Kim Kardashian is currently single after nearly eight years of marriage to Kanye West. On Wednesday, the reality star also officially and legally dropped “West” from her last name in a virtual court hearing. Kardashian, who divorced the rapper last year, requested to become legally single in December.

The former couple must still work out the details of their property distribution and child custody arrangements for their four children. Kardashian’s plea for a “bifurcated divorce” was granted on Wednesday, which means the divorce proceedings would be broken into two parts: the first establishing her legal name and marital status, which has now been handled, and the second concerning custody and financial assets.

Kim Kardashian is single now.
Kim Kardashian is with her former husband, Kanye West.
Photo Source: Instagram

The 41-year-old beauty and television magnate said she “very much” sought the end of her marriage in various sworn declarations filed since December.

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I feel that the court canceling our marriage status will assist Kanye in accepting that our married relationship is finished,” she said last month in a statement. Ye, 44, had openly opposed the divorce and pleaded with Kardashian to return to the marriage. He was not present at the session.

Kim Kardashian is the mother of children.
Kim Kardashian is with her children.
Photo Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Kardashian claimed that his recent social media activities, in which he posted private text exchanges and criticized her current partner, comedian Pete Davidson, had caused her “emotional pain.” The rapper released a video for his new single, Eazy, showing an animated version of Davidson being kidnapped and buried.

A lawyer representing Ye urged for Kardashian to agree to relinquish any marital privilege she could have with a subsequent spouse during the divorce court. The judge refused Kardashian’s request, which she and her lawyer described as “unprecedented.” In 2012, the former couple started dating and married two years later.

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