Makenzie Vega is a professional American actress and model. Makenzie Jade Vega Norfolk, better known as Makenzie Vega, was born on February 10, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Makenzie Vega is posing for the photo.
Makenzie Vega is an American actress and model.
Image Source: Makenzie’s Instagram@makenzievega

Likewise, Vega has six siblings: Alexa Vega, Krizia Vega, Greylin James, Margaux Vega, Jet James, and Cruz Hudson Rue. Her sister Alexa and cousin Krizia are also actresses.

Makenzie Vega's old photo with her sister.
Makenzie Vega’s old photo with her sister.
Image Source: Makenzie’s Instagram@makenzievega

Blair Norfolk is a well-known model who was born in Australia on September 14, 1985. The fashion model is well-known for having worked with some of the industry’s biggest names, including Calvin Klein, Georgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren.

Makenzie Vega & Blair Norfolk Happily Married

The 29-year-old Makenzie and her spouse Blair Norfolk are having a great time together and are relishing every moment of their married life. They dated for a few years before making things serious between them.

The Good Wife actress Makenzie tied the knot with her longtime partner, Norfolk, on February 4, 2017. They had a private wedding ceremony attended only by close family and friends.

Makenzie Vega with Blair Norfolk and kid.
Makenzie Vega with Blair Norfolk and kid.
Image Source: Makenzie’s Instagram@makenzievega

Likewise, the couple welcomed a child, Marlo Vega, but she had not specified when her child was born. Makenzie Vega shares her son’s photos on Instagram. Also, she appears to be content to spend her life with her family, as there are no signs of them growing apart.

Makenzie Vega’s Husband – Blair Norfolk

Makenzie’s husband, Blair Norfolk was born on the 14th of September, 1985. He is a native of Australia. Besides professional life, Blair does not like to speak about himself and thus most of his personal information is not available.

Blair Norfolk, husband of Makenzie Vega.
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Norfolk is a model who has worked with different famous brands like Calvin Klein, Georgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren. He has not disclosed his previous love life.

Makenzie Vega’s Movies & TV Shows

The stunning actress Makenzie has showcased her acting talent in various movies and TV shows. As a child actor, she appeared in “Sin City” (2005) as Nancy Callahan and had a role in “X-Men: The Last Stand” (2006) as a Prison Child. See another TV personality Grant Goodeve.

One of her notable TV roles includes portraying Grace Florrick in the series “The Good Wife” (2009-2016), where she played the daughter of the main character. Additionally, she has appeared in TV movies like “The Assault” (2014) and “The Tomorrow Man” (2014) in roles such as Lizzie De La Rosa and Mandy, respectively.

In addition, the media star has appeared in Exploited and will be appearing in Growing up Gorman.

Makenzie Vega’s Previous Dated Logan Henderson

Makenzie Vega previously dated actor and singer Logan Henderson. She met Logan Henderson in 2013. They started dating in 2014; Makenzie Vega and Logan Henderson travel most of the place together and share lovely moments together. But in 2016, they broke up, and the reason for the break up is still unknown.

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Makenzie Vega and Logan Henderson.
Makenzie Vega and Logan Henderson.
Image Source: Charley Gallay

Logan Henderson is an American actor and singer who rose to prominence with Nickelodeon’s kid series Big Time Rush and his stint as a singer for the band named after the show. Logan Phillip Henderson was born in Texas on September 14, 1989, to Lebanese-American parents Jeffrey Lynn Henderson and Pamela Ann Wright.

Who is Logan Henderson’s Girlfriend?

It has been possible for Logan Henderson to protect his privacy and keep his life hidden from the eyes of the public. The charming actor has many fans and followers worldwide, and every one of them is interested in learning about the relationship he has with his significant other.

Logan Henderson with his girlfriend.
Logan Henderson with his girlfriend Jazzy ML.
Image Source: Logan’s Instagram@loganhenderson

Since 2019, the actor has been romantically involved with a person named Jazzy ML, who is also known as Jasmin. On their Instagram account, the couple uploaded several different photos of themselves to choose from. As a couple, the two of them are having a fantastic time together, and they are making exciting plans for the future of their lives together.

Makenzie Vega’s Sister, Alexa Pena Vega, Married Twice

Makenzie Vega’s sister Alexa Pena Vega has married twice. Alexa is also a notable American actress and singer. Alexa married Sean Covel for the first time on October 10, 2010. In their native South Dakota, they held a magnificent wedding.

Alexa Pena Vega with her husband and children.
Alexa Pena Vega with her husband and children.
Image Source: Alexa Pena Vega’s Instagram @vegaalexa

This relationship was short-lived as it dissolved in July 2012. Alexa shared the information on Twitter. After her initial heartbreak, Alexa stayed unattached until she met Carlos PenaVega.

The following day, on January 4, 2014, they exchanged their wedding vows. Alexa has welcomed two sons from this relationship. They named their baby boys Ocean King PenaVega and Kingston James PenaVega, born in 2016 and 2019, respectively.

Besides two sons, Makenzie’s sister, Alexa, and her better half recently expanded their family with a daughter. Yes, they welcomed a little angel into their life. The duo named her Rio Rey PenaVega. Their baby girl has her own Instagram account; obviously, her parents opened it. The five-member family enjoys a joyful existence.

How Rich Is The Power Couple Makenzie Vega & Blair Norfolk?

As of now, Makenzie Vega has around whooping net worth of $6 million as her estimated net worth, mostly from her successful career in acting and modeling. Blair Norfolk’s exact net worth isn’t known, but his company, Biome Australia Ltd, is valued at about $50 million.

Similarly, Vega makes over $55,000 every year from her acting job. We don’t know how much Blair Norfolk earns as the Managing Director of Biome Australia Ltd.

In addition, the stunning actress and her hubby Blair are leading a happy life, splitting their time between Australia and the United States. They’ve been to many famous vacation spots in both countries. With their combined wealth, this power couple enjoys a luxurious life.

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