Shura Baryshnikov is a talented individual who excels in various artistic disciplines. She is known for her exceptional skills as a dancer, actor, and choreographer. Shura’s mother is the renowned actress Jessica Lange, while her father is the legendary dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Baryshnikov was born in the year 1981 in the city of Stillwater, located in Minnesota. She is a proud mother of two children named Adah Bryan and Ilse Bryan. Shura’s height measures 5 feet 5 inches, which is equivalent to 165 centimeters. As a devoted mother, she manages to balance her artistic career with the responsibilities of raising her children.

Relationship Status

Shura Baryshnikov is happily in a committed relationship with her dance partner, Nicky Laus. They are currently engaged to be married. Shura made the exciting announcement about their engagement through a post on Instagram on June 12, 2022. Although the couple has not disclosed any specific plans regarding their wedding date, they are undoubtedly looking forward to starting their journey as a married couple.

Shura Baryshnikov and Nicky Laus are posing with lake in the background.
Shura Baryshnikov with her Fiancé, Nicky Laus (Source: Shura Baryshnikov Instagram @slbaryshnikov)

Shura and Nicky’s shared passion for dance has not only brought them together professionally but has also fostered a deep connection on a personal level. Their love and dedication to their craft continue to strengthen their bond as they support and inspire each other both on and off the dance floor.

Net Worth Of Jessica Lange’s Daughter

Shura Baryshnikov has achieved success in her career and has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million, similar to Arabella Sezen Oz. She earns her income through various sources related to her expertise in dance. As a highly skilled dancer, Shura captivates audiences with her performances, and her talent has opened doors to numerous opportunities.

In addition to her dance projects, Shura also imparts her knowledge and skills to others as a teacher of choreography and physical theatre. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to convey emotion through movement has made her a sought-after instructor. While her annual income is not publicly disclosed, it is evident that her talents and hard work have allowed her to establish herself as a successful professional.

Has Two Daughters

Shura is a proud mother of two daughters like Jacqueline Staph. Their names are Adah Bryan and Isle Bryan. Their father is Shura’s ex-husband, Bruce Bryan. Adah, the older of the two, is currently pursuing her studies at Grinnell College. She values her privacy and prefers to keep a low profile.

Shura Baryshnikov, Adah Bryan, and Isle Bryan are at Lake Superior.
Shura Baryshnikov with her daughters, Adah Bryan, and Isle Bryan (Source: Shura Baryshnikov Instagram @slbaryshnikov)

Adah’s academic pursuits reflect her commitment to education and personal growth. On the other hand, Isle has chosen a different path as a pole dancer and Hoop dance artist. She has embraced these forms of expressive movement and has honed her skills in these disciplines.

Isle’s passion for dance shines through her performances, captivating audiences with her grace and talent. Shura supports and encourages her daughters in their journeys, celebrating their unique interests and accomplishments. The bond between her and her daughters remains strong as they navigate their paths in life.

Jessica Lange’s Daughter’s Education Background

Shura pursued her higher education at Marlboro College. She completed her Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in American Studies and Women’s Studies, spanning the years from 1999 to 2003. Marlboro College provided her with a comprehensive educational experience, allowing her to explore subjects related to American culture, history, and society.

The inclusion of the Women’s Studies in Shura degree indicates her interest in understanding and promoting gender equality and women’s experiences. Her educational background at Marlboro College likely provided her with a strong foundation and a deeper understanding of various social issues, which may have influenced her artistic pursuits and performances.

Is Also A Yoga Instructor

In addition to her accomplishments as a dancer and choreographer, Shura has also ventured into the realm of yoga instruction. She began her journey as a yoga instructor at OM Kids in September 2012, and she continues to share her passion for yoga to this day. Over the past 10 years and 10 months, Shura has dedicated herself to teaching and guiding individuals of all ages through the practice of yoga.

Shura Baryshnikov is stretching her legs and touching her hands above her head.
Shura Baryshnikov doing Yoga (Source: Shura Baryshnikov Instagram @slbaryshnikov)

As a yoga instructor, Shura possesses a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and the importance of finding balance and inner peace. Her expertise in yoga enhances her ability to connect with her students, helping them cultivate physical strength, flexibility, and mental well-being. Through her yoga instruction, she contributes to the health and wellness of others, spreading the benefits of this ancient practice to individuals seeking harmony and tranquility in their lives.

Member Of The Prestigious Brown University

Shura Baryshnikov holds a significant role as the Head of Physical Theatre at Brown University. She plays a crucial part in the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, specifically in the Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Programs in Acting and Directing. In her capacity as Assistant Professor of the Practice, she brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to guide and inspire aspiring actors and directors.

Shura’s expertise in physical theatre allows her to delve into the intricacies of movement, expression, and storytelling on stage. Through her role at Brown University, Shura fosters a creative and nurturing environment, encouraging students to explore and develop their artistic abilities.

Shura’s Dancing Career

Shura Baryshnikov has made a significant impact in the world of dance throughout her career. Alongside her performances, she has also co-founded various dance projects, showcasing her versatility and dedication to the art form. One of her notable contributions is the Contact Improvisation Research and Performance Ensemble, Set Go, which focuses on exploring the collaborative and spontaneous nature of the movement as mentioned in her official website.

Additionally, Shura is responsible for the Rhode Island-based contemporary dance project called Doppelgänger Dance Collective, where she continues to push boundaries and create innovative works. Her talent has also been recognized by esteemed organizations such as the Boston Lyric Opera, Emmanuel Music, Khambatta Dance Company, Urbanity Dance, Trinity Repertory Company, Motion State Arts, and Festival Ballet Providence School.

In her role with Festival Ballet Providence, Shura has been actively involved for over 12 years and 10 months. Furthermore, she serves as a Contact Improv Instructor at School@95/AS220, where she has been sharing her knowledge and passion for over 11 years and 1 month.

As a Teaching Artist at JMW Performing Arts High School, located in Pawtucket, RI, Shura has been instrumental in nurturing young talents for over 11 years and 4 months. Through her various roles, she continues to inspire and guide dancers of all ages, leaving a lasting impact on the dance community.

Has Two Stepsiblings

Shura Baryshnikov has two stepsiblings, Samuel Walker Shepard and Hannah Jane Shepard from her mother’s previous relationships as mentioned in an article by The Famous People. Her stepbrother, Samuel is known for his musical talent. He has pursued a career as a musician, sharing his passion for music with the world.

Shura’s stepsister, Hannah, has taken a different professional path as an administrative assistant. Through her role, she provides valuable support and organization in her chosen field. Although their parents, Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard, were never married, their relationships have resulted in a blended family.

Despite the diverse interests and professions among the siblings, they share a bond that extends beyond bloodlines. The support and connection between Shura, Samuel, and Hannah serve as a testament to the importance of family ties, regardless of the different paths they choose in life.

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