Leeza Pazkowski’s Wiki-Bio

Leeza Pazkowski is mostly known as a celebrity sister born in 1982 in Taichung City, Taiwan. Leeza Lo is her given name at birth. She possesses Taiwanese citizenship.

As of now, the internet still doesn’t have information about the earliest years of her existence. Her age seems to be 40, and she stands at an estimated 5ft 5in, as of 2022.

Leeza Pazkowski is mostly known as a celebrity sister
Leeza Pazkowsk with her kid.
Image Source: Leeza’s Facebook@Leeza Paszkowski

Leeza’s father is Italian, and her mother is Taiwanese. Later, her mom tied the knot with Richard Lo after her parents divorced, and he took care of her and her siblings.

Additionally, she has a sister, Liv Lo, who is a fitness instructor and TV presenter in her family. She also has a younger brother Sam Lo. Unfortunately, in 2019, her younger brother died. Although the cause of his death is unknown, reports claim that he passed away due to alcoholism.

Leeza Pazkowski’s Education & Qualification

Leeza Pazkowski seems to be a well-educated woman, moving on to her educational background. But, there is no information available about her academics, which concludes that she has not provided this information. Because she prefers to keep a low profile, Leeza has chosen not to share her personal information on any social networking platforms.

She has not yet revealed the path she decided to take to achieve her goal. On the other hand, we know that Leeza’s sister earned a degree in Mass Communication.

Leeza Pazkowski is Married – Husband And Kids

Leeza Pazkowski would rather stay out of the public eye and avoid interactions with the media and the public. She only discusses her personal life and relationships on a very infrequent basis. It is unknown who her partner is, but we know that she is married and has two children. Leeza does, in fact, upload pictures of her husband to her Facebook page.

Leeza Pazkowski would rather stay out of the public eye and avoid interactions with the media and the public.
Leeza Pazkowski with her husband.
Image Source: Leeza’s Facebook@Leeza Paszkowski

On the other hand, due to Leeza’s tendency toward secrecy, the specifics of her wedding information are being kept a secret. Pazkowski is a family woman and mother of two kids. The elder son’s name is Leon Pazkowski, while the younger daughter’s name is Arya Pazkowski.

Leeza and her family have created a wonderful life for themselves in Birmingham, the United Kingdom. Also, Leeza’s Instagram account is private, and she has fewer than one hundred followers. She dislikes it when other people overshare on her social media accounts. Also, she does not seek the approval of the outside world since she is pleased with her life as it is.

Who is Leeza Pazkowski’s Sister Liv Lo?

After Leeza Pazkowski was identified as the sister of media icon Liv Lo, Leeza became a hot issue on the internet and news media. Liv works as a businesswoman, model, TV host, and personal trainer in her spare time.

Liv works as a businesswoman, model, TV host, and personal trainer
Famous businesswomen Liv Lo Image Source: Liv’s Instagram@livlogolding

Her successful acting career began in 2013 when she appeared in the television series Point of Entry. Also, Liv has worked in different television shows and movies. On the other hand, Fit Sphere by Liv is an online workout program specializing in high-intensity interval training and yoga. Liv, a certified fitness trainer, created it. Besides that, Amy Smart is a well-known American actress.

Net Worth of Leeza Pazkowski

The majority of Leeza Pazkowski’s income comes from the office management position she has pursued. She has put a lot of effort into improving her abilities, and as a result, she has been rewarded very generously for her efforts. With that being said, Leeza has an estimated net worth of $600,000 in 2022.

In her professional life, Leeza Pazkowski works as an office manager. In September of 2005, she entered the workforce for the first time by taking a position as an office manager at Finevalley Communications. She remained in that role for more than eight years before finally saying goodbye to the organization in 2013.

As of now, she is working in the same role as before, albeit for a different company. Leeza is now employed full-time with a company known as Qubic Contemporary Solutions. After quitting her former job in December 2013, she started working with the team immediately afterward. Since then, she has been working for the organization, and it has been more than eight years since she started.

In addition to this, Leeza has done nothing noteworthy that attracts media notice. Her sister, Liv Lo’s prominence was the only thing that got her noticed. Also, know more detail about a famous model Lila Grace Moss Hack.

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