A famous American actor, Silas Weir Mitchell, started his acting career in 1995. He is widely recognized for portraying the character of Monroe in the NBC TV series Grimm and as Donny Jones in My Name Is Earl. The veteran artist has proved his outstanding acting skills through his various characters in 27 years long showbiz journey. But do you have any idea about his personal life? The actor married K. K. Dodds, but are they still together as of 2022?

When did the celebrity duo tie the knot? How many kids do they share with each other? How has been their married life? What is their current relationship status? Here below, we have tried our best to fulfill all these queries. Further, you will also get to know about their career and net worth. So, scroll down to learn more about the relationship timeline of Weir Mitchell and Dodds.

Silas Weir Mitchell And K.K. Dodds Marriage Details

The Grimm alum Weir Mitchell reportedly tied the knot with fellow actress K. K. Dodds. As both of them belong to the acting world, the duo might have met each other for the first time during their movie or TV project. Also, the married duo might have been dating for some time before saying yes to each other. Unfortunately, there is no information about their first meeting, dating history, marriage events, and location.

Silas Weir Mitchell and his wife, K.K. Dodds during an event
Silas Weir Mitchell and his wife, K.K. Dodds during an event

Weir Mitchell and his wife, Dodds, have maintained a low-key profile life and don’t prefer sharing their personal life on social media platforms. Hence, very little information about their relationship and married life has been out. It is unknown whether the couple is still in a marital relationship or already separated. As there is no information about their divorce or relationship complications, they are speculated to enjoy their married life as of now.

Past Relationship And Kids Details

The 52 years old actor is a private person, as mentioned earlier. He dislikes talking about his personal life and family matters on media platforms. Till now, the media personality hasn’t gone public with his past relationships and love life. It seems like Weir Mitchell was neither engaged nor married in the past. Also, he hasn’t created buzz for his link-ups or romantic relationship with any other person in recent times.

The same thing applies in his wife’s case as well. The American actress hasn’t revealed her past relationships and love life. She has sealed her mouth regarding her personal life and details. Apart from her showbiz work, she appears barely on media platforms and events. The celebrity duo doesn’t prefer to flaunt their relationship much in media. However, they have been captured attending different events holding each other’s hands.

The veteran actor and his wife, Dodds, haven’t revealed anything about their kids. Also, there is no record of their children. They may or may not have welcomed any children. However, Dodds was once captured with her husband with her baby bump. As the duo has maintained a low-key profile life, we cannot assume their marriage relationship and kids’ details.

Social Life

Weir Mitchell has a private account on Instagram. Also, he hasn’t shared any posts on his Twitter account too. He loves his privacy and prefers to live a secretive life just like Glynn Turman. Similarly, his better half, Dodds, is also absent from his social media account. The husband-wife duo has maintained a reasonable distance from public platforms.

Silas Weir Mitchell shares a healthy relationship with his friends
Silas Weir Mitchell shares a healthy relationship with his friends

However, they share a healthy relationship with their family members and friends. There is no information about their bitter relationship with anyone or a feud with their co-workers. Weir Mitchell is often captured enjoying himself with his showbiz friends.

What Are The Net Worth Of Silas Weir Mitchell And K.K. Dodds?

The American actor Weir Mitchell is estimated to have around $3 Million. He earned a significant of his fortune from his involvement in different movies and TV shows. No doubt he made enough money to live a comfortable life during his 27 years long showbiz journey. The average salary of an actor in the United States is around $59 thousand per year, and the Grimm actor might be earning more than the average being an experienced artist.

As per his IMDb profile, he has 94 acting credits, 2 credits for production, and 1 credit each for direction, soundtrack, and archive footage. Similarly, his upcoming projects are Detained, in which he will portray the role of Sullivan, and Life of Riley, where he will be seen portraying the character of Simon. He is also known for his character as Charles Haywire Patoshik in the Fox TV series Prison Break.

Silas Weir Mitchell is a millionaire
Silas Weir Mitchell is a millionaire

The 6 feet 3 inches tall actor has movies and TV shows credits like The Patriot, Prison Break, Grimm, The Amendment, My Name Is Earl, The Whole Ten Yards, Grimm: Bad Hair Day, Rat Race, 24, Dexter, Inferno, Cold Case, Burn Notice, The Closer, Ticket Out, Heaven’s Rain, The X Files, A Fork in the Road, Birds of Prey, Medium, Absence of the Good, Halloween II, and more.

On the other hand, Dodds has an estimated net worth of around $400 thousand. She started her acting career in 1990 and remained active till 2017. She has fewer projects nowadays. However, the actress added good money to her name from movies and TV shows like Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole, Love Hurts, Prison Break, Moral Orel, Strong Medicine, The Shield, Spider-Man, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Lost Souls, A Life Less Ordinary, and more.

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