The Early Life Of Noelle Nikpour

Noelle Nikpour is an American Republican consultant and analyst best known for her work with political campaigns. On November 4, 1964, she was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. As of 2022, her age is 57, and she stands at the height of 5ft 4incehes. Also, there is no such detailed information about her parents. But, her mother is from the United States, and her father is from Iran. As a result, her ethnic background is mixed.

Noelle Nikpour was born on November 4, 1964,
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In terms of her childhood, Nikpour has a strong interest in reading and writing at a young age. Later, during her high school and college years, she participated in numerous extracurricular activities such as giving a presentation, taking oral exams, and others. Later, she chose to pursue a career in politics after her graduation.

Relationship History of Noelle Nikpour

Noelle Nikpour prefers to keep her personal life private, mainly her dating and relationship life. As a result, she is not known to have been married at any point in her life. Also, she rarely appears in public or speaks to the media about her personal life.

Noelle seems to be most probably a single woman.
Noelle Nikpour with Donald Trump Image Source: Twitter

Currently, Noelle seems to be most probably a single woman. She is looking for a one-of-a-kind someone who will treat her like a princess. Nikpour has kept her married life, affair, lover, and spouse private. She seems to be focused on her career and does not have time for romantic relationships. It’s unknown if she’s married or divorced.

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Previously, there was a rumor that Nikpour had been involved in a relationship with one of her friends, Jesple Blanc. But, she never said anything about Blanc in public, but he was frequently mentioned on her Twitter. Despite these claims, the couple responded that they were more than simply good friends.

Net Worth of Noelle Nikpour

As of 2022, Noelle Nikpour has a total estimated net worth of over $1 million due to her successful career in politics and journalism. She’s been doing it for over a year and has come a long way since the beginning. Also, she is an author; as a result, she is earning a good living from her book. 

 Noelle Nikpour has written many books.
Noelle Nikpour has an estimated net worth of $1 million Image Source: Ballotpedia

As of now, Noelle Nikpour has written many books. Her first book, Branding America: What Does Your, was published in August 2012. A part of the book is also about her struggle to become a television commentator who realizes that everyone has their brand.

In the general election, Noelle Nikpour began her political career as a Republican candidate running for the 18th Congressional District of Florida but failed to win a Republican primary nomination.

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Besides that, in 2012, Noelle Nikpour appeared in Geraldo Rivera Reports, a crime news documentary on television. Later, in 2013, she appeared on The Daily Show’s comic news talk show. In 2014, Nikpour appeared as a Republican fundraiser on the talk show Imus in the Morning. She has emerged as a panelist on numerous TV shows, including Fox and Friends, Hannity, etc.

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