Rizwan Manji is a well-known figure in the English film industry and he was born in Canada. His most successful work is Ray Butani on Schitt’s Creek from which he started growing a very big fan following.

Manji was born on October 17, 1974, in Toronto, Ontario of Canada. He was then brought to Calgary, Alberta where he grew up. His zodiac sign is Libra and he follows Ismaili Muslims of Gujarat India.

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Manji with shaved face(source: Instagram @rizwanmanji)


Rather than other actors, Manji gives plenty of time to his family. He shows love to his parent through many posts on Instagram. There is no clue about his parents’ names but he has posted about his parent’s birthdates on his official Instagram page. According to his post, his father was born on September 29, 1939. He has a sister Rishma Manji with whom he spent his childhood.

Manji’s mother’s birth year is yet to be updated but her birthday is on January 10. He fell in love with Taslim Manji and married her in 2002. He has 3 children from Taslim Manji and they are Ayana Manji, Aariq Manji, and Alya manji.

Manji’s wife Taslim Manji

Taslim Manji was born on January 1, 1978, to an Indian business family. She is famous for being the wife of the famous actor Manji. She is a very successful businesswoman at the same time she is a good mother and wife. Manji posts photos of his wife on her birthdays on his Instagram page. There is not much clue about their love story but their love is deep and blessed.

Manji’s wife Taslim is a talented scholar who has worked in different popular sectors. Despite marrying and taking birth from a Muslim family she is a working woman. She is an inspiration to Muslim women who are forced to live sophisticated life. She thinks education is the brightness that can change society.

Taslim Manji is a very successful businesswoman as she is able to earn $900000 per year. She started her career in 2000, as Advantage program Director for Score Educational Center. In 2005 she joined Lehman Brothers as a program manager.

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Rizwan Manji and his wife Taslim Manji with their kid on a Vacation trip(source: Instagram @rizwanmanji)

Then she started serving for Thompson Reuters as a client trainer, and client specialist. She also served there as a Strategic account manager from 2006 to 2018. Currently, she is working for Refinitiv, an LSEG business since 20018 as a strategic account manager.

Despite being a busy woman she equally gives time to the family. Her mother-in-law gives very nice compliments on her. She feels so lucky for marrying Manji and getting the chance to explore western habitats and flavors. Though she is the wife of a famous actor and is a successful businesswoman she loves to live a private and simple life.


Manji is a well-educated personality as he is Bachelor’s graduate in business which he completed from Crescent Heights High School. Talking about primary education Manji completed it at local schools in Alberta.

When he was growing up his parents wanted him to get a degree and help in their family business. Manji was interested in acting so he preferred acting as his main ambition. However, he convinced his family for acting and started seeking a good art college.

Manji enrolled in the University of Alberta where his sister Reshma Manji was completing her education. Rather than other classes he used to enjoy the drama classes a lot. Shortly he started learning Drama and was one of the best actors among his colleagues.

Net worth

Rizwan Manji is a well-established actor so his fees and salary are very high in comparison to other actors. His salary is estimated to be $1.6 million which he earns from TV shows and movies. He has earned a very big sum of money throughout his life.

Despite earning a big amount of money he prefers a simple life. He rarely wears fancy and expensive outfits in comparison to other actors. He spends his money by donating to flood victims and rural villages of India which is his ancestral home.

Career Highlight

Early Career

Manji was a talented drama artist during his college times. Establishing himself as a Canadian actor was a big challenge for him. He had to face many racists who use to abuse him for his ethnicity and color but he never loosed hope.

After facing a lot of consequences Manji started getting a chance to appear in movies for very short roles in 1977. Manji wasn’t doing it all for money it was all his wisdom and dream which is acting. His debut was as a Newsstand Owner in Sue Lost In Manhattan which was directed by Amos Kollek.

In 1998 Manji appeared in Too Tired To Die as a young Arab which was directed by Wonshuk Chin. In the same year, he played the role of Club Patron in the Television Film Monkey King. In 1999 he played the role of Doctor Patel in an episode of One Life to Live.

Career Since 2008

Manji took a break of three years in movies and appeared in the 2001 movie American Desi as Salim Ali Khan. In the same year, he appeared in Queenie In Love as Ahmed. In 2002 he appeared as Party Waiter in the movie Guru which was directed by Daisy Von Scheler Mayor.

Manji finally got a recurring role in 2008 in Privileged which was an English comedy-drama television series. His character of Rami was appreciated broadly across America and Canada. Then he appeared as Rick in the comedy television series Better Off Ted in 2009.

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Rizwan Manji in the set of Perfect Harmony. (source: Instagram @rizwanmanji)

At the present, he is filming the movie Wedding Season where his role is not still updated to the media. He will be performing a recurring role in Peacemaker which will be released soon in 2022.

Manji plays maximum movies which have humor and comedy seen. His acting is realistic and funny which makes him one of the most successful actors. Manji is a role model for those who are in the struggling phase of acting.

Social media

Manji is a well-known figure on Twitter and Instagram as he has a good number of followers. He has a verified Instagram page and Twitter page. On Instagram, he has more than 21.5k followers(@rizwanmanji) and he has more than 15k followers(@rizwanmanji) on Twitter.

Manji is interactive with the media and doesn’t hesitate to answer the asked questions like other actors. He gives guest appearances on different American reality shows. Manji also keeps on posting religious content on his official Instagram and Twitter. Manji shows to the media and the public that he is quite religious.

Physical Appearance

Manji does not look Canadian native at all as he is from an Indian descent family. To look humorous and funny Manji always keeps his funny-looking mustache. He has light brown colored skin with big eyes and a big forehead. In the past few years, he has developed a noticeable belly and hair loss.

Manji has a height of 1.70m which is normal in humans and his weight is 75kg. He is a health-conscious person so he has a remarkable BMI index of 25. Manji has curly black hair with very dark brown hair and his hands and chest are hairy.

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