Len Cariou Wiki/Bio: Age and Family Background

Len Cariou is a well-known Canadian actor born on September 30, 1939, in Saint Boniface, Winnipeg, Canada. As of now, Cariou is 83 years old. He was born Leonard Joseph Cariou to his parents, George Marios Cariou and Molly Estelle Cariou. Further details on his parents and siblings are yet to be revealed.

His mother is of Irish descent, and his father is a Breton. He was born and raised in Canada, making him a Canadian nationality holder. From an earlier age, he was interested in acting and dramas. Also see other Canadian actors Stephen Huszar and Yanic Truesdale.

Cariou is a Versatile actor, as he fits in a different roles perfectly. He has been in the industry since 1959; since then, he has worked in many fields as an actor. He looks bold and straight forward, so there is a soul in his acting. He was an all-time good student and a good son.

Personal Life: Married or Single?

The legendary actor married Heather Summerhayes in 1986, and still, they are spending a happy married life. Heather Summerhayes is an actress and producer. During her beginning career, she got a chance to meet Cariou and fell in love after multiple meets. They were secretly dating until they got married.

Len Cariou with his wife, Heather Summerhayes
Len Cariou with his wife, Heather Summerhayes

Previously, Cariou fell in love with Susan Kapilow in 1975, which was not a successful marriage at all. Within 3 years, he got divorced from Susan Kapilow in 1978. He was married to Patricia Otter and had a daughter Lauriel Cariou. There is not much information about his marriage and divorce with Patricia Otter.


Cariou was always dedicated to his career, and he was ambitious in his career. He aimed to act as his career in his middle teens and was seen in different college drama programs. His performance was enhancing day by day during his college times. He appeared in multiple Shakespearean works during his college time. He started his career in 1959 when he was just 20 years old.

Cariou developed an interest in drama during his teenage period. He was encouraged by his friends and teachers for his acting. He used to participate in different drama programs in school and college, which started making him locally famous. After doing more and more small acting, he got a chance in a theater as a drama artist. He started his career as a stage actor in Damn Yankees.

The artist started developing his acting skill after doing theater. The more he participated, the more he used to learn. The following year, he had his second work, The Threepenny Opera as an ensemble member, which he showed at Royal Manitoba Theatre.

In 2019 he performed Harry Townsend’s Last Stand as Harry Townsend at New York City Center. He portrayed the character as the real Harry Townsend, who was a war artist in world war I. The story was based on the story written by Townsend himself in his book, which was published as War Diary Of Combat Artist.


When Cariou started his career as an actor at that time, films were rare. After a few years of his career, his films started growing in popularity. He was signed for the film One Man for the role of Jason Brady. He started developing his interest in films, so he started playing in movies too.

In 2018 Cariou was seen in two movies, Death Wish and Bumblebee. He played the role of Benn Gibbs in Death Wish and Hank in Bumblebee. He has played in more than 20 films so far, which includes the hit films like 1408, Prisoner, etc. He gained a name not only in the field of theatre drama but also in movies.

As a Director

In the early 70s, Cariou also worked as a theatre director. His first direction was Of Mice And Men in 1972 at Guthrie Theater. The work was successful, so he also directed The Petrified Forest and The Crucible in 1974. Later, he directed Don’t Call Back in 1979, Death Of Salesman in 1984, and cold storage in 1985. 

Television Career

The Canadian actor started his career in television from Quest in 1963. It was a very popular Canadian show at that time. After 1963 he was seen in many television series and films like Festival, The Great Detective, Madame X, etc.

In 1996 he played 13 episodes as the main cast in Swift Justice as Al Swift. From 2006 to 2007, he played the recurring role for 10 episodes in Brotherhood as Judd Fitzgerald. From 2010 to till present, he is playing the main role of Henry Reagan in Blue Bloods.

Awards And Nominations

Cariou is a very talented and experienced actor. He has won multiple prestigious awards and nominations for his extraordinary efforts in acting. He was nominated for the Best Actor in a Musical for Tonny Award in 1970. In the same year, he was the winner of the Theatre World Award.

Len Cariou is the winner of several awards
Len Cariou is the winner of several awards

The Prisoner alum received the Canadian Film Award in 1977 for Best Actor for his work in One Man. In 1977 he won the Tonny Award for Best Actor for his work in Sweeny Todd. The same year, he won the Drama Desk Award for being an Outstanding Actor In A Musical for the same work.

Net Worth

Len Cariou has earned a big sum of money throughout his life. His net worth is more than $4 million, which he earned from various programs in theatre and his acting career.

Cariou started earning a good sum of salary when he enrolled himself in the television industry. Since then, he has earned very big wealth in his life. Earlier, he used to spend his money on his lavish life. He used to buy expensive cars and accessories for his daily life.

Now the man is also involved in charity functions. Some part of his income is directly deposited for trusts which are looking after the welfare of poor children. His foundation Geffen House is a non-profitable charity organization.

Social Life

After earning a lot of fame in the Canadian film industry, Cariou still loves a private life. Still, there is no any official Instagram, Youtube, Facebook page, etc., on his name. He appears in many award functions and shows.

Len Cariou is absent from social media
Len Cariou is absent from social media

He was recently seen in the Drama League Award of 2019. The only way to see him is through his television shows. Many media and his loyal fans ask him why he is not active on social sites. The answer from Cariou is yet to be received. Further, he shares a healthy relationship with all and is away from controversies and conflicts.

Hobbies And Habit

Cariou spends his leisure time reading books, creating poetry, etc. He enjoys music a lot, and he likes musical plays the most. He also loves to travel to new places, and he has traveled to many European countries for his plays and movies.

The media personality liked swimming a lot when he was younger. He was also an active baseball player during his college time. His colleagues from college times say many girls liked him at that time because of his sporty habits and soul.

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