Andy Hillstrand is a TV personality from the United States popularly known for his appearance in the reality TV series Deadliest Catch. He was co-captain in the series alongside his brother.

Hillstrand was born on the 25th of September, 1963, and was raised alongside his siblings in Homer, Alaska. The two brothers got widely popular as captains in the series Deadliest Catch. Many people were curious to know what has happened to Hillstrand after his sudden disappearance from the show.

Continue reading this article to know about his disappearance from the show and other interesting facts relating to the show.

Net Worth

Andy Hillstrand is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 Million in his possession. He has amassed this fortune from many sources. His main source of income is his fishing career.

Coming from a fisherman family, he started fishing at a young age. In the beginning of his career, he used to only make around $15,000 a year. But at the moment, he earns more than $41,590 annually despite being a veteran and top-level commercial fisherman.

Andy has also received fame after working in the TV reality show Deadlies Catch. He made a good income from the show.

In addition, Andy managed a horse ranch and gave riding lessons. Additionally, He has profited from the sales of the Time Bandit merchandise, his book, and the fireworks he sells.

With all this huge fortune, he is living comfortably with his family in their home in Virginia.

Married To Sabrina

Andy Hillstrand is a married person and living a happy marital life with Sabrina Hillstrand. He met his wife at the age of 19 at a party and since then he is in love with her.

Andy Hillstrand and his wife Sabrina
Andy Hillstrand and his wife Sabrina.
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The couple dated for five years until they decided to take their relationship to the next level. They got married in 1987. Andy and Sabrina have not created any headlines with their disputes.

Hillstrand gives the credit for his success to his wife.

Blessed With Two Daughters

From their relationship of more than two decades, Andy and Sabrina shares two daughters together. His daughters Cassandra Hillstrand and Chelsea Hillstrand were born in Alaska.

Andy’s eldest daughter was involved in the 4-H activity where she learned basic horse skills. There is not much information about his daughters as Andy has kept his personal life behind the curtains.

Family Background

Andy was born into a family of fishermen and has been fishing from an early age. He is a third-generation fisherman. His father John Hillstrand s.r was a great fisherman.

His biological mother left him when he was very young and it was his father and stepmother Nancy who helped to raise him alongside his four brothers.


Hillstrand was raised alongside his four brothers. They shared a lot of good and bad memories growing up together and are very close to each other.

Johnathan Hillstrand

Johnathan Hillstrand is his brother of Andy and Captains the Bandit alongside him. They both were the star of the Discovery reality show Deadliest Catch.

Andy Hillstrand and his brother Johnathan Hillstrand
Andy Hillstrand and his brother Johnathan Hillstrand.
Source: Deadliest Reports

He was born a year before Andy i.e 5th August 1962. Hillstrand got his first on-boat experience while helping his dad when he was eight years old. At the age of 17, he got into legal trouble and had to choose between serving jail for two years or signing up for the military.

However, Johnathan got away without doing both. He was doing good in the show Deadliest Catch until having a disagreement with producers. He left the show but later returned along with Bandit.

Neal Hillstrand

The youngest of the five Hillstrand brothers, Neil has spent his entire childhood around the ocean. Neal is an expert in every area of maintaining the Time Bandit seaworthy.

Andy Hillstrand and his brother Neal Hillstrand
Andy Hillstrand’s brother Neal Hillstrand.
Source: IMDb

Neal commands respect for the ship whether he is an engineer, a deckhand, a cook, or the skipper. Neal is regarded as the “king of one-liners” on board thanks to his quick wit and sense of humor.

What Happened To Andy Hillstrand?

Andy was not seen in the Discovery reality TV show Deadliest Catch with his brother. This created a lot of questions about what has happened to Andy and people wanted to know more about it.

Hillstrand’s absence in the show was because he and his brother had left the show after having some disagreement with the show producers.

Although his brother Johnathan returned in the next season, he did not participate in the show.

Andy Revealed The Secret For Leaving The Discovery Reality TV Series Deadliest Catch

One of the popular faces of the series Deadliest Catch was Andy who was the co-captain of the ship used in the show that was running in Bering sea.

Why did Andy Hillstrand Leave Deadliest Catch? Where is He Now?

He revealed that his team thought that Discovery had everything they needed but later they needed a pickup shot which screwed their schedule.

The producer kept on knagging them, and The Hillstrand brother had it enough. His brother Johnathan announced about leaving the show. Andy initially planned to stay for two more seasons but he left with his brother.

Andy Owns A Horse Ranch

Currently, Andy owns a horse ranch that spans 17-acre land in Chandler. He teaches horse riding lessons and is successfully managing the business.

Andy Hillstrands horse ranch 1
Andy Hillstrand’s horse ranch.
Source: ClearSpan

His horse ranch farm has the name Hobby Horse Acres and whenever he does not have time to look after the farm his wife Sabrina manages the farm.

Andy and his wife provide daily riding lessons, and riding day camps and manage a stable of thirteen horses. Initially, they opened an outdoor ranch but they were not able to ride when it was raining. Now they have ClearSpan arena which has increased their business by 50%.

Started Riding Horse At The Age Of 28

Hillstrand started riding horses at the age of 28 inspired by his eldest daughter’s 4-H activities. Since then he has started learning horse riding and has displayed good results in his effort.

Andy Hillstrand with his horse
Andy Hillstrand horse riding.
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With all his hard work, Andy has become a four-time world qualifier for the National Barrel Horse Association and a four-time Alaska State Champion Barrel Racer

Starred In Deadliest Catch

Andy Hillstrand was in the TV series Deadliest Catch which was broadcasted between 2015 and 2016 on Discovery network. He was one of the popular faces in the reality show.

Watch Andy Hillstrand Whip The Time Bandit Crew Into Shape | Deadliest Catch.

Although the show is about the Crab industry and the Bering sea, his skill has owned the series. He co-captained the Bandit alongside his brother John.

During the King crab season, he usually spends time with his crew sorting and counting the crabs. During Opilio Crab season, you’ll find Captain Andy in the wheelhouse fishing Opies and fighting waves and hull-crushing ice that is why he got the nickname Axeman. 

Has Written A Book

Andy is a multitalented man and also has displayed his writing skill. He has described all the experience that he collected throughout the year in books.

Andy HIllstrand book
Andy HIllstrand book.
Source: Amazon

His book Time Bandit: Zwei Brüder, die Beringsee und der Fang ihres Lebens is sold for $21.78 for hardcover and $13.33 for paperback. Likewise, Time Bandit: Two Brothers, the Bering Sea, and One of the World’s Deadliest Jobs is being sold on $13.99 for kindle and $17 for paperback in Amazon.

Hillstrand Was Infected with Covid-19 While Filming For Deadliest Catch

Hillstrand was infected with covid-19 when he was filming for Deadliest catch. Therefore he stayed back and was not present in the Time Bandit alongside his crew members.

Johnathan asked Josh Harris the replacement for Andy and act as captain until he returns. It was not Andy alone who suffered from Covid. Neal was also laying down because of high fever.

Social Media Presence

Deadliest Catch‘s popular face Andy has created accounts on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. However, he is not that active on them and rarely posts.

He is available on Instagram with the username @andy_hillstrand which has a total of 54 followers. Hillstrand has kept his profile private as he does not want to reveal his personal life.

Likewise, Andy joined Twitter in December 2009 and has amassed more than 129k followers. He has made more than 6k tweets under the username @capt_andy. Although he does not have a Facebook account, there is a fan page with his name on Facebook.

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