Allison Raskin is a famous American author who is best known for her book Overthinking About You. She has written many other popular books. She is also known as Youtuber, comedian, and mental health advocate.

She was born on June 20, 1989, Newyork, United States and her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Former Life and Family Background

Raskin was raised in Jewish heritage in Newyork, Her father’s name is Ken Raskin while her mother’s name is Ruth Raskin. However, it’s not clear what her parents use to do or where do they live. She also has a sibling named Joons Raskin. It is not clear what he does and how is he doing.

She was born into an average family and because of that, She didn’t have to go through many struggles in her life. She had been diagnosed with OCD at an early age which made her life a little difficult.

Physical Appearance

Allison Raskin has a very appealing physical structure. Her skin tone is light and she has got black hair. She looks amazing with her big round black eye. She has cute chubby cheeks with rosy lips and her body looks fit and sometimes chubby because of the side effects of the medicine she has been taking.

She stands about 5 Feet and 4 Inches and she weighs about 70kgs. Her adorable looks and charm can easily attract many fans and followers.


Raskin completed her bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Southern California. It’s not clear where she did her schooling and there is no information about where she completed her high school.

She later started a clinical psychology program with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy from Pepperdine University in 2020. she is currently doing her master’s.

Career Highlights

The Overthinking About You author started her career as a writer for BuzzFeed videos and she has been featured in some of them. She then continued her journey as a writer and he wrote many amazing books like I hate Everone But You, Please send help, Overthinking about you, and many more.

She also worked as a comedian and she also became part of a podcast for that she created her youtube channel with her co-host writer Gaby Dunn. They have almost 657k subscribers and about 177,089,490 total views on their channel. They started their channel on Apr 27, 2014.

Net Worth

Allison Raskin has been able to amass a good amount of fortune throughout her journey. She was able to collect this sum the amount by working as a writer, director, and comedian, and on youtube. She has been working hard and has been able to achieve so much at a very young age.

It is not clear how much she has been able to amass but her net is around $3 Million including all her assets and royalties.

Relationship past and dating History

We get to hear many rumors about celebrities dating someone, however, all the rumors we get to hear are not true.

Allison Raskin has been very private about her personal life due to which she has not shared much of her details. Raskin has never mentioned her past relationships but currently, She is in a relationship with a guy named Jake.

Is Allison Dating Someone Currently?

It had been rumored that Allison Raskin has been dating a guy since 2019, she later confirmed it by posting on her Twitter account. They had been living together. However, She keeps her personal life very private and she doesn’t post much about her personal life on her social media accounts.

It’s been quite a long time since she hasn’t posted anything about her boyfriend which is why we don’t have clear information about their separation or whether they are being together. As of now, we can only expect them to be together.

Is Allison Diagnosed With OCD?

Allison had been diagnosed with Ocd at the very young age of four. She had been struggling with this disorder and her life had been quite difficult back. This kind of disorder made her very conscious of the contamination.

She is quite thankful right now as she was very sure of not getting covid because she had been keeping herself away from contamination for a very long time. However, It’s been quite a long time since she had been diagnosed and now she is adapted to it.

Does She Have Any Pets?

Raskins do have pet dogs. She loves spending her time with her pet dog during her leisure. She posts a lot of pictures of her pet on her social media account. She even spends her time with her mother’s pet dog. She enjoys the company of her pets. She even celebrates their birthdays. Her followers love to see cute posts about her pet dogs.

Picture of Allison Raskin with her pet dogs during Christmas near the Christmas tree
Allison Raskin with her pet dogs picture source Instagram: @allisonraskin

Does She Have Any Tattoo?

Raskin does have a tattoo and she shared it on her social media account. She has a tattoo of a lotus-like image on her right hand. She shared the picture with her followers and fans telling them that she is too embraced to tell the meaning of her tattoo. However, She looks very happy about her decision on making a tattoo.

Picture of Allison Raskin wearing navy blue jacket and  showing her tattoo
Allison Raskin showing her tattoo picture source Instagram: @allisonraskin

How Often Does She Take Part In Social Work?

Raskin has always been taking part in lots of social work. She uses her social media networking to aware people of mental health issues. She has also created a separate Instagram account as @emotionalsupportlady. She has been working against suicide and mental health-related diseases. She has been successful on her journey to people aware that way she has helped many people and saved the lives of many.

Hobbies And Interest

Apart from writing, she loves to engage in her social media for a good purpose. She is very active on her youtube channel where she does podcasts with her co-host and she tends to have a fantastic sense of humor. She also likes reading books and cooking some food when she has time.

Other than that being a pet mom is her favorite hobby. She loves to spend tie with her family and pets.

Social Media Engagement

Alison Raskin looks very active on her social media accounts. She is available on almost all social media platforms. She is available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. She has pretty good engagement in all of her social media accounts.

She has about 226K followers on her Instagram, about 28.9K followers on Facebook, and about 107.4K followers on Twitter. She mostly posts about her recent works ad about the mental health on her social media accounts

For more information and updates about her, you can follow her on all her social media accounts. Her Instagram account’s name is @allisonraskin, her Facebook account’s name is @OfficialAllisonRaskin and her Twitter account’s name is @AllisonRaskin.


Allison Raskin has been a rumor-free personality. She has never been into any kind of controversy because she keeps her personal life private and stays away from the media. Her sweet, humble and decent nature keeps her away from all kinds of controversies. She is known for all good reasons only.

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