Richard Raaphorst’s Wiki-Bio

Richard Raaphorst was born on an unknown day. At the very least, he’s in his forties. Despite his big fan following and several honors, Richard considers himself a jogging filmmaker since acting was not his first career decision.

Richard Raaphorst is posing for the photo.
Richard Raaphorst is posing for the photo.
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Richard’s father’s and mother’s names are unknown. He has siblings as well. Richard studied at and received a bachelor’s degree with honors.

Is Richard Raaphorst dating someone?

Richard Raaphorst hides his personal life to maintain a low-key public image. His marital status, as well as the date of her wedding, is unknown.

Richard Raaphorst is posing for the photo.
Richard Raaphorst is posing for the photo.
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Everyone’s attention has been drawn to the question of his marital status. Raaphorst, on the other hand, has yet to declare his love for anybody on social media publicly.

Richard Raaphorst’s Net Worth Collection

Richard Raaphorst, a well-known director and actor, has a net worth of $400,000 as of 2022. Richard’s principal source of income is his filmmaking and acting profession.

Richard Raaphorst is walking to the set.
Richard Raaphorst is walking to the set.
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Richard’s achievements on stage and in a few American film series such as Frankenstein’s Army (2013), Who Am I? (1998), and Black Book (2001) helped him achieve fame.

Richard Raaphorst’s Frankenstein’s Army 2013

Frankenstein’s Army is a 2013 discovered footage horror film directed by Richard Raaphorst, starring Karel Roden, Joshua Sasse, and Robert Gwilym, written by Chris W. Mitchell and Miguel Tejada-Flores. The movie is set on the Eastern Front of World War II, as seen through the eyes of a Red Army unit, and is an international co-production of the United States, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands.

In the film, Soviet forces invading Germany come face to face with undead mechanical warriors made by a mad scientist who is a descendant of Victor Frankenstein. As a youngster, filmmaker Richard Raaphorst was troubled by stories of Frankenstein’s monster.

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When he started brainstorming monster movie ideas, he immediately returned to the Frankenstein mythos, which he expanded to include World War II. Raaphorst said he was fascinated by the notion of a Frankenstein army during World War II because it was crazy. Raaphorst had previously worked on Worst Case Scenario, although it is unconnected to Frankenstein’s Army.

Richard Raaphorst’s Worst Case Scenario

Richard Raaphorst, a Dutch filmmaker, directed the comic horror film Worst Case Scenario. A hypothetical 2006 FIFA World Cup Final between Germany and the Netherlands is depicted in the novel. When the German team loses, an invasion of the Nazi undead is unleashed.

A small group of pals flees the countrywide chaos to a North Sea island where a swarm of Nazi undead awaits them. The film started production in 2004, and Gorehound Inc. published a teaser and trailer two years later, in 2006.

The film’s trailer was nominated for the Golden Trailer Awards 2005 in Best Movie Trailer in a limited promo format on DVD. The project was shelved in March 2009 due to several financial issues, and Richard Raaphorst started production on Frankenstein’s Army (2013).

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