Peter Gadiot is a renowned British actor who rose to fame after playing the role of James Valdez in the popular series Queen Of The South.

Gadiot was born on January 2, 1985, in West Sussex, England UK. He was later raised in Grinstead. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. He is also involved in Modeling. Peter stands tall with a height of about 5 feet and 10 inches tall. He has a muscular body and weighs about 70 kg.

Peter Gadiot’s Relationship And Dating History

Peter Gadiot often gets to hear lots of rumors about the relationships of a celebrity which is sometimes true and sometimes not. He was rumored to date his co-starts which is not confirmed as there is no evidence.

However, He opened up about his past relationship and confirmed that he was in a relationship with a celebrity and a noncelebrity too. He hasn’t mentioned their name which is why their information is still disclosed.

Currently, there is no information about him dating anyone. He claims to be single as of now in 2022

Was He dating His Co-Star Alice Braga?

Alice Braga was Gadiot’s co-star playing the role of Teresa Mandoza in the criminal American drama series, Queen Of The South. She played the role of the love interest Gadiot. Their chemistry could be seen and it was so loved by fans that they started shipping them together.

Peter Gadiot and his co star Alice Bragga
Peter Gadiot and his co-star Alice Bragga.
Source: Instagram @petergadiot

There were a lot of rumors about them dating each other as they were close to each other in real life as well. Neither of them confirmed their relationship which is why this was a rumor only.

Peter Gadiot’s Net Worth

Gadiot has been able to gather a good sum of fortune by working as an actor. He has been very hardworking and dedicated in his work which is why he has been able to collect this sum.

Peter Gadiot has about USD 2 Million net worth including all his assets and royalties earned throughout his life. He is still working actively as an actor which is why he will be able to collect more fortune shortly.

Peter Gadiot Movies And TV Shows

Peter was introduced to the acting world by his friend after his family shifted to a new house. After learning to act at a drama center, He started his journey by participating in many stage shows which help him build his confidence. Then he made his first debut in 2013 as Cyrus who is a handsome and mysterious Genie, In ABC’s Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.

Peter Gadiot talks “Queen of the South” at ATX Television Festival 2016 I FOX 7 Austin.

He slowly started working in many series and short films after that. One of the most popular roles includes James Valdez which he played in the series Queen Of The South. He is recently working on a Netflix Series One Piece where he is playing the role of Shanks.

Now Joined NBC’s Pilot Based Drama

Gadiot is now confirmed to join NBC’s new but untitled drama which is inspired by Dutch Series Adam & Eva which is multiple times award winner. The episodes will be directed by Stephaine Laing and Mike Daniels.

Kim Matula is also set to join the pilot episode of the series as per the report of Deadline.

Early life

Gadiot was raised in a small family in Grinstead. He was always interested in acting since his childhood which is why he learned acting at a drama center in London.

Peter grew up aspiring to become a professional footballer. He had an attitude problem and was considered a bad influence on others. Later, he left football and developed an interest in chemistry. His interest again shifted to politics and once thought of becoming a politician.

Picture of Peter Gadiot giving a pose wearing a black shirt.
Peter Gadiot portrait picture source Instagram: @petergadiot

Netflix adaption One Piece Shanks’s actor Gadiot used to actively participate in different social works and campaigns as was inspired by his mother. His mother used to work against Human trafficking and many other social works which influenced him a lot.

Family Background – Parents & Siblings

Peter was born to a Dutch father and a Mexican mother and he is fluent in both English and Spanish. His father’s name is Jules Maria Johannes Ignatius Gadiot, and his mother’s name is Aurora Gabriela Nava Gadiot.

There is not much information about his parents, where they live, or what they used to do. But he had revealed in his Instagram story that his mother was involved in many social activities. Gadiot is the youngest of three siblings. He has an elder brother who works as a pilot and also has a sister.

Is Gadiot Involved In Social Work?

Gadiot was involved in different kinds of social activities from an early age as his mother has been part of many charity works around the globe. He keeps educating people about human trafficking and he also takes part in many campaigns.

He is also very conscious of the environment and global warming. He keeps spreading awareness about different climatic conditions. He also spreads awareness about plastic pollution. He believes in sustainable living.

He is also conscious of mental health and he keeps spreading awareness to people regarding this matter. He posts various things related to this matter and tries to reach out to as many people as he can through his social media accounts.

Peter Gadiot Calls Himself pescatarian Not Vegan

Peter Gadiot does not like to call himself Vegan but he calls himself pescatarian. He avoids meat because of animal cruelty. He also shares awareness about how cruel people are towards animals. However, he does not disrespect anyone’s opinion towards it.

He does not like to associate with it and is very concerned about how his food gets on his plate. He has great compassion for animals and tries to protect them as much as he can.

Interests and Hobbies

Apart from acting, He is very adventurous and likes to travel around the world. He usually goes out on a trip if he gets time. He loves to explore new places, cultures, and food. We can see him posting a lot about the places he has traveled and he also shares his experiences.

Picture of Peter Gadiot wearing a grey T-shirt with river and trees in the background
Peter Gadiot picture while traveling picture source Instagram: @petergadiot

He is also interested in art we can see him posting about art, pictures, and painting on his social media. He loves and appreciates the artwork done by others too.

How Active Is He On His Social Media?

Gadiot seems pretty active on his social media accounts. He is active on both Instagram and Facebook accounts. He has quite good engagement in both of his social media accounts. He has about 590K followers on his Instagram account and more than 19k followers on his Facebook account.

He mostly posts about his co-stars and travel experiences. We can see lots of pictures of him traveling and exploring the world. He also uses his social media to aware people of different social problems still prevailing in our community.

for more information and update about him, you can follow him on his social media accounts. His Instagram account’s name is @petergadiot and his Facebook account’s name is Peter Gadiot.

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