Lily Kelly-Radford is the perfect example of what woman empowerment looks like. Since she inspires millions in the world with her consultancy on leadership worldwide, she is quite a role model herself. As an academician, Lily believes in learning more than anything else, so let’s see what did and how it affected her net worth. Besides, many people also know her as the mother of the charming journalist Morgan Kelly-Radford. Stay with us to find out everything about the executive coach.

Lily Kelly-Radford’s Early Life and Career

Dr. Lily Kelly-Radford might inspire millions of people worldwide with her assignments in the US and abroad. However, it is surprising that she has nothing to show for when it comes to childhood. When she was in her teens, she went to the University of Pittsburgh to earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Later, her pursuit of knowledge took her to the University of Georgia, where she earned her Master of Science and Doctoral degrees in clinical psychology.

Following her academics, Morgan’s mother continued exploring further in a similar field. In fact, Kelly-Radford conducted several types of research in clinical psychology and leadership development publications. Initially, she served as the chief psychologist for worldwide feedback and coaching specialists. Not just that, the veteran diva also was an assistant attending psychologist at Harvard Medical School.

Lily Kelly-Radford’s Married Life and Family

The psychologist, Lily Kelly-Radford, is fortunate to replicate her professional luck in her personal life. She tied the knot with Kim Radford, possibly in her early thirties or late twenties. The two were a perfect fit as they shared similar hobbies and traveled to several places in their early days.

Lily Kelly-Radford poses  at her house.
Lily Kelly-Radford owns a net worth of $500,000. Source: Executive Group

Although they used to be short of money in their early days as a couple, they did burn the midnight oil in their respective career. Shortly after they exchanged their vows, they welcomed two children in their lives, Morgan Radford and Miller Radford.

Many people recognize Kelly-Radford from her NBC News reporter daughter, Morgan Radford, which is quite amusing than her own career. Her 32-year-old daughter used to be an intern at CNN for ‘Morning Express with Robin Meade.’ Furthermore, she anchored the former weekend morning newscast on Al Jazeera America.

Lily Kelly-Radford’s Net Worth Details

When you look at the resume of Dr. Lily Kelly-Radford, you would assume she would earn quite a lot. That is indeed true, as her earnings are in six digits. Specifically, Lily owns a staggering net worth of $500,000 as of May 2020. The primary source of her enormous bank balance was none other than her job as an executive coach and leadership development consultant at the Executive Development Group.

Lily Kelly-Radford  poses for a picture.
Lily Kelly-Radford is married to Kim Radford. Source: Twitter

Before, Morgan Radford’s mother Kelly-Radford used to be the executive vice-president of global markets at the Center for Creative Leadership. Interestingly, she led worldwide delivery of executive education on different continents like North America, Europe, and Asia back then. With her know-how in psychology and experience in management, sales, and marketing, she was the chief psychologist for worldwide feedback and coaching specialists.

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Lily’s daughter, Morgan Radford, looks to walk in her mother’s footsteps to become independent and successful. The journalist with former works in ABC News, Al Jazeera America, and CNN amass a staggering net worth of $1 million.

Lily Kelly-Radford’s Big House

Talking about the property details of Morgan Radford’s mother, Lily Kelly-Radford, she has a lot to show for. In fact, she hit the headlines in 1996 when she started an art collection with her husband, Kim Radford.

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The art collection was established at their own spacious residence itself. The mansion-like house stood on a 4000-square-foot ground with ample garden space. Since the house had many bare spots, Lily and her beau collected and put many souvenirs in them. However, not much is known regarding the price that the executive coach put in to purchase the house.

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