Delinah Blake is the oldest daughter of actor Robert Blake and actress Sondra Blake. She’s preferred a private life, staying away from the public eye.

Delinah Blake’s Wiki/ Bio

Delinah Blake was born in 1966 to her famous parents Robert Blake and Sondra Blake. She finished high school at Calabasas High School in California in 1984. After that, she went to university to get a degree in Psychology.

Delinah Blake with her brother and father. Image Source: The Sun

Moreover, Blake has a brother named Noah Blake, who’s an actor with lots of acting credits on his IMDb profile. He was born a year before her, on February 1, 1965. She also has a half-sister named Rose Lenore, who’s growing up. Delinah played a big part in raising her in Sherman Oaks.

Is Delinah Blake Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Right now, the stunning lady Delinah is happily married to Gregg Hurwitz. He’s a writer known for writing lots of books that became bestsellers on the New York Times list. He’s also a famous comic book writer for Marvel and DC. His writing has been nominated for awards, and his books are published in more than 30 languages. See another celebrity daughter Nele Lindemann.

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Delinah Blake with her husband and half-sister.

In addition, Delinah and her spouse Hurwitz have two daughters, but their names and when they were born aren’t known. They live together in Los Angeles, California.

Delinah Blake’s Parents Were Married For 22 Years

The 57-year-old Blake is the oldest daughter of retired American actor Robert and actress Sondra. Her dad, famous in Hollywood, was married to Sondra Kerr Blake for about 22 years. They got married in a private ceremony back on November 25, 1961. While they were together, they went to different movie events.

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Delinah Blake’s parents were married for over two decades.

Moreover, the celebrity pair had two kids, Delinah and her brother Noah, but sadly, they split up on September 12, 1983. The reason for their divorce isn’t talked about by Delinah’s parents.

Meanwhile, some gossip says The Caretaker actress Sondra cheated on Robert with actor Steve Railsback, which led to the breakup.

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However, the veteran star denied rumors about Robert being abusive, saying that stories about him threatening her with a gun weren’t true. But there’s also a time when she wrote something different, saying Robert tried to harm her and her boyfriend at the time, Steve. She mentioned this happening at their Beverly Mansion.

Robert Blake’s Remarried After His Divorce With Sondra

The Lost Highway actor Robert’s second wife was Bonny Lee Bakley, and they got married on November 15, 2000. They share a daughter Rose Lenore was born on June 2, 2000. However, their marriage ended after Bakley died in 2001.

Likewise, the late artist’s third wife was Pamela Hudak, and they got married in April 2017, but they didn’t have any kids together. However, on December 7, 2018, news came out that he filed for divorce from Pamela. They finally separated in February 2019.

The Mystery of Bonny Lee Bakley’s Tragic Death: Robert Blake’s Legal Battle

In 2001, there was big news about him for a different reason: his second spouse, Bakley, got shot and killed while sitting in Blake’s parked car outside a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Further, the Baretta star Blake got accused of Bakley’s murder, trying to get someone to kill her, planning it, and waiting for the right moment. In March 2005, a jury said he didn’t do those things. But seven months later, he got blamed in a lawsuit by Bakley’s kids for causing her death.

On May 4, 2001, Blake and Bony Lee had dinner at a restaurant in California. When they left, Blake realized he had left his gun inside and went back for it. When he returned to the car, Bakley was hurt by a gunshot.

Similarly. they found a gun in a bin nearby, and it was the same one that shot Bakley. About a year later, Blake was accused of killing her.

Again, Robert’s trial started in December 2004. The lawyers said Blake tried to pay two guys to hurt Bakley, but they said no. Two stuntmen even said Blake asked them to do it. He got off because there wasn’t any proof he fired the gun that killed Bakley. Also, no one saw him near the car when it happened.

Seven months later, though, the In Cold Blood actor was blamed in a lawsuit by Bakley’s kids, and he had to declare bankruptcy because of it.

Delinah Blake’s Father, Robert Blake Was An Actor

Blake, born Michael James Gubitosi, was an American actor. He became well-known for acting in shows like Our Gang, a movie called In Cold Blood, and a tough cop show called Baretta, where he won an award called an Emmy (1975).

Moreover, the TV star was born in Nutley, New Jersey, to parents who worked in vaudeville. He started acting as a kid in the Our Gang shows and had small parts in movies like I Love You Again. When he was a teenager, he got bigger roles in movies like Mokey, The Horn Blows at Midnight, and Humoresque. He even starred in a Western series called Red Ryder.

In the 1960s, the big name got even more important roles in movies like PT 109, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and This Property Is Condemned. But it was in 1975 when he got the role everyone remembers him for—the main guy in the TV show Baretta starring Adrienne La Russa. He won an Emmy for that in 1975.

Sadly, the veteran actor passed away on March 9, 2023, at his home in Los Angeles. He was 89 years old and his niece said he died because of heart disease.

What Is Delinah Blake’s Net Worth?

The star kid Delinah is now a psychology professor in LA. However, there isn’t any info about how much money she has, but her parents’ money is estimated. Her dad, Robert Blake, made a lot of money from acting in movies like Lost Highway and In Cold Blood. But when he got in trouble for his wife’s death, his money went down a lot. He had to declare bankruptcy because he owed $3 million for legal stuff and taxes.

On the other side, Blake’s mom, Sondra Kerr, is also an actress and has been in shows and movies. She’s worth about $1 million. She became famous for acting in lots of movies, like Grown Ups, Of Mice and Men, The Big Black Pill, Sad Inheritance, and Vigilante Cop, Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer.

However, Delinah’s husband, Gregg, is a writer, and his books, like Evan Smoak and Orphan X, have sold a lot. He’s estimated to have around $1.3 million.

Is Delinah Blake Active On Social Media?

The pretty woman Delinah has always kept away from social media and doesn’t seem to have any sites including Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. She’s been super private about her life from the start.

No one knows about her education, how much money she has, or how much she earns each year.

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