Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges has four children from three separate women due to his success with the ladies. Before Tamika Fuller, Ludacris was in a relationship with attorney Christine White. The ex-couple shares a daughter named Karma Bridges, who was born in August 2001.

After Christine, Ludacris went to have a relationship with Eudoxie Mbouguiengue. The model who is originally from Gabon started dating the Fast & Furious star in 2008. During their relationship, Christopher had secretly reconnected with Tamika. But Eudoxie did not break up with him, and the couple is now married and shares two daughters named Cadence Gaelle Bridges & Chance Oyali Bridges. Keep reading to find out more about their relationship.

Ludacris’ Relationship With Tamika Fuller

Christopher Bridges, aka Ludacris and Tamika Fuller, had been friends for a long time before Tamika became pregnant in 2013, and their friendship blossomed into love. The rapper pleaded with her to abort the child to save his name and stardom when she informed him of the pregnancy. However, Fuller opted to retain her child because she had already created an emotional attachment with the child.

Ludacris and Tamika Fuller had been friends for a long time before Tamika became pregnant in 2013.
Ludacris with his daughter.
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On December 9, 2013, Fuller gave birth to a daughter named Cai Bella Bridges. Things turned ugly afterward when Ludacris demanded full custody of their daughter. Because of Tamika’s financial situation, the court ruled against her, and the actor was given full custody of their daughter Cai.

Ludacris and Tamika Fuller’s Custody Battle

Tamika Fuller gave birth to Cai Bridges in December of 2013. She asked for $15,000 in child support per month, and things went quiet for a while. However, things got an ugly turn when the rapper chose to seek physical custody of the child in February 2014. Tamika couldn’t understand why he sought custody of a child he pleaded with her not to keep.

Christopher Bridges cited his daughter Karma as an example of how amazing a father he was, according to TMZ. He also urged the judge to order Tamika to give him child support. He said that his funds had dried up due to the postponement of the Fast and Furious 7 film following actor Paul Walker’s unexpected death. Despite online sites suggesting he had a net worth of $12 million, Luda declared his 2013 income $55,000. He was ordered to pay Tamika $7,000 per month in interim support until the court could make a permanent decision.

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During the court hearings in 2015, Tamika repeated her assertions that Ludacris was crazy to want Cai claiming that he had never even met her in person. Christine White, the mother of Luda’s oldest daughter Karma, was an unexpected ally on his side. According to the source, she testified on behalf of the rapper, describing him as a caring father.

Ludacris was given primary custody of baby Cai.
Tamika Fuller with her daughter.
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After a three-day hearing, Ludacris was given primary custody of baby Cai, and Tamika only got 11 days out of the month. Her monthly salary of $800 as a hotel housekeeping supervisor was deemed insufficient to care for the child by the judge. Also, the court mentioned that Tamika was an inadequate mother as she abandoned her first daughter, whom she had when she was a senior in high school. Though, Fuller claimed that her family assisted her in raising her daughter during her early years and that she never abandoned her. Her cries went unheard.

In October 2016, Ludacris won yet another court dispute when a judge gave him access to monitor Tamika’s social media activities involving their daughter. He was also granted the power to order Tamika to erase any photos he didn’t like. He became the official decision-maker, according to TMZ, and was able to choose their daughter’s schools, physicians, and religious upbringing.

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