Kevin Selleck Family, Who Are His Parents?

Kevin Selleck was born in 1966 in the United States of America. His birth father’s name is missing at the moment, and his mother’s name is Jacqueline Ray. His mother was a former American model and an actress, and he was adopted by his stepfather Tom Selleck at the age of 19 on 07 August 1987.

Kevin Selleck  parents
Kevin Selleck’s parents Tom Selleck and Jacqueline Ray.
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Although sadly, the actor’s parents parted ways after a decade of togetherness though he was still in touch with his father, who helped him a lot in his career and life. Kevin also shares the sibling bond with Umeko Ray and Hannah Selleck.

His parents divorced due to a strain caused by a long absence in each other’s lives due to their careers. Later on, Kevin’s mother went on to marry Clarence Barry Witmer in March 1992.

Kevin Selleck Career Highlight

Kevin Selleck forayed into making a professional career for himself by joining an American band rock named Tonic. He played as a drummer along with other band members, Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo, Dan Rothchild, and Dan Lavery. The group released their debut album named Lemon Parade in 1996.

Kevin Selleck is the adopted son of Tom Selleck
Kevin Selleck was adopted at the age of 19.
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However, due to personal reasons, the drummer separated from the band and built his acting career by starring in Magnum P.I. and the movie, Scream 2 which gained him immense popularity as an actor.

Kevin Selleck Staggering Net Worth Collection

Kevin Selleck comes from a background of a professionally and financially successful family. His father, Tom Selleck enjoys a massive net worth collection of $45 million as of 2021, and his mother’s share is a comfortable sum of $1 million. His father receives an annual salary of $150,000 per episode of his movies.

Kevin Selleck's wife Annabelle Selleck.
Kevin Selleck’s wife Annabelle Selleck.
Photo Source: Just Richest

Speaking about Kevin’s own net collection profile, he enjoys a whopping $18 million, according to various sources. Apparently, despite his financial success, he faced a problem when a credit card company issued a $6000 unpaid bill from 2011. He was also rumored to have battled with drug abuse after being admitted to Betty Ford rehabilitation center.

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