Saul Consuelos is known as the father of celebrity, Mark Consuelos. Saul was born on October 19, 1938, in North America Mexican. As of 2024, he is eighty-six years old (86 years).

He has been holding Mexican citizenship nationality. He is well known for his son’s name and fame where his son is a famous American actor and can maintain his name and fame in the acting industry.

Physical Appearances And Body Measurement

Saul Consuelos looks handsome and young. He has been able to maintain his body physically and mentally fit till now. He is not too tall and his height is not mentioned on any public social sites. Even with some physical exercise, he has been able to maintain his weight where his weight was not mentioned on any public platform.

He has got some ringer on his face also he has got dark black hair with a pair of brown eyes. With his good appearances, many of his fans wanted to meet him which is why his fans and followers have been increasing day by day.

Qualification And Education Background

A celebrity father Saul is quite private about his personal life which is why there isn’t any information about his qualifications. But apart from this, he has completed his studies near his hometown in her related subject.

Consuelos has been able to achieve graduation with good marks in his related subject. He is quite private about his personal life and has been able to keep his information away from the public eye. He was raised with family support which is why there aren’t any difficulties in studying for Soul on his major subject.

What Does Saul Consuelos Do For Living?

Consuelos’ father, Saul, once served in the Navy and Air Force. To honor his service to the country, Kelly Ripa, Mark’s wife, shared a photo of her father-in-law, Joe Ripa, and Mark’s father on Veteran’s Day.

In her caption, she wrote, “These two young men served in the Army and Navy and grew up to be husbands, fathers, grandfathers, and American patriots.”

Sibling And Family Background

Soul was raised with his family support, love, and siblings since childhood but hasn’t mentioned any information about his family background and siblings on any social sites. He is too close with his sibling and family and he keeps sharing many things with his family.

But Mark’s father is quite private about his personal life and he hasn’t revealed any personal information which was related to his family and siblings. Even though, he hasn’t revealed any names of his siblings and parents on any social sites.

Saul Consuelos Spouse

Saul Conuels is a married man and has been living happily. Saul got married to Camilla Consuelos who is known for Live with Kelly and Ryan as Kelly’s mother-in-law. The beautiful couple met each other in the audition for the movie.

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Saul Consuelos with his wife Camilla Consuelos.
Source: Twitter

After some years they got married but the details about married haven’t been revealed till now. Both couples are quite private when it comes to their personal information. Even with their strong relationship, they have three children. Camilla and Saul have been living a happy life for many years.


Saul Consuelo was married to Camilla and had three children together. Saul has been able to good quality of life for their children till now. The couple welcomed three children together and he has two sons and one daughter.

Meanwhile, Mark Consuelos is the youngest child of his parents Camilla and Saul who is an actor by profession. Saul is quite private about his personal life but his daughter is a Lawyer and his older son is a doctor. Three children were able to get good quality of life from their parents which is why they are continuing their careers in their major industries.

Saul Consuelos Son Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos is the youngest son of Saul Consuelos an American actor who is known for the role played in All My Children and as a Himram Lodger in The CW drama Riverdale. He was born on March 30, 1971, in Zaragoza, Spain.

He was raised with his brother and sister by his parents. Mark has been very active in his career acting and started his acting career by appearing in educational series. Also, he has been working as a dancer and also has been able to receive awards for his outstanding performance in his movies. 

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Saul Consuelos with his son Mark Consuelos.
Source: Instagram

Apart from this, he is quite busy with his professional career and has been working since his childhood. With his busy schedule, he has his wife Kelly Ripa. Mark Consuelos got married to Kelly Ripa in 1996 who is also an American actress and has been a supportive wife. Mark has been living a happy life with his wife and three children. Kelly is quite active on social media where she keeps posting about her husband on social media. She has been holding 3.2m on her Instagram with her username Kelly Ripa.

Mark Consuelos Married life

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos got married in 1996. Apart from this, Kelly was introduced to Mark by the director in their film industry. Kelly fell in love with Mark at first sites but Mark didn’t talk about being with Kelly after some years of conversation they started dating and got married on 1 May 1996 in Las Vegas.

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Saul Consuelos son Mark Consuelos with his wife Kelly Ripa.
Source: Pinkvilla

They have broken their relationship time but are again reunited with it. Due to many years of their strong relationship, they have been able to be mother and father. After many obstacles and reuniting, they completed twenty-five years (25 years) together, and still, they are together. Mark and Kelly are both happy with their children.

Saul Consuelos Grandchildren

Saul Consuelos has three children who were born with his father Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa. They welcome their first son Michael Joseph Consuelos who was born on June 2, 1997, and is known as an actor who is also achieved on his social media. Michael has been holding 71k with his username Michael Consuelos.

Lola Consuelo who is known as Kelly Ripa’s daughter was born on June 16, 2001. She has been also involved in her social media with her 254k Fans with her username Lola Consuelos.

Saul Consuelos's son Mark Consuelos with his three sons.
Saul Consuelos’s son Mark Consuelos with his three sons. Source: Instagram

Kelly’s last third child Joaquin Antonio Consuelos was born on February 24, 2003, and is known by his father’s name and fame. He has also gotten involved in his social media with 86.9k Fans with his username Joaquin 🇲🇽🇮🇹🇺🇸. Apart from being involved in social, they have been able to manage their time and give continuity to their career.

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Life On Social Media

The famous dad has an Instagram account with the username @saulconsuelos, but it’s private. Even though his account is private, his kids have shared a picture of him on their social media pages.

But he is known by his Sons name and fame where his son Mark Consuelos, who is quite active on social media. Mark keeps posting photos, and videos of his father and his family. With his good behavior, he has been holding 2.1M Fans on his Instagram with his username Mark Consuelos.

Net worth

Saul Consuelos has been able to gather a good amount of net worth at his young age. With his net worth, he has been living a luxurious with his family but hasn’t mentioned his net worth on any platform.

Saul is well known by his son Mark Consuelos where the mark has been able to gather a good amount of net worth from his professional acting. He has been able to earn around $40 million. Mark’s source of income is his professional Acting.

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