Who is Linda Hudson? Her Wiki/Bio?

Linda Parker Hudson, a lady of 72 years, is an American businesswoman. After completing her study at the University of Florida, she started her professional journey.

Later she became the first lady to be the head of a company that is a major contractor with the Pentagon. At the present time, she is the Chairman and CEO of The Cardea Group and former President and CEO of BAE Systems Inc. and chief Operating Officer, BAE System plc.

Hudson’s Childhood and Dream

Hudson’s parents were public school teachers; her mother – a maths and English teacher, and her father’s history and geography. Though her parents didn’t have much money for her, they provided her with the value of learning and pursuing her dreams.

Linda smiling at the age of 4
Linda Hudson as a four-year-old in Sandersville Source – F15Brown.pdf

She dreamed of being a pilot or astronaut, but later on, being in grade seven, she was inspired by the job engineering and the projects related to it as her maths teacher, Lucille Haynes, talked about it. She faced some obstacles in her school life, which helped her grow up stronger. Because of poverty, she learned to fulfill her needs herself with extra self-effort.

Linda Hudson’s Net Worth Collection

Linda Hudson is one of the richest business executives in America. Hudson’s estimated net worth is $5 million approx. She owns 3,093 units of Bank of America stock worth over $106,554. As an Independent Director at Bank Of America, she makes $350,000.

Linda Hudson’s Career and Struggle

After the completion of graduation, Linda Hudson started searching for a job. She got the two options: the first one, General Electric in Louisville, Kentucky and the next one, Harris Corporation, nearby Melbourne, Florida. She chose the second option; a job at Harris, which introduced her to the industry.

In 1976, Hudson left Harris Corporation and joined Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporation in Newport  Beach as her husband wanted to move to the Golden State. She has worked hard to build her career as a working woman among men.

Hudson talking with three other men full of confidence
Hudson being self among the men Source – Facebook LindaParkerHudson.

It hasn’t been an easy task for her to stand among the men in the industries or business field. However, thanks to her struggle and positive attitude, she is in a prestigious position showing that women are also winning the position in America. She is a hustler. As a result, at present, Hudson is the Chairman and CEO of The Cardea Group.

Linda Hudson’s Husband & Kids

Linda Hudson keeps her personal life private. She got married to a guy who had spent most of his life in California. So, only because her husband wanted her to change her involvement from Harris corporation to Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporation in Newport Beach. This shows though she has made a hard effort for her career, she has provided a high space for her husband.

It was difficult for Hudson to focus on her career being a mother, and she wished to be a better mother if she could do one thing over. This shows she was not able to give full time to her daughter, and it’s her devotion towards the work.

After being the senior management, it was difficult for Hudson to manage her personal family life and business life. She had to fly between Burlington and Orlando for four years as her husband and daughter did not want to move to Vermont. It has created stress in her life. However, this shows that she has the great importance of her family and has managed both official and personal life.

Hudson’s Five Key Takeaways

Linda Hudson has built up her motto: “Anything you can imagine is possible. The only constraints are time, money, and risk”. Hudson takes every challenge as a problem and does her best to solve it. For her, that’s called progress, confidence and the key to success. She is also the strategic advisor and keynote speaker.

Hudson smiling with a cup of tea
Hudson full of confidence Source – Facebook LindaParkerHudson

From Hudson’s speech and biography, everyone becomes inspired as she is the working lady among the men. She has presented the five key takeaways to achieving success in life. Her five key takeaways are – take risks, get over having to be perfect, look for high-profile assignments, take a leap of faith and the last but not least – believe in yourself.

That is to say, Hudson believes in taking risks, being perfect, having assignments, and faith, and the important thing is trusting self. If people dare to have these five qualities, they can achieve success throughout their life.

Linda Hudson, After Her Retirement

In 2014, after her retirement, Linda Hudson, then 64, came up with the idea to use the knowledge that she had been collecting to build up her career. She wanted to share her experiences with the youngsters from which they could come up with new and positive attitudes in the working fields.

Linda was very interested in creating a consulting space for the youngsters and the leaders whom her grandchildren could admire. So, she and her colleagues built the ideas to create leaders who can manage the leadership and strategies for success and uplift the organizations not only today rather tomorrow and; in upcoming days. Finally, she came up with the idea of The Cardea Group.

How was The Cardea Group Started?

Successful people never get tired of working and doing a new task. They can’t spend their time without working. Though they don’t work physically, they work with the ideas even while sleeping. So is the case regarding Linda Hudson. After her retirement, she couldn’t remain taking rest; rather, she started The Cardea Group with full effort to provide others effort, leadership and encouragement.

In one video, which Linda posted on the Facebook page of The Cardia Group, she has presented her How did The Cardia Group start? In that video, she has presented – “This company needed a name, and I spent untold hours on the internet looking for something that captured what it was, and I was trying to do and I ran across this relatively obscure Greek goddess named Cardia that just resonated with me Kardea is the goddess of threshold and change people often talk about her in the context of door pivots and I thought how perfect for what I want to do this is all about going through a door and opening hew opportunities this is all about change and adaptation and moving forward and then just seemed perfect. So, The Cardea Group was formed. Actually, seven or eight years ago waiting for the day when I was going to leave the Corporate World and take this idea, forward so the Cardia Group that’s now in business and we’re looking forward to having the opportunity to take my dreams and my ideas and work with others to further their success.”

Linda Hudson’s Involvement in Social Media

Hudson uses social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But she has managed the distance between her personal life and her professional life. It is easy to get information about her professional life but talking about her personal life has been tough. There is no more information about herself, her family, her relationships and her husband. This shows that she is good at maintaining the distance between her professional and personal life. It can be said she is much more dedicated in her business life rather than her personal life.

Other Businesswomen Like Linda Hudson

There are many businesswomen like Hudson. Doing business is uplifting self-confidence, success and earning money too. People do the business though they have their job in the various fields. We get actresses as well in the business field. Actresses like Eva Mendes and Katrina Campins are making business and their acting careers.

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