Austen Tayshus’ Early life

Austen Tayshus’ birth name is Sandy Gutman. He was born in New York to Polish Jewish parents and relocated to Sydney. He is the son of a Holocaust survivor from the Hasidic faith. Gutman was raised in an Orthodox Jewish household.

Austen Tayshus' birth name is Sandy Gutman.
Austen Tayshus’ birth name is Sandy Gutman.
Image Source: Austen Tayshus’s Instagram

Austen (b. March 17, 1954) won the International Bible Contest for Jewish Youth in Australia when he was 15 and then advanced to the finals in Israel, where he placed in the top ten. Later, he spent several months in Jerusalem at a yeshiva. During the Yom Kippur War, Gutman returned to Israel as a volunteer. From 1966 until 1971, Gutman attended Vaucluse Boys’ High School.

In 1972, Austen was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to Sydney University, where he started his studies in dentistry. After two years, he dropped out of dentistry and switched to an arts degree, then to a film directing study at The Australian Film and Television School, where he graduated as a film director in 1978.

Tayshus wrote and directed three short comedies during film school: Eric and Alice in 1975, Waves in 1976, and The End in 1977. He served as an assistant cameraman in ABC Television’s Cinecamera department after graduating from the AFTRS. In addition, he worked as a camera assistant and cinematographer on video clips for Australian bands such as Cold Chisel, The Angels, and Mental as Anything from 1979 to 1980.

Who is Austen Tayshus’ Wife?

Austen Tayshus was dating Emma Jane before they decided to take their relationship to the next level and marry. The pair tied the knot; however, they could not continue their connection indefinitely.

Austen Tayshus's daughters are posing for the photo.
Austen Tayshus’s daughters.
Image Source: Austen Tayshus’s Instagram

The pair began to have serious troubles in their relationship, which eventually dissolved. In 2005, the couple divorced. He has two daughters. His family would have been great if he and his wife hadn’t parted ways. Like Austen, Nazeem Hussain and his wife, Shaheeda Abdulla, legally ended their marriage.

Austen Tayshus’ Net Worth Collection

In America, a comedian may make a good living. Their starting income is $34,000, and they may earn up to $55,000. The comedy writer gets considerably more, with a maximum pay of $90,000 and a minimum of $22,000.

Based on a comedian’s compensation, Austen Tayshus’ net worth should at least be $3 million. This, however, has yet to be verified. Similarly, Zayn Malik’s mother, Trisha Malik, is also a millionaire.

Austen Tayshus is 68-year-old.
Austen Tayshus is 68-year-old.
Image Source: Austen Tayshus’s Instagram

Austen starred in the drama and independent film Holy Smoke! The film grossed $1.7 million at the box office. He enjoys unwinding at the beach. He captioned Last Days of Summer Heat 2019 on his Instagram account. He also enjoys delicacies. On his Instagram account, he posted this photo of a delicacy.

Austen Tayshus’ Career Highlights – Australiana & Phantom Shuffle

Austen Tayshus started his stand-up comedy career at Sydney’s Comedy Store in January 1981. Austen Tayshus is an aptronym derived from ostentatious. His comic track Australiana, released in 1983, was his first break into the public eye.

It’s a spoken word work with several puns on Australian terminology, particularly location and animal names. Australiana is the best-selling Australian single of all time and has been passed down generations. In 1983, it spent 13 weeks at the top of the charts.

Austen Tayshus is famous for his comic track Australiana.
Austen Tayshus is famous for his comic track Australiana.
Image Source: Austen Tayshus’s Instagram

Tayshus’ breakthrough song Phantom Shuffle reached number 16 on the Aria Charts in 1984, followed by his debut album When the Ticklers Stopped Quivering, which also reached the top 100 in Australia.
Subsequently, he sold out the Sydney Entertainment Centre in 1984 with the help of local comedians.

Austen Tayshus’ Released Song

Austen Tayshus released the song Highway Corroboree in February 1988, which reached number 46 on the Australian charts. It was taken from the Whispering Joke album. In 1988, he performed the single life on Channel Nine’s Sunday Program, specifically for Australia’s bicentennial celebration.

Austen’s divisive speech sided with the Aboriginals and harshly criticized the early European immigrants.
Tayshus visited Australia with other well-known comedians in the late 1980s. He often exposed his audiences to new comedians who were young and talented.

Tayshus moved to Los Angeles in 1990 to seek a career in film. Sliver, directed by buddy and fellow film school alumni Phillip Noyce, included him in a minor appearance. Tayshus worked at comedy clubs in Los Angeles and New York at night. In 1993, he was represented by Irvin Arthur and Associates in Los Angeles for stand-up comedy and by Metropolitan for film work. He tried out for Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Cleared, and Present Danger.

Austen’s time in Los Angeles resulted in a collaboration on Dream Factory, a low-budget feature film he co-wrote with director Pascal Franchot and starred in. The film was a tragi-comedy about Austen’s last days in LA when she attempted to break into the entertainment industry. Naomi Watts, Billy Zane, and Nehemiah Persoff were cast members.

When Tayshus returned to Australia in 1997, he created and appeared in Intolerance’s short film. The film won Best Film at Tropfest in 1998, and Tayshus took home Best Actor. Laura Feinstein, a fake feminist filmmaker, had submitted the picture in a competition. When the film won, Tropfest’s executive director, John Polson, stated that a woman had won the top award for the first time.

It caused a lot of controversies when the director, Paul Fenech, rushed up to receive the prize, surprising everyone by stating there was no Laura Feinstein. Working on Jane Campion‘s Holy Smoke!, Emma-Kate Croghan‘s Strange Planet, and Baz Luhrmann‘s Moulin Rouge! This directly resulted from her Tropfest award.

Austen Tayshus’ Political Career

Austen Tayshus has worked in politics as well. He ran in the Division of Warringah for the Australian House of Representatives. He ran for President in the federal election. He used to be a member of the Australian Sex Party.

Austen ran against Tony Abbott, who was then the leader of the Liberal Party. This occurred in the year 2010. He again ran in the 2011 state election in New South Wales for the Outdoor Recreation Party. He was up against Barry O’Farrell, the leader of the opposition.

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