Sarah Gray Rafferty is an American stage and screen actress. After the courtroom drama series Suits on television premiere, she earned recognition in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Sarah, who plays the mysterious secretary of influential New York lawyer Harvey Specter, has become a favorite character of millions of television viewers. Her role was appropriately elevated by the show’s producers in the sixth season.

The American actress began her acting career in 1998 when she appeared in an episode of the film Trinity, but her name was not listed in the credits. But fortune smiled on the actress the following year, as she was cast in the American procedural series Law & Order. Sarah made her film debut in the new millennium as Amy in the American-Mexican comic melodrama Mambo Café. So, let’s know about the love life of Sarah.

Sarah Rafferty’s Married Life, Who is Her Husband?

Sarah Rafferty tied a knot with her handsome husband, Santtu Seppala. When she emerged in her navy blue gown for the Royal Wedding of the Duchess of Sussex, she amazed everyone. Santtu is a well-known financial expert and businessman from the United States. He is famous throughout the world as the husband of Sarah Rafferty. Kiitos Capital Management LLC now employs Santtu as its Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

Sarah Rafferty is a married man.
Sarah Rafferty with her husband, Santtu Seppala.
Photo Source: Instagram

Megan’s presence at the wedding made it even more memorable, but she has another reason to rejoice this year. Sarah and Santtu, who are celebrating their eighteenth wedding anniversary, have successfully set the bar for new couples.

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In a short ceremony on June 23, 2001, Sarah and Santtu exchanged wedding vows. Because Santtu does not work in the entertainment business, the pair may have kept their marriage private. She just posted a photo of her wedding day on the eve of her eighteenth wedding anniversary, which is one of the few photos she has of her wedding day.

Sarah Rafferty’s Children

Sarah Raggerty’s family grew from two to four throughout her long marriage to Santtu. She is the proud mother of two kids, with whom she spends a lot of time. Her Instagram page is full of pictures of her daughters and her business. Not only did the incredible mother of two give birth, but she also came up with a unique name for her children. Oona Gray Seppala, her eldest daughter, is named after an Irish woman named Una. Oona was born six years after Sarah’s wedding, in October 2007.

Sarah Rafferty is living with her children.
Sarah Rafferty with her children.
Photo Source: Instagram

Oona isn’t the only one with an unusual name; her sister, Iris Friday, is also in this category. Although Iris is a common name among Oona’s friends, the pair came up with Friday’s surname. Sarah’s daughters accompany her to Toronto, Canada, where she is filming the last season of Suits. Santtu spends time with his little kids whenever she is busy with her business. She can be seen taking her daughters and mother-in-law out on several Instagram posts. Not only that, but the couple, along with their daughters, spends time away from their busy schedules on an opulent vacation in exotic locations.

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