Kristen Luman came across the field of paranormal psychology, while she was at Portland State University pursuing a degree in psychology. At the same moment, Kristen decided she would actively engage in the paranormal world with concepts of near-death experiences, telekineses, and apparitional experiences.

Is Kristen Luman Dating her Co-star Patrick Doyle?

Kristen Luman is allegedly dating her Ghost Mine co-star Patrick Doyle. News swirled after one of those pair shared pictures of two on a social media handle. However, neither of the parties have confirmed if they were really seeing each other.

Kristen Partner
Kristen Luman, Ghost Mine co-star Patrick Doyle.
Source: Instagram

Patrick and his collaborator Kristen were chosen by an Oregon based mine owner to investigate the Crescent Mine, one of most haunted locations in the Pacific Northwest. Not only that, even their research was documented for the Ghost Mine which aired for two seasons.

How Much Is Kristen Luman Net Worth?

Kristen Luman has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2020. She earns big chunks from her career as a TV personality and paranormal investigator. Needless to mention, she is widely acclaimed for her character as the leading investigator of Syfy’s hit series “Ghost Hunters”. She along with her team of other paranormal investigators got to various haunted locations across the nation to discover what’s going on.

Other than that, Kristen established a hypnotherapy clinic in Los Angeles, California. She works there whenever she’s is leisure being a paranormal investigator. Not only that, Kristen Luman is a paranormal researcher as well as a Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (SSAP) member.

Kristen Luman mage huge amount from career as a TV star.
Kristen Luman has net worth in millions. Source: Instagram

Luman’s passion in paranormal psychology which led her to make debut as a paranormal investigator on television in 2013 with Ghost Mine Series. It featured a squad of miners seeking gold in Oregon’s Crescent Mine. At the same time, two of paranormal investigators accompanied them to differentiate if the Mine was haunted or not.

Soon after that, Luman starred as a co-investigator in Ghost Hunters for a few episodes in 2015. And, now when the series has been renewed, Kristen is a permanent cast member for the show. Kristen at least makes $200,000 as a basic salary of a TV show host. She’s known for Harvest of Fear, Drama Queens, and Spiral.

Kristen Luman Short Bio

Kristen Luman earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Portland State University where she focused her studies on Paranormal Psychology as well as Human Development. Later on, she went on to study at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute to become a certified hypnotherapist. Sooner or later, Kristen became a member of the American Hypnosis Association. Not only that Luman’s fascination with psychosomatic focuses on how behavioral psychological, and social factors influence.

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