If you follow all the news of John Malkovich, then you must be familiar with the name Nicoletta Peyran. The Emmy winning actor and his partner have been together for more than three decades and share two children named Amandine Malkovich and Loewy Malkovich. Their relationship has always been discussed a lot since they’ve been together for so long but still are yet to tie the knot. Here in the read, we have all sorts of answers to your queries, all from her net worth, bio to her love life. 

Who Is Nicoletta Peyran?

John Malkovich’s beau Nicoletta Peyran used to be an assistant director and actress back before she met her to be life partner, John Malkovich. She graduated from Peking University back in 1970 and focused on making a career in acting in her latter days.

Nicoletta Peyran and her partner John Malkovich.
Nicoletta Peyran and her partner John Malkovich have been together for three decades.
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Though the actress doesn’t have many credited works, she can be seen in a couple of movies like The Last Emperor, The Sheltering Sky, and Not For love. Did you know that Nicoletta is famously known for starring in the film Not for Love and performing the first on-screen kiss shown in mainland China?

During those times, she also tried her hand at directing a couple of movies to enrich her skills. However, after her association with the 67-year-old actor John there hasn’t been much news of her works in the media.

Nicoletta Peyran and John Malkovich Relationship

Since both Nicoletta Peyran and John Malkovich are involved in the field of acting, it’s only plausible that they met each other on the sets of a movie. The said couple first laid eyes on each other at the sets of The Sheltering Sky, where his to be partner was working as the second assistant director.

Nicoletta Peyran share two kids
Nicoletta Peyran share two kids. Photo Source: Information Craddle

The pair started dating ever since 1989, which was right after Malkovich divorced his first wife, Glenne Headley. He had been together with his first wife for a total of six years before they separated due to infidelity issues, where John had an affair with American actress Michelle Pfeiffer. 

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In an interview, the Places in Heart actor mentioned that he’d been married before and didn’t like it, so he has no desire to go through the process again. Adding on, he also said that official marriage doesn’t mean that relations will last for a long time. It is also why the couple is happily celebrating 30-years of togetherness without any relationship tag. Together they share two kids, Amandine, born in 1990, and Lowey, born in 1992.

What Is The Net Worth Collection of Nicoletta Peyran?

Speaking of Nicoletta Peyran’s net worth collection, she is yet to make an official statement about her bank balance as of now. However, we do know all the details about the father of her kids. According to Celebrity Net Worth, John is worth a staggering $25 million as of 2021.

Nicoletta Peyran husband is worth $25 million
Nicoletta Peyran husband is worth $25 million . Photo Source: Pinterest

The actor’s made his handsome bank balance from his works as an actor, producer, director, and writer. He also co-owns a restaurant named Bica do Sapato and a nightclub called Lux in Lisbon, Portugal.

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