Morgan O’ Kane is an American singer and songwriter popularly known as the ex-husband of famous American singer Domino Kirke.

He is an old-school musician whose specialty is playing banjo really well. His most famous albums are They call the wind and Nine Lives.

Early Life And Education

O’ Kane was born in Virginia, the USA. He is a singer and songwriter who wasn’t much in the spotlight before dating Kirke. So his exact date of birth is a mystery and has been kept private for some personal reasons. Kane grew up in Virginia where he spent his childhood and early years. Also, his parent’s information is also unknown as the singer has never disclosed about them so far in his career.

Kane completed his education there although the details regarding the schools and university he went to are unknown to the general public. But we do know that he is an educated person who has been a great old-school music lover.


The old-school musician O’Kane is a talented singer and songwriter who has been in the music industry for a long time now. He has been an old-school music boy who has been trying to relive old-school music throughout his career. He is a singer who mostly likes to perform on the streets and at events but also has a professional musical carer too.

Kane is a great banjo player who has mastered it in his career. From his early days, he was interested in the banjo. In his professional career, he has made songs or currently makes songs under two labels named Dollartone and MORGAN O’KANE. In his career so far he has released three albums titled The One They Call the Wind, Pendulum, and Nine Lives in which his most famous songs are Taker’s Creed, Hold Your Fires, and others. Most of his songs are available on his official youtube channel and other various platforms.

Relationship Timeline of O’Kane?

Previously, he was married to American Singer and Songwriter Domino Kirke. They both met up with each other in the year 2007 when Domino and O’Kane decided to do a music project together.

After that started meeting each other casually more often and there sparked a connection between them after some time they started dating and after a couple of months of dating, they decided to exchange vows however exact date of their marriage isn’t clear.

Riley was born in the year 2009 after their parents got married and he is the only child of his parents. They stayed together until 2012 when they decided to go their separate ways, Riley was just three years of age at that time. The reason behind the divorce hasn’t been revealed yet but many believed that it was Domino who wanted the divorce however it is not confirmed.

Morgan O' Kane with his son enjoying outdoor sports.
Morgan O’ Kane with his son enjoying outdoor sports. Source: Instagram@morganokane.

O’Kane currently is living a private life far from the public eyes. He has been a secretive guy who doesn’t like much attention to himself. He isn’t seen with anyone suspicious so far in his day-to-day life from what he shares on his social media. So he probably currently is single and isn’t dating anyone.

Who is O’Kane Ex-Wife Domino Kirke?

Domino Suzy Kirke is an English-American Singer and mother of Cassius Riley. Kirk was born in the year 1983 on the date of 17th December. She was born in England and is of Jewish heritage. She was trained musically by her father which turned out to be a huge thing in her career.

Her musical career began when she was of seventeen years of age, she was signing in a local pub and got noticed by Andres Levin who is a music producer, and signed her to sing under his label Fun Machine. After that, she joined Jordan Galland and they both formed a band named Domino and then started recording songs. their first album was EP and after that, they started touring various different parts of the country with other bands and stars like Gang of Four, Lily Allen, and others.

After getting divorced from Cassius’ father O’ Kane, Kirke began dating American actor Penn Badgley and later married him and has a son with him.

Net Worth Of Morgan O’Kane

Morgan O’Kane has been an incredibly talented singer that has been around in the entertainment industry for a long time now. He has made himself a good amount of money so far in his career.

According to various multiple online reliable sources, it is believed that his estimated net worth is around $5 million. His singing career has been his primary source of income.

Life Style And Hobbies

Hold Your Fire Singer O’kane lives a lavish and luxurious private life. He spends most of his time with his close knits only and sometimes is seen enjoying with his son in various adventures.

He is an adventurous person who likes to have an outdoor fun-loving person who spends his spare time engaging himself in adventurous sports like Rock Climbing, going hiking, and hunting. He also likes to travel a lot and has traveled to different parts of the country.

Social Media Presence

Taker’s Creed singer is active on different social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. He is active on Twitter with the username @MorganOKane and has an unverified profile with 650 followers however the account hasn’t been active since 2016.

He is active on Instagram with the username @morganokane and also has an unverified profile with 4.3k followers as of June 2022.

Physical Appearance

O’Kane is a handsome-looking person who has an athletic body and a good height although the details regarding his height and weight haven’t been shared publically.

He has an athletic body and has maintained himself fit probably a lot of outdoor sports have been the key to keeping himself fit. His actual body measurement isn’t available for us to see through. He has a unique green-colored eye and brown-colored hair.

Rumors about Morgan O’Kane

Morgan O’Kane is a private person who has been living a quiet and simple life since his divorce from Kirke. He has zero to no media presence and rarely does any news bout him pop up.

So there have been no rumors about him that are going on currently that have caught media attention so far in his career.


A private loving person who doesn’t like to get much involved O’Kane has been far from a controversial person. he doesn’t take interest in this kind of unnecessary hurdles.

That’s why there have been no controversies involving his name so far in his career.

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