If you guys are familiar with the TV show Southern Charm, then you heard the name, Madison Lecroy. She is one of the casts of that series; she appeared in that show as Austen Kroll’s girlfriend. Her dating life with Kroll gave her the spotlight. The pair’s on-and-off relationship gained the attention of many. Besides all of that, professionally, she’s a hairstylist and makeup artist. Because she chose to keep most of her life private, less is known about her. Despite the odds, we brought everything on her that is available on the internet. Thus, keep on reading to learn it all.

Madison Lecroy’s Dating History

Speaking of Madison Lecroy’s dating history, there isn’t much to talk about; however, as we mentioned earlier, she came to the limelight from her relationship with the reality show star, Austen Kroll. Thus, that part of her love-life is an open book to people.

Madison Lecroy relationship with Austen is like an open book.
Lecroy with her ex-boyfriend, Austen Kroll.
Photo Source: Bravo TV

As both of them were the cast of the Bravo’s Southern Charm, viewers of that show are pretty familiar with the facts on how their relationship began and ended.

Kroll is renowned with his fans for being a player. He is popular when it comes to playing with the girl’s heart and that what built a wall between him and Lecroy. While they were dating one another, Kroll was caught cheating.

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Lecroy’s then-boyfriend, Kroll, cheated on her; however, interestingly, with not only one but two girls. What do we mean by that? Well, a video was captured, which revealed the moment Kroll got exposed in a cheating scandal. That clip shows a possible threesome situation, as per Heavy.

Indeed, two women appeared to have spent the night at Kroll’s place in that video. Subsequently, that video went viral on the internet. Further, the recording also reveals the quarrel between the former pair.

Madison Lecroy is Mother to Her Son Hudson

Madison Lecroy’s fans do know she’s a caring mother to her son, Hudson. Yes, she has a baby boy in her life. The mom and son duo can be frequently seen on Lecroy’s Instagram posts. Unfortunately, we can’t comment on who the father of her child is. Why?

Madison Lecroy’s fans do know she’s a caring mother to her son, Hudson.
Lecroy enjoying her time with her cute son, Hudson.
Photo Source: Instagram

As you guys might know, she prefers to keep quiet about her personal life because of which no information is available to reveal anything. 

Sources claim Lecroy, 33, welcomed her only son from her previous relationship. Therefore, those who believe that Kroll is the old man of her child, let us tell you, he isn’t.

The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist Madison Lecroy’s Net Worth

By now, it’s isn’t a surprise that Madison Lecroy values her privacy. Despite earning fame from her on-screen appearance, she chose to keep her personal matter away from the media.

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Because one’s financial status also comes under their private matter, Lecory hasn’t given out any details that lead us to her actual fortune.

The Southern Charm cast Madison Lecroy has a net worth of $700 thousand as of 2020.
Madison Lecroy is one of the cast of the Bravo’s Southern Charm.
Photo Source: Instagram

Regardless of that, many estimated Lecroy has an impressive net worth of $700 thousand, as of 2020. Her primary source of income is her own salon Blush & Brushes. She makes her living as a hairstylist and makeup artist. Further, her net worth is also boosted as the cast of the Bravo reality show, Southern Charm.

What does Madison LeCroy do?

Professionally, Madison LeCroy is a hairstylist and makeup artist who owns her own salon named, Blush & Brushes; further, she also appeared as a cast member on the Bravo’s Southern Charm.

How Old Is Madison LeCroy?

Born on 1987, Madison LeCroy is estimated to be 33-years-old, as of 2020.

Does Madison LeCroy have a child?

The Southern Charm cast Madison LeCroy is mother to her son, Hudson; she gave birth to her baby boy from her previous relationship.

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