Saxon Sharbino is a notable American actress best known for her portrayal of Chastity Storch in the film I Spit on Your Grave. She is a lady of incredible beauty and skill. She also played Simone in the Netflix series Love and Kendra Bowen in the ghostly horror film Poltergeist. In addition, Sharbino made her acting debut in the 2008 television series Friday Night Light, playing a small role.

Her acting career continues with a role in the 2010 film Red, White, and Blue. Saxon appeared in Earthling, Cool Dog, and I Spit on Your Grave in the same year, among other films. She worked a lot at a young age. So, what about her relationship. This article will discuss Saxon Sharbion and Pierson Fode‘s relationship timeline.

Saxon Sharbino & Pierson Fode’s Dating Life

Saxon Sharbino is currently dating her long-time boyfriend, Pierson Fode. Pierson is an actor, model, and Internet personality best known for his appearances as Brooks on Disney Channel’s Jessie and Ely in the 2015 romantic comedy Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List.

The couple started dating in 2020; however, they haven’t revealed their first date and meeting. Pierson Fode (ex-Thomas Forrester) of The Bold and the Beautiful is approaching his second anniversary with Saxon Sharbino, the new lady in his life. Fode asked Sharbino to be his girlfriend just before quarantine, and she agreed.

Saxon Sharbino & Pierson Fode are a perfect couple.
Saxon Sharbino & Pierson Fode started dating in 2020.
Photo Source: Instagram

Both loves shared a photo on their Instagram on the occasion of their second love anniversary. Pierson wrote,” Two whole years of adventures @saxon! Plot twists that could rival an m night Shyamalan movie. I’ve traveled more with you in two years than I have in my entire life lol. I love chasing my dreams with you creating art with you, filming self-tapes with you, trying to cook like Michelin chefs, having you to wake me up from night terrors, and cuddling while we watch movies. I am sharing our highlights and lowlights of every day.”

Meanwhile, Saxon said on her Instagram, “2 years..but who’s counting? Happy anniversary @piersonfode. Here are some things I love about you, you’re caring & always make me feel special on days like this, you’re smart & we talk about scripts & you teach me stocks. you’re funny & fun & my best friend. (+ you’re handsome.) The couple shows their love by uploading photos and videos frequently. In the coming days, we hope they will marry soon. While Makenzie Vega is married to Blair Norfolk.

Saxon Sharbino’s Previous Relationship

Previously, Saxon Sharbion dated Jake Paul, a professional boxer and social media sensation from the United States. Jake believed it was a wonderful idea since it would draw a lot of attention. Regardless, he met Saxon at her birthday celebration, and their conversation was unpleasant from start to finish. The ex-couple recalls their first date and ponders why they broke up yet remain friends.

Saxon Sharbino & Pierson Fode are living together.
Saxon Sharbino & Pierson Fode haven’t engaged yet.
Photo Source: Instagram

Even though she was his second lover, an American pro boxer shivered in his boots when he opted to attend Saxon’s birthday celebration. After a brief debate in which Jake demonstrated his juvenile behavior, he simply let her go. Saxon was perplexed and attempted to confess to him, but the connection dissolved in the end.

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