Nicole Bronish aka Nicole Tepper is the wife of American business magnate David Tepper, as well as a philanthropist. She came to the limelight due to his businessman husband. Nicole Tepper and David Tepper have been married for more than two years and appear to be having a great life together. They continue to travel together and enjoy a rather affluent life as their firm has developed throughout the United States.

There isn’t much information about Nicole’s personal and professional life accessible, but David must be her first marriage. Similarly, she has been discovered to be involved in charity, as she and her spouse have been donating funds to the needy and resourceless. Let’s know about her personal life.

How Old is Nicole Bronish? Know About Her Married Life

Nicole Bronish Tepper’s age has remained a mystery on the internet since we have yet to learn how old David Tepper’s wife is. She appears to be in her mid-50s, although this is only an estimate; she may be younger or older.

Nicole Bronish is a married woman.
Nicole Bronish is married to David Tepper.
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Furthermore, Nicole is also married to David, a businessman and investor who has been married twice in his life, and Nicole is his second wife. David was married to Marlene Resnick for more than 28 years before they divorced in 2014.

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Nicole and David had been dating for a few years before getting married in 2019 and pledging to spend the rest of their lives together. In addition, they have yet to experience parental bliss as a couple, although David is the father of three children from a previous marriage.

Nicole Bronish’s Lifestyle and Earnings

According to her business associates, Nicole Tepper’s net worth is now estimated to be approximately $400,000; however, this is based on conjecture.

On the other side, Tepper is a billionaire hedge fund manager and the owner of the Carolina Panthers, an NFL team. He founded Appaloosa Management, an investment adviser with $17 billion in assets. With a staggering net worth of $20.6 billion as of 2024, he’s one of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

Meanwhile, Nicole’s husband is recognized for his philanthropy, including a $67 million donation to Carnegie Mellon University. He supports animal rights and vegetarianism.

Nicole Bronish is living a lavish lifestyle.
Nicole Bronish’s husband is a billionaire.
Photo Source: Ans Wer

We may assume Nicole has a stake in her husband’s assets, the proceeds of which must be her primary source of income. They chose to live in a modest household, which they characterized as an upper-middle-class family while belonging to a highly rich town. As of now, the lovely couple is living a luxurious lifestyle.

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