Gerry Bednob is a Trinidadian & Tobagonian actor and comedian who is popular for featuring as Bling Bling Shelton in the Canadian series Free Radio.

Bednob has also done a handful number of stand-up comedy in his career and is also referred to as guru of the comedy as his nickname given by fans and his close circle of friends.

Early Life And Education

Bednob was born on the date 18th of May in the year 1950 and his zodiac sign is Taurus. He was born in Port of Spain located in Trinidad and Tobago and thus holds the nationality. He is of Bengali Indo-Trinidadian ethnicity as his grandfather was from East Bengal at that time which is current day Bangladesh. The information regarding his parents and other family members isn’t made public at the time of writing this article.

From a young age, he was interested in making people laugh and usually used to do some comedy performances here and there. Before being an actor and comedian he used to work as a high school counselor.

In terms of education, he is a well-educated person who has completed his education up to a bachelor’s degree. Information regarding his school and high school isn’t disclosed at the time of writing this article. However, it is known that he has completed his bachelor’s degree in Sociology from The University of Toronto located in Toronto, Canada.


Gerry made his acting debut when he made a small appearance in the Comedy anthology series George Burns Comedy Week in the year 1985. He was a late-comer who burst into Hollywood but didn’t fail to make his own mark in the industry. After debuting for a long time he was playing minor roles in Tv series like Encino Field, Seinfield, and others. He had his first major breakthrough when in the year 1992, he was offered to play in Encino Man titled American Comedy movie.

gerry ghjkl9 1 min
Gerry Bednob during the shooting. Source: @Wall Of Celebrities.

From there on he regularly started getting offers to play in different movies and series whether as a lead role or as a supporting character. He played the role of Mr. Burundi From the year 2001 to 2002 in the American sitcom Undeclared. The most notable performances in his career after that were in Free Radio where he was from 2008 to 2009 Bling Bling Shelton, Wilfred from 2011 to 2013 as Mr. Patel, and Playing House from 2014 to 2017 as Mr. Nanjiani. All of these roles were of supporting character.

He also performs stand-up comedy for various online channels active on Youtube. Likewise, he is also invited to perform in various functions and shows.

What’s the Net worth of Gerry Bednob?

Gerry Bednob has been in the entertainment industry for quite a long time and has featured in movies and shows here and there throughout his career. This has definitely made him some decent amount of money for himself.

According to various multiple reliable online sources, it is believed that his estimated net worth is around $1.5 million with his acting career being his primary source of income and standups and other sponsorship being his secondary source.

Social Media Presence

Bling Shelton from Free Radio is an old-school person who doesn’t necessarily like hanging out on Social Media platforms. he has maintained his distance from these and there is no medium for his fans to connect to him via social media platforms.

Currently, there are no social sites that he is active on to keep updated about his personal life and it is difficult to know about him due to the unavailability of his social media account.

Physical Appearance

Bednob is a decent-looking person who has kept himself fit and healthy despite his age. He has a good height with his height being 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm. He is of decent weight as well with his body weight being 70 kgs.

He has managed to keep healthy and fit despite being seventy-two years of age, although his exact body measurement isn’t known at the time of writing the article, he has maintained himself well. He has a white color beard and hair which is due to the age factor and has black-colored eyes.

Relationship Status

Grey Bednob doesn’t use any kind of social media platform and it is thus hard to track the development of his personal life he rarely comes out in front of the media and interacts. For a fact, we know that Bednob hasn’t been married in his lifetime.

Besides that, it is currently speculated that the 72-year-old is currently single and isn’t in any kind of relationship with anyone at the time of writing the article.


Bednob has been a private person who just minds his own work. He has managed to keep his personal life farm from his professional life. He hasn’t created a buzz in the media for a long time.

There are no rumors regarding him that are going on currently which has caught the attention of media and people. Also, he is seventy-two years of age and currently want’s to stay away from non-stop limelight or attention for the betterment of his health.


Bednob has been a generous guy who lights up or makes others feel good about themself when he is around. He has never spoken about the topics which might have had him in trouble.

There have been no controversies surrounding him nor have there been any controversies where his name has popped up so far in his career at the time of writing this article.

Some Facts About Gerry Bednob

  • He is referred to as the Guru Of Comedy by his fans and close friend circle for his outstanding comic timing.
  • Bednob’s grandfather was from East Bengal during the British raj of the Indian Sub-continent which is modern-day Bangladesh.
  • Gerry has been in the entertainment industry for more than thirty years and has provided some of the greatest comedy performances in his career.

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