The sole aim of journalism should be service, and Mike Arsenault is someone who completely dedicates himself to the belief. Despite all the challenges and struggles with the task considering the pressure and responsibility, he makes the task look like a cakewalk. His introduction would be incomplete without mentioning that he is a digital broadcast journalist for Global News. Furthermore, he also serves as the host of Morning Show for the network. Today, we take you close to the personal life, net worth, and career of Mike Arsenault.

Mike Arsenault’s Whopping Net Worth

Getting into the financial details of Mike Arsenault, the Global News journalist has nothing to worry about considering his vast experience. Specifically, he gathers a whopping net worth of $500,000 as of July 2020.

Mike Arsenault in a black suit poses for a picture.
Mike Arsenault is a digital broadcast journalist and a morning show host. Source: Twitter

With such a large bank balance, Mike Arsenault enjoys a lavish lifestyle around all sorts of modern-day amenities. Similarly, with the age factor in his favor, the day isn’t far when Mike’s net worth will grow to the $1 million mark. As per estimates, he earns around $46,790 per year, which is the average salary of a reporter at Global News.

Mike Arsenault’s Journalism Career In Brief

As the digital broadcast journalist and morning show host of Global News, he brings a lot of enthusiasm for the network. Initially, he started his career as a weekly columnist for a local newspaper. Similarly, he also worked as a freelance reporter and photographer for Metro News London.

Mike Arsenault in a grey t-shirt poses for a picture.
Mike Arsenault is also a sideline reporter for CrossFit. Source: Global News

Arsenault’s career took a surge into television in 2013, when he took the role of a camera presenter and field reporter with The Weather Network. Furthermore, he also presented weather forecasts on CBC News Network, CBC Toronto, and CBC’s The National. Later, he joined Global News in 2015, producing and hosting several series like ‘What’s Your Fitness Age,’ ‘The Culture of Fitness’, and ‘Fitness Served Cold and Top Dog.’

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In recent times, he produces original content for Global News Weekend and the Global News affiliate network. According to his website, he is also a sideline reporter for Crossfit and reported for Reebok Crossfit Came, CBS and CBS Sports Network in the past.

Mike Arsenault’s Personal Life

While Mike Arsenault might be vocal about her professional endeavors, he remains quite secretive about her personal life. Thus, there is no clue whether he is single, married, or dating anyone. Getting into the personal life of the athlete, he used to play varsity baseball for five years at Queen’s University and Durham College.

Mike Arsenault in a black suit poses for a picture with his girlfriend.
Mike Arsenault loves playing baseball and tennis. Source: Twitter

Arsenault completed his education from Durham College and Queen’s University, where he acquired his degree in economics and history honors. Whenever he is free from work, Arsenault spends time in the tennis court playing the sport. Apart from tennis, he is also talented in baseball but stopped playing due to his career pursuits. In addition to writing, he published his first move; 60’6″: Balls, Strikes, and Baseball Mortality.

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