If you follow the Fox Network, then you might be familiar with the face of Samantha Hegseth. To break it down further, she is the host of the popular show, ‘Fox & Friends.’ While the diva might be an accomplished journalist, she rose to fame after marrying Pete Hegseth, the former military reserve officer and also a Fox contributor. So, let’s get to know more about the celebrity wife regarding her net worth and married life without wasting much time.

Samantha Hegseth: Second Wife of Pete Hegseth

The accomplished Fox journalist, Samantha Deering Hegseth rose to fame after dating the military veteran Pete Hegseth. Interestingly, the two met through a mutual friend and started dating ever since. The two shared a special connection at an instant when they first crossed paths, leading to subsequent dates. As the relationship between them strengthened, Peter broke up with his first wife, Meredith Schwarz, in 2009 with a divorce. Thus, the lovely pair decided to tie the knot in 2010.

Samantha Hegseth in a white gown poses with husband Pete Hegseth.
Samantha Hegseth is the second wife of former military Pete Hegseth. Source: Married Celeb

The love story between Samantha and Pete was perfect as they used to work together on ‘Fox & Friends.’ Since her husband also used to be a contributor to Fox, they spent a lot of time together. Regarding their family life, they shared three children named Gunner HegsethBoone Hegseth, and Rex Hegseth.

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Just when everything looked perfect, Samantha’s husband Pete got involved in an extra-marital affair with Fox executive producer Jennifer Rauchet. This led to severe consequences as the longtime husband-wife decided to part ways with a divorce agreement. While Pete moved on quite well with Rauchet, with whom he has three other children, not much is known about his ex-wife, whose personal life is confidential following the breakup.

Samantha Hegseth’s Net Worth Status

All the regular Fox viewers are fond of Samantha Hegseth as she co-hosts the engaging ‘Fox & Friends’ show. In the past, she worked alongside Pete in the series as well. Thanks to a stable job in one of the reputed networks in the world, Samantha earned herself the tag of a ‘millionaire.’ Specifically, she amasses a staggering net worth of $1 million as of 2020.

Samantha Hegseth poses with her son and husband Pete Hegseth.
Samantha Hegseth works at the Fox News Channel. Source: Apzo Media

In the past, Samantha Hegseth used to work with Pete as Vets for Freedom’s host. She was dedicated to encouraging US military retention with the organization in the Iraq War of 2007. On the other hand, her husband, Pete Hegseth, is also a millionaire with $1 million worth.

Samantha Hegseth’s Private Early Life

Talking about the life of Samantha Hegseth, despite being a journalist, she prefers to live a lowkey light. Much of the fame she earned came from her marriage with Pete, which lowered after the divorce. That is why there isn’t much information regarding her personal life and family background. However, on her birth details, she was born on New Year’s day of 1980 in Canada.

Samantha Hegseth poses for a selfie.
Samantha Hegseth owns net worth of $1 million. Source: Twitter

What we can infer from Hegseth’s social media is that she loves shopping and reading books. Likewise, her ex-husband, Pete, was from Forest Lake, Minnesota, and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Princeton University. Similarly, he completed his Master in Public Policy at Harvard University.

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