Sean Edward Hartman came to the spotlight because of his father, Philip Edward Hartman, a renowned Canadian-American actor, comedian, and screenwriter. It was a dark day for the entertainment industry when the news of his death broke out in May 1998. So let’s dive deep into Sean Edward’s personal life, lifestyle, net worth, and more.

Sean Edward Hartman Personal Life

Sean Edward Hartman started living a low-key life mostly out of the limelight; however, they keep their father’s memory alive. Upon their parent’s demise, Sean and Birgen were sent to live with their maternal aunt and her spouse Katherine and Mike Wright.

Sean Edward Hartman's parents were murdered in 1998.
Sean Edward Hartman parents.

As per ABC News, the 32-year-old Sean is “pursuing his dreams of being an artist and musician.” He currently lives in Oakland, California. Birgen,28, recent graduate from the University of St. Thomas. She earned degrees in Communication and Journalism the Minnesota University.

Sean Edward’s sister Birgen married a guy named Brandon in 2018 in Italy. Even though the Hartman children stay mostly away from the limelight, Birgen made an appearance at the Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary celebration in 2015. In the same vein, the celebrity kid commemorated the anniversary of her parents’ deaths in an Instagram post.

Sean Edward Hartman Net Worth

Sean Edward and his sister Birgen Hartman inherited Phil Hartman’s real estate, but they don’t trust fund kids. Phil Hartman’s will provided for each of his kids; nonetheless, he was thoughtful in how their trusts were set up to ensure the kids would not have everything handed to them.

Birgen Hartman pays tribute to her parents in May 2017.
Sean Edward Hartman’s sister Birgen commemorates their parents death. Source: Instagram

Some sources claim the fortunes would only become available to Sean and Birgen if bachelor’s degree were earned from a four-year university accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges or some comparable nationally popular institution.

Sean Edward and Birgen would not receive their inheritance in one lump amount but in three stages, the first at age 25, then half the remaining balance at age 30, and the final installment at age 35. Apart from children, Phil provided $50,000 from the estate to their guardians.

Sean Edward Hartman Short Bio

Sean Edward Hartman was born in 1989 in the suburbs of the United States. He was brought up by his father, Phil Hartman, and his mother, Brynn Hartmann. Sean lost his parents to the tragic murder-suicide at age 6. Followed by the incident, Phil’s brother John Hartman looked after the kids. Today, Sean and Birgen are regarded as the legal children of Katherine Wright and her partner Mike.

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