American professional golfer Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods was involved in a terrifying one-car accident, and new details on that incident emerged.

On Tuesday, February 23, pro golfer Tiger Woods was involved in a terrifying one-car accident. After the mishap, he was rushed to the hospital.

CBS reported that the L.A. Sheriff’s office initially labeled the crash “purely accidental.” However, later on, it came forward that “The sheriff spoke about the information known at that time and said it appeared to be a traffic accident.”

Talking about Woods, he’s out of danger; however, unaware of what happened during the crash. As Pop Culture mentioned, the 45-year-old golf champion has no memory of his recent accident. According to an affidavit, Woods “said he did not know and did not even remember driving.”

Still now, Woods finds it hard to recall any details linked with his recent car accident, and Wood’s doctor believes he has a long and extensive recovery ahead of him due to his injuries in the crash.

While Woods is taking his time to recover from the mishap, police officers are working on the case to find out what happened. During this investigation, a new update came in front. It’s reported that L.A. County Sheriff got a search warrant for the black box in the golfer’s SUV.

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Sources claim that the warrant was approved as there might be a possible crime active in this accident. Furthermore, it’s estimated that Woods could potentially face a criminal charge as the warrant is speculated to be for “misdemeanor reckless driving.” However, it’s mentioned by sources that the words “reckless driving” do not appear in the warrant.

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