Call it an advantage or disadvantage, but whenever someone is connected to a celebrity in the showbiz world, there is a high chance you get dragged into it. Montia Sabbag is someone who belongs to the category as well as she identified herself in an alleged sex tape with renowned standup comedian cum actor Kevin Hart. The television star, who is blissfully married to Kenzo Kash, caught himself in an extra-marital affair with Montia in 2017, which later led to further consequences. So, today we bring you close to Montia Sabbag, her net worth, and more insight into the sex tape issue.

Who is Montia Sabbag?

Montia Sabbag is the former sex partner of comedian Kevin Hart. The diva herself cleared the rumors when she spoke about her relationship with the ‘Undeclared’ actor lasted briefly for almost a month. Although she was in a relationship with the actor, who was still married to his wife Kenzo Kash, they were unable to keep their affair under the radar.

Montia Sabbag in white (right) and Kevin Hart in left.
Montia Sabbag claimed how she isn’t a extortionist in an interview. Source: Oxygen

While their sexual affair looked totally mutual, things that followed were uncalled for which led to widespread consequences. According to reports, Hart and his mate, Jonathan ‘JT’ Jackson went ugly and decided to tape the sex they had in a room at Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan hotel. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time when JT was involved in such charges as police arrested him twice on counts of extortion in May 2018.

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It was following the shocking incident that brought Montia Sabbag into the limelight. Media houses loomed around her considering how big a star Kevin Hart is, which made their story quite a big one. For someone like Hart, it was extremely low to cheat on his wife and record having sex with Sabbag.

Montia Sabbag Sued Kevin Hart for $60 Million

Montia Sabbag is someone who rose to fame after the 2017‘s sex tape incident. In fact, Kevin Hart revealed how he was being extorted for money by someone who threatened to leak the four-minute sex video. Further investigations led to the conclusion that it was Jonathan Todd Jackson, who was responsible for the whole thing, and he set up the cameras.

Montia Sabbag in right and Kevin Hart in left.
Montia Sabbag and Kevin Hart engaged in a sexual affair at Las Vegas in 2017. Source: Dailymail

Just a few months after the issue, Sabbag went public and hired a reputed and expensive lawyer Lisa Bloom to fight her case. Interestingly, the advocate is someone who represented several celebrities in the past, including BlacChyna, Kathy Griffin, and Mischa Barton. Following their affair, Montia became a regular victim of false and vicious character attacks. Her lawyer confirmed their romance and told how it was a crime to secretly put a camera in a private place like a hotel room. Furthermore, Montia Sabbag made things clear on how she isn’t an extortionist and how she doesn’t require any money.

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Montia Sabbag did play a big move in the case when she sued the actor Kevin Hart for $60 million in September 2019. From her point of view, Hart knew of the cameras being set in the room by Todd Jackson but didn’t care enough to voice out against it; instead, he used it for publicity to promote his ‘Irresponsible Tour’ standup show. In September 2018. JT pleaded not guilty in the court. Similarly, the $60 million worth lawsuit was filed in damages with an invasion of privacy, emotional distress, and negligence. Furthermore, she demanded a trial by jury as well.

Montia Sabbag’s Net Worth Details

It is no surprise that Montia Sabbag rose to fame after the sexual affair with Kevin Hart. Getting into her professional career, she is a model cum actress, who was just getting started in her journey. Thanks to a burgeoning career, she amassed a staggering net worth of $100,000 as of 2020.

Montia Sabbag in left poses with her friend.
Montia Sabbag amasses a staggering net worth of $100,000 as of 2020. Source: Black America Web

Sabbag showed no mercy when she filed a lawsuit worth $60 million against Kevin Hart. While the court is yet to decide on the matter, just imagine the scenes on how Montia Sabbag’s net worth would look like if she won the case, which has a fair share of probability. The charming model wouldn’t even have to work for the rest of her life if she won the case.

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