and he’s been in this industry for decades, which pretty much explains how he earned a lavishing lifestyle.

The American music executive, producer, and author Mottola is the Chairman of Mottola Media Group 

Besides investing his time in producing music and writing books, Mottola also started his own venture, Mottola Media Group. Currently, he initiates his action as the Chairman of that firm. Thus, his company also helps him garner a massive net worth.

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Prior to Mottola Media Group, Mottola, 71, held the Chairman and CEO position of Sony Music Entertainment, parent of the Columbia label. He contributed 15 years of his life to that music group.

Mottola Sold His Luxurious Greenwich Estate for $14.875 Million in 2019

As noted by Town & Country, Tommy Mottola sold one of his luxurious Greenwich estates for $14.875 million a year ago in 2019. Indeed, he used to own a lavish house in Greenwich, CT, which consisted of nine bedrooms, a recording studio, a massage room, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a pool, immaculate gardens, and more.

Prior to Mottola Media Group, Tommy Mottola, 71, held the Chairman and CEO position of Sony Music Entertainment, parent of the Columbia label.
Mottola used to own a Georgian-style Greenwich, Conn. estate.
Photo Source: Town & Country

Initially, the music mogul listed his property for $19.95 million back in April 2017, as per the Wall Street Journal. Subsequently, he ended up giving his Georgian-style Greenwich, Conn. estate for $14.875 million25% less than what he asked for.

Music Executive Tommy Mottola Wives, Divorces, and Children

If we compare Tommy Mottola’s professional success with his personal, then his professional achievements will take that lead. He went through two divorces before he learned how to preserve his married life.

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Yes, the music executive and producer, Mottola, has been married three times until now. He first tied the knot with Lisa Clark in 1971. His first wife was the daughter of ABC Records head Sam Clark.

In order to begin his marital life with Clark, Mottola even converted his religion to Judaism. In the beginning, they had a blast and even gave birth to two children, Michael and Sarah; however, after almost two decades, something went off, and the former lover divorced in 1990.

Tommy Mottola’s second marriage was none other than the superstar Mariah Carey.
Tommy Mottola has been married three times.
Photo Source: Mamas Latinas

Mottola’s second marriage was to none other than the superstar Mariah Carey. They walked down the aisle on June 5, 1993. Mariah was 23 years old when she married to then 44 years old Mottola. Unlike his first marriage, his second didn’t last long. Their relationship ended on May 30, 1997.

After two marriages failed, Mottola gave another shot; he began to date the Mexican star and recording artist Thalia. They shared the vows back on December 2, 2000.

Their marriage welcomed two kids in their life, daughter Sabrina Sakaë Mottola (b. October 2007), and son Matthew Alejandro Mottola (b. June 2011).

How much older is Tommy Mottola than Thalia?

The music mogul Tommy Mottola is almost 22 years older than his third wife, Thalia.

Are Thalia and Tommy Mottola still married?

Yes, the beautiful pair Thalia and Tommy Mottola are still married.

Who married Mariah Carey after Tommy Mottola?

After Tommy Mottola, rapper and host Nick Cannon married Mariah Carey; however, they part their ways in 2016.

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