Greta Onieogou is a Canadian actress who is famous as The lead actress of All American. Onieogou is the daughter of a Russian and a Nigerian. At an early age, she was brought to Canada so she is missing her ancestral culture. Onieogou speaks Russian a little but she doesn’t know a single Nigerian word.

Onieogou is a talented actress born on March 14, 1991, in Saint Petersburg of Russia. Her Nationality is Canadian and her zodiac sign is Pisces. Establishing herself as an actress was a very tough job for her. However, she managed to convince her parents and family to her acting career.


All American actress Onieogou speaks English fluently and her accent is also correct. Onieogou completed her education at the local schools in her hometown.

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Onieogou in the set of All American. (source: Instagram @greta.onieogou)

Onieogou is a popular actress but despite being a popular actress she hasn’t mentioned her educational status. Despite being a very talented and famous actor she keeps her educational information private.


Onieogou’s father is a native Nigerian and her mother is a native Russian. Her father shifted to Russia for a job and fell in love with her mother. Her parents tied up finally with interracial marriage and gave birth to her.

Onieogou’s parents were seeking a better future she was brought to Canada when she was a child. After living and education in Canada, she got Canadian citizenship. There is not much information about her parents at present but will be updated soon.

Social Media

Onieogou is an active user of social sites like Instagram, youtube, etc. She has her official Instagram with more than 1 million followers. On her official youtube channel, she has more than 428k subscribers and has posted more than 70 videos so far.

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Onieogou at her friend’s party. (source: official Instagram @greta.onieogou)

Oneiogou has more than 13 k followers on her Twitter. She posts about her life and vacations and even promotes her upcoming work. Most of her posts are from her set of All-Americans with her co-actors.


Starting Career

Onieogou started her career in the movie Fever Pitch where her role was Tammy. The film was released on April 6, 2005, and was distributed by 20th-century studios. The movie was directed by Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly and the film’s box office collection was $50 million.

In 2006 Onieogou appeared in an episode of the television series Degrassi: The next generation as Syriana. After a break of 3 years, she appeared in 2009 as Sara on Victoria’s Day. In the same year, Onieogou appeared in an episode of Overruled! as Vanessa.

From 2007 to 2015 Onieogou worked in a recurring role on Heartland as Soraya Duval for more than 50 episodes. In 2016 she played the role of Aly for the television series Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters for six episodes. In the same year, she worked in the film Miss Sloane as Greta (ckw).

Middle Of Career

In 2017 she got a chance to play the role of Town Council Speaker in Schitt’s Creek for an episode. Television series are among the most successful than her movies. The series has more than 6 seasons to date and was screened originally on CBC television.

In 2017 Onieoggou played the role of Angie Wagner in the film Undercover Grandpa. The movie was directed by Eric Canuel and the lead actor was James Caan. Since 2017 Onieoggou has appeared only in the television series.

In 2017 Ransom a television series; she performed as Keri Madsen for episode regeneration. In the same year, she appeared in Murdoch Mysteries as Themis. In the same year, she also appeared in Frankie Drake Mysteries as Elsie Thompson.

From 2018 To Present

In 2018 she appeared in Workin’ Mom as a young woman and in Imposters as a front desk clerk. In the same year, she appeared in Annie with an E as Ruth. From 2018 to date she is playing the leading role in All American as Layla Keating.

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Onieogou and All American cast in a party. (source: Instagram @greta.onieogou)

The most famous and successful work till now is All American. The television series is broadcasted on The CW network and the series theme is a sport. The television series has been able to win the hearts of viewers. Michael Behling, Taye Diggs, Daniel Ezra, Samantha Logan, and Bre-Z are some of her colleagues.

Net Worth

All American star Greta Onieogou is very rare in money utilization. As a television and film actress, her Net Worth is $3 million. Onieogou’s all travel charges and living expenses are paid by the set.

Onieogou is well concerned about her outfit so she expenses her money on outfits. Onieogou also gives some small parties to her friends.

Personal Habit

All American actress Onieogou has a good body posture and shape. Onieogou maintains her body through various types of dietary and natural methods, She strictly follows her gym, yoga, and jogging to keep herself active and healthy throughout the day.

Onieogou doesn’t take any type of medicines or harmful drugs. She takes organic food and boiled food for her daily routine. She loves to enjoy holidays and visit with friends and parents.

About Co-Actor Friend Michael Behling

Some people also say that Onieogou and Michael Behling are having a secret relationship. Behling is the leading actor in All American. Behling has very attractive eyes and body posture.

Behling’s Introduction

Michael Behling‘s full name is Michael Evan Behling. Behling is most famous for his work in All American as Jordan Baker. Behling has a perfect height of 1.88m and his weight is 92kg. Behling was born on March 5, 1996, and his Zodiac sign is Pisces. Behling started his acting career in the television series Empire in the role of Handsome boy in 2017.

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Michael Behling and Greta Onieogou before a small party. (source: Instagram @Michaelb05)

Behling has gained very big fame in a short period. Behling started as a side role in 2017 and at present, he is a leading actor in the current series. From 2018 to till present he is the leading actor in the television series All American which made him famous.


In 2018 he appeared in Grey’s Anatomy in the role of Brady. In 2021 he played the role of Jackson Stone in A Cinderella Story: Starstruck. Behling is most followed by young ladies who are fans of his attractive look and flavourful acting.

Early Life

Behling is an adopted child of Mike Behling and Carol Behling from Colombus, Ohio, and was later brought to Colombus, Indiana. Matt Behling, Adam Behling, and Andrea Behling are his siblings. Behling is an animal lover and is an animal rights activist in Los Angeles.

Animal Lover

People must learn from Behling to love animals. His work for animal rights has given him big support and love from other animal lovers.

Social Media & Net Worth

Behling is very successful on his social media with a big number of followers. He has more than 1.4 million followers as of 2022 April on his Instagram(@Michael05). Behling also has a verified Twitter account which has more than 59k followers as of 2022 April. On social sites, he posts the images on his set of All Americans.

Michael Behling’s net worth is $1 million which he earns as a Television actor. Behling lives a lavish life at the same time he also donates some parts of his income. His net worth is good as a young actor. Behling donates his money to animal right fund and indifferent child home centers.

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