The showbiz industry puts a relatively higher interest when it comes to celebrity couples. Veteran actress Sheila Falconer achieved plenty from her lifelong career in Hollywood, but many recognize her as the ex-wife of Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Patrick Stewart. While the fans are aware of their on-the-screen works and achievements, they remain curious about private personal details like married life and net worth. So, today we take you close to everything you need to know about Sheila Falconer.

Sheila Falconer’s Staggering Net Worth

Sheila Falconer is known for her works on the big screen. Interestingly, she has fans from three generations as she started acting in the 1960s and continued it throughout the 2000s. Some of her best films are ‘Half a Sixpence,’ ‘Lady Jane,’ and ‘Three Hats for Lisa.’

Sheila Falconer in a black jacket poses for a picture.
Sheila Falconer owns a net worth of $1 million. Source: Pinterest

Thanks to her multiple years of contribution to Hollywood, Falconer amassed a staggering net worth of $1 million as of 2020. While she earned a significant sum of money from acting, she is also a choreographer by profession. With fame and experience in her favor, she made far more than $23.28 per hour, the average salary of a choreographer. Not just that, she also made more than $50,010 per year, the average pay of an actress.

Sheila Falconer’s Married Life: First Wife of Patrick Stewart

Sheila Falconer might be an exceptional actress, but her former beau Patrick Stewart was relatively more successful with multiple awards and nominations for Emmy and Golden Globe. The two met during the mid-1960s when both had just started their career. Luckily, they shared a special connection at an instant as they started dating.

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Sheila Falconer was the first wife of Patrick Stewart. Source: Ranker

After a few years of a serious relationship, Falconer decided to tie the knot with the X-Men actor. Thus, the two love birds exchanged their vows in a private ceremony in 1966 in front of close friends and family. The pair formed a great match as both of them were active in Hollywood, thus being a widely-talked celebrity couple. Shortly after their marriage, they welcomed two children, a son Daniel Stewart, and a daughter Sophia Stewart. Falconer’s elder child, Daniel, followed her and Stewart to become an actor and featured alongside his dad in ‘Death Train.’

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Just when everything looked perfect, cracks formed between Sheila and Patrick. Eventually, they parted ways after 24 years of marriage in 1990. While Falconer lived a lowkey life after that, her ex-husband went on to marry Wendy Neuss in 2000 but got divorced again in 2003. Furthermore, he attempted to love a third time, marrying Sunny Ozell in 2013.

Sheila Falconer’s Low Profile Early Life

Born on August 9, 1945, Sheila Falconer was born in a middle-class family in America. Despite being a top actress, she prefers to keep her past details like family, background, and childhood up to herself. With blonde hair and a bluish eye, she had all the features required to rule over the industry.

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Sheila Falconer’s husband Patrick Stewart is a multi-millionaire.
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Unlike her ex-lover Patrick Stewart from Yorkshire, England, Falconer opted to keep the details regarding her education to herself too. However, she always shared a hobby of becoming an actress since childhood. Likewise, she also followed her passion for dancing to become a choreographer. Her breakthrough in the entertainment industry came when she appeared as Kate in ‘Half a Sixpence.’

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