Who Is Lukasz Witt-Michałowski’s Wife?

Lukasz Witt-Michałowski is not married and does not have a wife. However, Anna-Maria Sieklucka, a Polish actress and singer, is his girlfriend. Anna Maria shared a selfie of herself with an unidentified man on Twitter on April 6, 2020, causing questions about her connection. The Polish actor subsequently confirmed their connection.

Lukasz Witt-Michałowski and Anna Maria Sieklucka.
Lukasz Witt-Michałowski and Anna Maria Sieklucka.
Image Source: wikibio

Witt- Michalowski and the 365 DNI star have been dating for about a year, although the two have known one other for much longer. Anna Maria Sieklucka and her boyfriend were both born in the Polish city of Lublin and attended either the State Theatre Academy in Krakow’s Wroclaw Branch or the State Theatre Academy in Krakow’s Wroclaw Branch. Also, Lukasz has a son, but his mother is not known. On a similar note, American actress Allison Williams is dating German actor Alexander Dreymon and recently welcomed a child.

Who Is Anna Maria Sieklucka?

Anna Maria Sieklucka is a Polish actress who also works as a model and Instagram influencer. According to her bio, she was born on May 31, 1992, in Lublin, Poland. She studied acting at the Solski State Theatre School in Wroclaw. She speaks Polish, German, English, and French fluently.

Anna Maria Sieklucka is posing for the photo.
Anna Maria Sieklucka is posing for the photo.
Image Source: Anna Maria Sieklucka’s Instagram.

Anna Maria is known for her strong acting abilities and on-screen beauty. She received her studies at several institutions, including the Wroclaw Faculty of Puppetry. The Polish star rose to prominence due to her performance in 365 DNI, although she had previously performed in several theatre productions. She had tiny parts in films such as Na Dobre I na zie and Kuba Wojewodzki prior to 365 DNI.

Lukasz Witt-Michałowski’s Net Worth

Lukasz Witt-Michaowski has a net worth of $1 million. On the other hand, Russian actor Ivan Dobronravov has a net worth of $500,000. Acting and directing films and commercials are his primary sources of revenue. He is extremely honest and good at what he does, and he has worked with a lot of sponsors and national companies.

Lukasz Witt Michalowski is posing for the photo.
Lukasz Witt Michalowski is posing for the photo.
Image Source: wikibio.

On the other hand, his Girlfriend’s net worth is projected to be $5 million. Her most recent film, ‘365 Days, is without a doubt her greatest break. Her acting career provides the majority of her income. As her profession progresses, her net worth will rise.

Lukasz Witt-Michałowski’s As A Director

Lukasz Witt-Michaowski collaborated with well-known Polish dramatists and playwrights such as Sawomir Mroek, Witold Gombrowicz, and Villguista while in Germany. Pustynia Tankreda Dorsta (2005), Pool (2008), Zy scenariusz: Dariusz Je (2009).

Gód Knuta Hamsuna (2010), Liza wg F. Dostojewskiego (2012), Aporia 43 Artura Paygi (2013), Tata ma kota Szymona Bogacza (2015), Ponowne Zjednoczenie Korei Jola Pommerata (2017), Przepis n Lubelskiej Sceny InVitro, one of his most renowned pieces, was directed and written by him in 2007.

Lukasz Witt-Michałowski’s Early Life

Lukasz Witt-Michaowskiw was born on October 8, 1974, in Lublin, Poland. Libra is his zodiac sign. He received his education at V LO I’m.

In Kraków, Poland, he studied acting at the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts. He graduated in 2004 from the Hessische Theaterakademie in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with a degree in theater directing.

He stands tall with a height of 6 ft and 3 inches tall, which is equivalent to 195 cm. Similarly, he has maintained a weight of around 64 kg, i.e., 135 lbs.

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