Stefania Spampinato is a well-known Italian actress who is very well known for her role in Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off Station 19 Dr. Carnia Deluca.

She is also famous for portraying roles in popular movies like ford vs Ferrari and grey’s anatomy. She is acknowledged highly in the entertainment industry. She was born on July 17, 1982, in Catania, Sicily, Italy. She holds an Italian nationality and her birth sign is Cancer.

Early life

Dr. Carnia Deluca of station 19 was very close to her mother in her childhood and her mother was very fond of her daughter.

As a child, she was very close to her mother as her mother used to often create a dance costume for her to wear and perform dancing. Stefania has two siblings, sister Daniela Spampinato and brother Salvatore Spampinato.

A young Stefania along with her mother in the water enjoys swimming.
Young Stefania with her mother, source:instagram@spampistefania

From a young age, she had a passion for dancing due to her mom, at the age of six she started dancing. Later on, she joined the college in Milan where she got BA in Performing arts. from there on she spent the next decade in dance and theater for popular shows like The Voice (Uk edition), The x factor(UK edition) and Leona Lewis and Kylie Minogue, and other likes of popular artists.

Graduated From The Academy Of Arts

Spampinato is well-educated and attended her early High school at Liceo Classico Mario Cutelli in Catania.

After completing high school from there she went to Milan to study and graduated from the Academy of Arts.

Physical Appearance And Body Measurements

Stefania Spampinato is a slim-figured woman with dark brown color of eyes and hair with a height of 5 feet 8 inches and her weight is estimated to be around 55kg.

Stefania posing in front of the ocean wearing white full sleeves vest and brown pants.
Stefania posing in front of the ocean, source: instagram@

She has a Prominent Jawline and a wide smile. There is a beautiful spot on the left side near her lower lip.

What Is Stefania Famous for?

Stefania is well known for portraying her role as the character of Dr.Carnia Deluca in the popular series Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off series Station19. She made her debut on the series in the premier of the 14th season.

Career Highlight

After graduating from Milan in 2006, she was quick to follow her passion and moved to London where she worked as a dancer. She worked in various popular tv shows like The Voice UK and the X factor. from there she continued her journey to Los Angeles in 2011, where she continued studying acting.

She got her to break into Hollywood and got to act in series like Glee and Satisfaction. After the two she got her big break as she was given the role of Dr. Carina De Luca in Grey’s Anatomy. After the success of her character and the series itself, she was again cast on the spin-off series of grey’s Anatomy Station 19 as the same character.

Spampinato has blessed all of us with her excellent acting in a lot of movies other than the one mentioned here. She played in movies like kilo valley, ford vs Ferrari, and others.

Net worth & Lifestyle

Stefania Spampinato has been a hardworking and dedicated actress in her career so far. She has excelled in various characters for different shows and movies she played, with someone who has nearly been a decade in the industry, she has had an impressive check signed to her for her roles.

Due to this, Ford vs Ferrari actress Stefania has an estimated net worth is around $ 20 million and is living a rich lifestyle. This includes money from her acting career as the primary source of income and her secondary source could be attributed to the sponsors and advertisements. Spampinato has 31 credits as an actress.


The famous actress of Grey’s Anatomy Lives a lavish and astonishing life. With a net worth of over a million dollars, she enjoys life.

Stefania Spampinato in green jacket enjoying the view in Iceland.
Stefania enjoying in Iceland, source:instagram@spampistefania

She also shows her followers on social media for her followers to see. Her social media handle is full of pictures of her traveling to beautiful places near oceans and seas with her friends and family. She also has a nice house for herself.

Is Stefania An Animal Lover?

The star of grey’s Anatomy is a huge animal lover, particularly her dog. She has a wire hair fox terrier breed dog named jeff.

Stefania in red with her dog jeff near the ocean.
Stefania with her dog jeff, source:instagram@spampistefania

She posts pictures and videos of her dog playing with her. She has dedicated an entire story archive on her Instagram with her dog.

Stefania Spampinato’s Relationship Status – Single or Married?

Stefania Spampinato is a private person when it comes to her personal life, she doesn’t like to share much info about her relationship or family.

Spampinato does not seem to be in a relationship currently. She is busy making her professional career. however, she was married to Choreographer Tony Testa in 2018. The couple got divorced in 2020.

Hobbies Of Stefania Spampinato

From a young age, Spampinato had a great passion for dancing which can be described as her first hobby.

Along with dancing, she has also described that she loves to read, play taekwondo, and travel along with spending quality time with friends and family.

Where Has Spampinato Traveled So Far?

Stefania has a wide variety of content related to her posted on social media, where we can find numerous pictures of her traveling to various parts of the world. She also likes to take her dog with her when she is traveling.

Stefania Spampinato enjoying boat ride with local guide in thailand.
Stefania in Thailand enjoying a boat ride, source:instagram@

From her Instagram feed, we can see that she has traveled to places like Nepal, Cuba, Thailand, Greece, and other countries. She has said that traveling gives her joy as she can see different approaches to lives by people who live a different life from one another, She also enjoys the local culture and traditions of the places she visits.

Stefania clicked pictures of Monuments in Russia during her visit.
Stefania enjoying her vacation in Russia, source: Instagram@

Social media

Stefania Spampinato has made a name and space for herself in the digital world too. As someone who has enjoyed success in her career, she was bound to attract more followers and she has. She has a verified Instagram account with more than 940k followers. Her Twitter account is also verified along with more than 199k followers and also has a verified Facebook account with more than 35k followers.

She posts content carrying from her day-to-day life to sponsored content and some posts related to her works which get good engagement among her followers.

Here are links to her social media account to check out

Instagram- spampistefania

Twitter-stefania spampinato

facebook-Stefania Spampinato

Social work and charity

Dr. Calina of Grey’s Anatomy is a woman with a golden heart. After earning fortunes for her glorious acting career, she shares that fortune with the ones who aren’t that fortunate. She travels quite a lot for social works and charity.

Stefania Spampinato with streets children of Nepal during her visit for social work to NEPAL.
Spampinato with street children of Nepal during social work, source:instagram@

She has visited countries like Nepal, Thailand, Cuba, and various other countries where she works with street children, for their welfare and protection with several NGOs and INGOs.

Rumors About Spampinato

On her live Instagram while talking and engaging with her fans the station19 star shared a thought that caught everyone’s attention.

Stefania said that she wants to fall in love with the person at first sight, which asked the question if she had already fallen but she was quick to respond that she hasn’t had that chance yet.

There was also another rumor that Spampinato was dating her co-actress of Station19 Daniel Savre with whom she share an on-screen relationship.

However, this rumor was never confirmed or denied by any of the two and fans are still unsure about their real-life relationship

Is Stefania Spampinato Lesbian In Real Life?

Spampinato’s on-screen chemistry with her co-star Daniel Savre in Station19 has begged the fans to ask the question if she is a lesbian in real life. well, this question hasn’t been answered by her but according to the news tabloid “”, she isn’t lesbian in real life.

Some Facts about Stefania Spampinato

  • The Grey’s Anatomy star had a dream to be a lawyer if she wasn’t an actress.
  • She has described Giacomo Gianniotti as her favorite Co-star.
  • Stefania has always liked comedy series and friends’ Tv sitcoms which she describes as being her very best.
  • Her taste in music is quite different as she prefers Brazilian music.
  • In WWF she is the ambassador of the “Arricugghiemu a plastica”.
  • Before she joined Grey’s Anatomy, she was already a huge fan of the show and she said she was starstruck at the first table read.

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